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S t e p 1
awaken to your Soul Purpose
Self-understanding with archangel Gabriel
“I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few
times since then.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Key angel associations
Attributes: Communication, Intuition,
Self-knowledge, Awakening, Grounding
Colour: Keeper of the White Flame
Crystals: Celestine, Selenite, Clear quartz,
Moonstone, Diamond
Planetary influences: Moon and Mercury
Day of the week: Wednesday
Element: Ether
Ashram: Mount Shasta, Oregon, USA
Are you ready? You are off on a journey of self-discovery and
this is where you start to collect the tools required for the road
ahead. This first step marks a fresh page, a new beginning. By
the end of it you will have a greater understanding of why you
are here, why you were inspired to seek out the Angel Light
and a clearer vision of your soul’s purpose.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
3 4
This first step also marks the beginning of your journey
of communication on all levels with the angelic realms –
spiritual, emotional and physical. Here you’ll discover the
brilliant white Light of Archangel Gabriel. A beautiful angelic
being known as the great “Annunciator”, Gabriel lights the
way – as Divine Messenger, angel of death and rebirth, and
instigator of new projects and beginnings.
Even though this Archangel is often referred to as being
male, for me Gabriel is a strong and powerfully feminine
Light. I call her the “Cosmic Midwife of the Universe”. She
guides each soul from conception to birth, showering us with
blessings of love and gifting us with an inner knowledge of
our true soul purpose. This wisdom is within us all, but only
with Gabriel’s Divine guidance are we are able to remember it.
Guardian of the Moon, she lights the way forward in
darkness and whispers messages of hope, encouragement and
creative wisdom in our ears. She sows seeds and instigates
change. When you connect with Gabriel, you’ll discover her
Light is pure crystal white, bringing brightness and great joy.
The practical exercises in this chapter will show you how to:
Tune in deeply with your own body; learn to feel what
it is telling you about the way you are living your life
and how your thought processes are directing you.
Develop your intuition so that you can start recognizing
those internal nudges and external signs that are
pointing you in the direction of your soul purpose.
Understand the events in your own life story that
have brought you here – to start the journey to selfknowledge
we first have to go back to the beginning.
3 5
awa k e n t o y o u r S o u l P u r p o s e
Use the root chakra to stay grounded and strengthen
the throat chakra to increase your self-expression and
Opening up the channels of communication
Working with the angels may feel a little daunting at first,
but just as we all breathe the same air, are made from the
same minerals, elements and water, and tread the same
earth, so the angel energies are available to us all. The ways
they interact with you, your connection to the Divine and
your own spiritual impulse – just like the movement of your
body, the colour of your eyes and the shades of your skin –
are absolutely unique.
Practic e 1
Seeking guidance on your awakening with Gabriel
Use this guided meditation to open up a channel of
communication with Gabriel. The questions and childhood
reflections will help you to become aware of what you have
perhaps lost along the way or simply where your Light is not
shining as brightly as it could. Either way, you’re likely to see
the first glimmerings of your soul purpose emerge after this
If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided
meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17). Or, if you
prefer to listen to it as a download, go to: www.AngelLight.
1. Get comfortable and, if you choose, spend a few minutes
breathing deeply before closing your eyes.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
3 6
2. Imagine you are breathing in a beautiful beam of white
light, like a spotlight, through your right foot. Visualize
all the tendons, bones, tissues and muscles in your foot
as it is filled with this brightest of lights. Send feelings of
gratitude towards your foot, fully appreciating how much
you need your feet for standing, walking and moving
around. Now breathe in the light into your left foot and,
again, imagine your foot full of the white light and send
feelings of gratitude towards your foot.
3. Remember your childhood and all the lovely things you did
using your two feet – running around, hopping, skipping
and jumping. Now pause and consider the following
questions, making a note of any answers in your journal:
How do I feel about my standing in society?
How do I feel about where I stand in my own family?
How sure am I that I am on the right spiritual
Do I know where I came from?
Do I know and understand the direction that I
chose to follow?
4. With each breath, inhale the light and imagine you can
see it rising upwards through your ankles, calves, knees,
thighs… Now really feel the light in your legs and your
hips. Imagine that the white light is so bright that you can
see it moving through the pores of your skin, surrounding
the lower half of your body.
5. Now breathe the light through your hips and into your
lower abdomen, thanking this whole pelvic area for what
it does for you. Appreciate how your cells carry memories
and ask yourself: do I feel safe?
6. As you experience the light moving up and through your
body, allow yourself to fully relax with every exhalation.
3 7
awa k e n t o y o u r S o u l P u r p o s e
Let go of any anxieties, any tension – watching the light,
in your mind’s eye, as it fills every part of your abdomen,
your lungs, your heart and ribcage, across your shoulders,
down through your arms and hands, and out through
your fingertips. Send warm thoughts of gratitude towards
your hands and your arms and imagine all the things you
do with them. Imagine reaching out towards your loved
ones – embracing them, holding them close to your heart.
7. Now ask yourself: how ready am I to give and receive pure,
unconditional love? Take a note of your answer.
8. Breathe in the light, up through your chest, neck and
into your face, allowing it to move through your head
and, as the light fills your head, picture some of the most
beautiful things that you have ever seen or experienced.
Your favourite sounds or music. Beautiful fragrances.
Wonderful tastes. Words and gentle whisperings. Be
grateful for all the wondrous things that the senses do for
you and fill them with light.
9. As your head absorbs the crystal white light, allow it to
fill your mind with heavenly purity and its love. Invite
and allow it to cleanse and purify anything you may be
holding in your thoughts that is not of the purist love.
10. And now, as you see yourself as a being full of pure
white light, simply call the name of Archangel Gabriel
three times in your mind. Invite the powerful energy of
Gabriel to come closer to you, seeing in your mind’s eye
the brilliant white light associated with this Archangel’s
presence. Allow yourself to be open to this pure Divine
Being of awakening, communication and direction.
11. If you have any questions regarding the direction of your
journey ahead, ask them now. Ask, too, whether you are
already fulfilling your soul’s purpose.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
3 8
12. Allow the messages to flow through you: as sensations,
emotions, pictures or even words. As you ask Gabriel to
give you a sense of your direction, sit for a moment in that
space and see if you can find it in your heart. You may feel
it as a physical sensation (such as a tingle, or change in
temperature), or see it in your mind as a vision. You might
hear it in words. Trust the messages you are being given.
Gently notice, without analysing, whatever comes to you.
13. Sit in this presence absorbing the light and the love for
a few minutes. Then, with a sense of heartfelt gratitude,
thank Gabriel and know that you are truly loved, releasing
the Archangel to move away from you. Consciously focus
your awareness on the Light in your own body. Slowly
breathe it right down through you and out of the soles of
your feet into Mother Earth. Feel it expanding through
the pores of your skin into the ether.
14. As you slowly breathe in and out, be aware now of where
you are sitting, your feet firmly placed on the ground.
Become aware of the weight and heaviness of your body.
15. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to
come back to the present moment. Bring yourself into
your own space, your own room, and breathe normally.
Feel your body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very
slowly, when you’re ready, open your eyes.
I’d suggest making this guided meditation part of your daily
practice for the next seven days but, as with all the exercises
in this book, there is no time limit. There is no right or
wrong way to do it, only the right way for you – and this is
part of determining a sense of your true self and your soul’s
3 9
awa k e n t o y o u r S o u l P u r p o s e
The more often you engage with Gabriel’s Light, the more it
will help you to trust that the right thing happens just at the
right time. To be open to receive just what you need when you
need it, to understand and start following your soul calling
– whether it’s retraining, changing your lifestyle, or bringing
more compassion or creativity into your life. Open your eyes
and you’ll start to see that all those previously unnoticed synchronicities,
coincidences or chance meetings offer messages
of support from the angels. It might be a loving gesture from
another person, a website, a talk or a book that provides
motivation and inspiration. Right when you are in need, in
that perfect moment. Allow these moments to be signs of
Divine love that remind you that you are supported in your
endeavours to find your soul purpose.
Use the following affirmation to help remind you to look
out for signs that Gabriel’s Light is all around you:
My l i fe is a wonder f u l journey of discover y.
I have faith that I wi l l clearly see the direction
that I need to fol low.
Stepping into Gabriel’s Light awakens intuition
As you go about your day-to-day life, you may notice that
your increased self-awareness prompts other deep senses
to awaken too. The angels pick up on your thoughts and
desires telepathically, reading the light from your thought
forms as they sparkle within your aura. Working with Gabriel
in particular encourages the development and use of this
powerful intuition or “sixth sense”.
Intuition is that deep inner sense of “knowing” that you
cannot easily explain. As you become more accustomed to
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
4 0
sensing your own Light, you might notice that you are more
highly tuned to other people’s energy, too, and begin to notice
those people that make your Light sparkle and those that
depress your inner radiance.
Many people have gifts like this, though they may call
them by different names, such as clairvoyance (to “see”),
clairsentience (to “feel a presence”), “clairaudient” (to “hear”)
and “empathic” (to “sense” emotion). These psychic abilities
can be developed, but when you align with the powerful
universal forces of the Divine and the loving energies of the
angelic realms, such psychic qualities will naturally arise as
you are inspired to be more compassionate. This drives you to
seek more connection with the beauty of the physical world
and the wider, more ethereal Universe. As this connection
intensifies, so your intuition intensifies too.
This is a really important first step in recognizing and
following your soul purpose because you start to notice the
different energies around you. For example, you may feel a pain
and realize you are sensing someone else’s suffering in your
own body, empathically yet involuntarily. You will often think
of someone just before they send you a message or “know” who
is about to call on the phone even before it rings. You may also
become more sensitive to the atmosphere, and to other people’s
energy, as well as becoming more skilful at discerning positive
opportunities. Continue to develop your intuition to help you
recognize whether Gabriel and the angels are calling you back
onto your true path by asking for a clear sign, one that is unique
to you, and keep a journal of where and when the answers
come to you. So, if you think finding feathers is a sign of angelic
assistance, then ask to see a feather in your favourite colour
and then be prepared to find one – but not necessarily where
you might expect. As you gain confidence in reading the signs
4 1
awa k e n t o y o u r S o u l P u r p o s e
you will be able to look back through your notes and decipher
the messages with greater clarity.
As Archangel Gabriel is the master of communication, it
is useful to establish the strength and capacity of your own
spiritual communication, identifying the way the angels are
most likely to connect with you. The following “memory”
exercise will help you to read the signs and see how best you
personally communicate with the angels.
Practic e 2
Developing your intuition
In this exercise you’ll be accessing a memory by using your
“imaginal” self to establish which of your senses is sharpest,
and in which way the angels are most likely to communicate
with you. So, if you are a visual person it may be that the
colours are very bright and you “see” pictures. Or perhaps
the smells are strong and easy to recollect, or the sounds
are so clearly remembered that you can “hear” them again.
Sometimes it is the overall emotion or physical sensation of
the memory you will feel. Or it might be one or more, or all;
it might be easy or not, but as always there are no rights or
wrongs, just your own path.
Whatever you experience, these are an indication of the
same types of sensation you will have in the presence of
angels or when you are receiving messages from your celestial
guides and helpers.
1. Close your eyes and bring to mind a happy memory. It
can be recent or from childhood, it doesn’t matter when,
only that it brings joy. (Try not to think of something
that includes a deceased loved one, as this may invoke too
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
4 2
many mixed emotions.) Visualize the memory as clearly
as you can. If you can’t visualize, don’t worry. You will still
be able to imagine it in your mind because you were there.
2. Breathing deeply takes that happy memory deep down
into your body, your lower abdomen, just below your
navel, which in yoga is called the “hara”.
3. Feel into the joy of the memory, allowing a smile to show
on your face. Take that down into your body, creating a
gentle inner smile in your belly. Now focus on the details.
Can you see it as a movie playing across your inner
Can you see or sense any vivid colours?
Do you remember clearly what you were wearing?
The fabrics, the comfort (or not) of the clothes
against your skin?
What is the temperature? Is it warm or cold, dry or
Are there any strong smells associated with this
memory that spring clearly to your senses?
Can you hear any sounds from that occasion? Music
or voices? Are they easy to recall?
What are the emotions you feel as you remember
all of this?
4. Now open your eyes and write down the answers to the
above questions in your journal.
5. Finally, take a note of your answer to this question: Which
aspects were the easiest to recall? List them, starting with
the easiest and ending with the most difficult.
I am blessed with many happy memories from childhood and,
like many of my generation, was given so much freedom that
4 3
awa k e n t o y o u r S o u l P u r p o s e
most of my memories involve some kind of adventure. But
when doing the above exercise it is always the same favourite
vivid memory that I turn to. I’m running through the fields in
springtime. We lived close to a lovely little place called Kirkby
Lonsdale in the Lake District, in the north of England, and I
vividly remember running excitedly with arms filled with
freshly picked wild daffodils. Farmers would put signs out
with the invitation to “Pick your own daffodils”, and it was my
favourite birthday treat. I’d be wearing a 1960s-style party
dress (which was slightly too small and rubbed under my arms),
ankle socks and sandals. It didn’t matter that the juice from the
stems (which I can still clearly smell if I try) dripped onto my
pale-blue frock as I ran around picking more and more of these
gorgeous, vibrant yellow blooms!
Understanding how you communicate with the angels
We are all different and it is important to learn which method
of communication suits you best. If you visualize easily then
pictures may pop into your mind’s eye when you ask for a
visual sign. If you call the angels to come closer you might
sometimes smell a fragrance as confirmation, like the smell
of roses, strong jasmine or lilies. If you’re being warned of
something that you need to really pay attention to, you may
hear an unusual sound (like someone knocking on the wall),
or feel an unusual shiver. When and if this happens, make a
mental note of what you were thinking or talking about, what
decision you were contemplating or what was happening in
your life at the time. Then wait and see if there are more clues
indicating a future outcome.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
4 4
I once heard loud knocking in the night just before I was about
to take part in some work with a famous medium. I heard
sinister laughter and knew it was a warning that someone or
circumstances might take advantage of me in a negative way.
I approached the work with caution and, sure enough, it was
strenuous and very challenging. Someone else might have
cancelled the engagement. I called in the angels, prayed for
support and came through the other side very tired but wiser.
Like everyone else I have had to learn what works best for me.
All of us are a work in progress.
Start to take note in your journal of any strong feelings you
have. Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand their meaning
at first – simply becoming aware of them is enough for the
time being. You might notice, for example, that certain people
or activities provoke certain sensations in your body. Part
of learning to tune in and become more self-aware is giving
yourself time and space, so whenever possible slow your step,
breathe deeply and focus on the task in hand. In this way, you
increase your self-awareness and become more alert to your
intuition. Use the following affirmation to support you as you
go about your day:
I trust in my abi l it y to have clear insight, a s I
open mysel f up to the f low of universal energ y
and communicate with all my senses.
From awakening to clarity of purpose
Before we move on and start exploring the past in order to
understand what circumstances and events brought you
4 5
awa k e n t o y o u r S o u l P u r p o s e
here, I’d like to share two important tools with you. They
focus on your wellbeing and will provide you with the strong
foundations and willpower you’ll need as you seek out and
follow your soul purpose:
Root chakra grounding.
Strengthening self-expression using the throat chakra.
Growing strong roots: grounding
Archangel Gabriel is mainly associated with the throat chakra,
the centre of communication and will. However, this angelic
force is also closely linked to the root chakra because she
“over-lights” our entry to the world at birth and working with
her Light enables us to become conduits of Divine energy.
Our aim is therefore to create a strong, clear communication
with the angels while also balancing the root chakra so that
we feel safe enough to stand our ground.
This is important because in order to express your highest
truth and open the “third eye”1 to the light, you will need to
open the upper chakras (see Tools for Your Journey, page 27).
But first you need to strengthen the lower chakras (starting
from the root and working upwards) or you may feel off
balance or floaty. Ways to ground yourself include meditating
on the root chakra, walking in nature or feeling the earth
beneath your feet.
Practic e 3
Root chakra grounding
Use the following practice anytime you want to feel more
grounded and especially before any of the guided meditations
that follow.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
4 6
1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Breathe deeply
and focus on your feet.
2. Feeling the soles of your feet connecting with the floor,
imagine that there are roots going from this point down
deep into the ground, right to the centre of the Earth.
3. Visualize energy coming up through these roots from
Mother Earth and feel a sense of gratitude as she
supplies all the nourishment our bodies require while we
4. As you get further into your meditation practice you’ll
find that you are able to easily visualize the Divine Light
coming down through your body into the Earth and the
Earth energies coming up into your body.
Strengthening self-expression with the throat chakra
When we are honourable, truthful and reliable – always
sticking by what we say and know to be true and expressing
ourselves openly – we strengthen the throat chakra. And when
we have a strong resilient container of energy in the throat
chakra, it becomes a powerful force for the spirit, acting as
a conduit for Divine guidance to be carried from our crown
to our hearts. It also acts the other way, taking our heartfelt
honest desires to the crown for connection with the Divine
and the angelic realms.
More often than not, however, it is the act of expressing
our truth that we often find tricky. Even if we are gentle, kind
and sensitive, we might be timid in expressing our real truth
for fear of rejection or upsetting others. This affects not only
our speech and integrity but also the strength of our will. We
may, for example, find it difficult to say “no” to things that
4 7
awa k e n t o y o u r S o u l P u r p o s e
are harmful to us. Whether it is is idle gossip or conforming
to unrealistic expectations, we think we are being “nice” by
not raising any objections to the behaviour of other people
around us, but actually we are harming ourselves – mind,
body and soul.
Working on strengthening the throat chakra will help you
to strengthen your will in following your soul purpose. To do
this make a commitment to be as truthful as you can in all
situations. Be careful what you say about others too, as gossip
hurts you as much as it hurts them. You may also need to
watch your levels of eating, drinking alcohol and smoking, as
well as all drugs (whether prescription or recreational).
Listen to your true inner guidance for signs from the
angels, speak clearly and mean what you say. Using the
following affirmation will help support you:
I l i ve and speak my truth, trusting and knowing
that my communication comes from the core of
my inner being.
Working out future soul purpose from the past
Feeling grounded and being able to express your truth are
both vital tools for the next and final section of the first step:
investigating the past to discover what brought you to this
point where you want something more from life. This type of
self-enquiry can be hugely rewarding but also very challenging
(and sometimes draining). Guilt, remorse and blame
(including self-blame) have no place in this process. You will
be travelling purely as an observer, without judgement, simply
accepting the past as something that happened and looking
for the gems of learning within it. And, remember, you can
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
4 8
call on Gabriel’s brilliant white Light at any time to help you
step into self-awareness without self-blame or judgement.
Going back in time and revisiting the things you were told
by others, or actions you took as a result of what you’d learned,
will help you to work out why you think you are who you are.
Practic e 4
Creating a timeline
Take your time as you carry out this exercise. You can add to
it whenever you choose and we will come back to it in later
chapters, so keep it safe.
1. Draw a line horizontally on a piece of paper and mark it
vertically with equal divisions to represent seven-year
stages of your life, the first of which marks the period
from conception to age seven. (Before you were born your
mother may have had experiences during her pregnancy
that affected you, and we shall be looking at this further in
Step 4, when we’ll do some deeper chakra work together.)
2. You can now be as artistic and creative as you like. Feel free
to use words and descriptions if you prefer but I’d suggest
devising little symbols and using different coloured pens
to mark significant events that happened at specific times
to make you the unique and wonderful person you are.
3. Write down or draw these events under the line if the
experience had a negative affect, or above the line if it
was positive. So, for example, if a sibling or grandparent
(or anyone else you loved dearly) left you at any point
(including while you were in your mother’s womb), write
or draw it underneath the line. Connect the word or
picture to the main horizontal timeline with a vertical
4 9
awa k e n t o y o u r S o u l P u r p o s e
line. How long or short that line is will depend on how
much you feel the experience had a detrimental effect.
Positive experiences, such as falling in love, passing an
exam, learning to ride a bike or drive a car, or travelling
somewhere exciting, should be marked above the line
using the same method.
Try not to overanalyse the events, or judge yourself, while you
compile the timeline. Simply reflect and record them. You may
find this experience quite cathartic when you do this for the
first time, and, even if you have done it before, I encourage
you to do it again anyway.
Key events to note include: moving home, the birth of a
sibling, separation within a family, changing or leaving school,
any serious illness (yours or of those close to you), travel,
close relationships/marriage, divorce/separation, the births
of your children, and any achievements, accomplishments
or qualifications, whether academic, artistic, sporting or
It is also a good idea to include any religious or spiritual
experiences, such as a first visit to a church or temple, any
times of deep questioning, near-death experiences or strong
spiritual sensations. Note down whether or not you attended
a secular or a faith school and when you first learned about
your particular religious background, if relevant. Then note if
and when you made any alternative decisions about your faith
upbringing, your spirituality, or, if there was none, when you
think you first became interested.
Looking back in this way, you may now be able to pinpoint
certain events and experiences that determined how you
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
5 0
arrived where you are now. You may also start to more fully
understand what ambitions or driving forces are leading you
where you are going, giving you a fuller picture that allows
you to create a map for the future.
On the other hand, this exercise might have also brought up
more uncertainty about your spiritual path. If so, please don’t
worry: that is common, and as you build on the flow of energy
emerging (and being created by you) along the Seven Steps,
your unique spiritual impulse will start to emerge more clearly
too. For example, you might get a deep sense of knowing
that some things no longer feel “right”. This is because you
are tapping into your own instinctive truth, and possibly
beginning to see that even though some of the dogma you
were taught many years before can still have a residual effect,
it no longer serves you. Many people are drawn to the energy
of angels because they understand these beings as a gentler,
less intrusive presence than organized religion. Angelic beings
are nonetheless as inseparable from the Divine (whoever or
whatever that means for you) as you are – we are all part of the
same universal creation or consciousness.
Very often it is a lack of spiritual practice or denial of our
spirituality that challenges us most. A deep unnamed fear or
sense of separation can play out in many forms of neurosis.
There are a multitude of theories, from psychologists to
theologians. Some say it stems from a neonatal fear of
separation from our mother, others a fear of damnation and
separation from the Divine. But, in truth, we cannot ever be
separated because we are all part of the same Divine creation.
It is perfectly natural to have anxious moments during this
process of self-reflection, where fear creeps in and seems to
take over. When this happens just stop what you are doing,
clear your mind and concentrate on your breath. Feel your
5 1
awa k e n t o y o u r S o u l P u r p o s e
feet on the ground, breathe slowly and deeply into the hara,
your lower abdomen, to centre yourself. This will bring you
back into alignment with the life force and the light and will
allow you to operate from a place of love, not fear.
We cannot begin to understand the full extent of our
spiritual connections to the Divine source of love – no one
can. But, by offering generosity of spirit, making gestures
of unsolicited kindness, expressing genuine interest and
gratitude, helping those who need it wherever possible,
offering prayers and blessings regularly on behalf of other
people as well as ourselves, we are connecting to the universal
energy of pure love.
In Step 4, we’ll look at how gratitude and love affects our
karma, but for now, with the help of the beneficent Archangel
Gabriel, we have begun the process of recognizing our
personal pathway, of learning how to resonate with our true
spiritual impulse.
The clarion call of the angels touches our soul, invites us
back into the Light and reminds us that we are all spiritual
beings, and that this is, in spite of everything we might
deem to be imperfect, a very beautiful world.
Readying yourself for the journey ahead
Having now taken the first step into the Angel Light, how are
you feeling? We live in a frantic world, where some days it can
be difficult to find even five minutes’ downtime away from
the rush. But in order to follow this path, in order to fully
step into your Light, remember that you will need to nurture
yourself – mind, body and spirit – and remain balanced and
strong. By this I mean consciously achieving a happy balance
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
5 2
between your work life, your family life and your spiritual life,
between health and money, love and charity, work and play.
Once you become more aware of the need to prioritize your
health and wellbeing, you can develop strategies for putting
that understanding into action. This might include bodywork
– such as massage, reflexology or yoga – eating a nutritious
diet and taking exercise. You can call in the angels to guide
you towards those activities that are good for you, and assist
you in reorganizing your schedule to fit it all in. Archangel
Gabriel’s Light is wonderful for showing you the way.
In terms of nurturing your spiritual development, the
simplest way to do this is through meditation, connecting
with nature, and doing the things that make your heart sing
– whether that be listening to music, dancing, walking, being
with animals or children, laughing or playing.
You know when you are out of balance: the aspect of life
that is draining you will leave you feeling exhausted and
overwhelmed. If you have no energy or enthusiasm for
something, it is time to take a break and reassess. When you
are happy and well, you are in good balance. The physical body
you see and feel is not all you are, and to maximize your Light
you need to take full responsibility for your own health (on all
levels) and let go of all blame and excuses.
The same is true of developing your soul. There are no
“quick fixes”. No matter what any teacher or guru says, no
one but you can “accelerate your ascension process”, “realign
your DNA” or mend your broken heart, however much money
you are willing to pay. We are each responsible for our own
decisions, actions and outcomes. Use the following affirmation
to support you on your journey:
5 3
awa k e n t o y o u r S o u l P u r p o s e
I stand in my own power, taking full responsi -
bi l it y for my thoughts, words and actions.
Reaching this point of self-awareness can often enable the
first great changes to take place and bring a cataclysmic shift
in energy. We begin to understand that although other people
affect us, we are in fact in control of our own lives. Just like
becoming good at sport or playing the piano, we know we
have to put in the practice; we realize that in order to be happy
and fulfilled we have to do the work. We are responsible for
the stories we tell to others and to ourselves. By taking full
ownership of our decisions, we can rewrite our stories, make
a fresh start and begin again, creating anything we want to.
Daily Prayer
Dear Archangel Gabriel,
I call upon your powerful presence.
I thank you from my heart for your guidance and I ask to
be shown in ways that I will clearly understand how best to
pursue my soul’s intention.
Gabriel, please surround me in your brilliant white Light
and purify my thoughts and deeds that I may communicate
my truth with clarity and purpose.
Let my eyes always look clearly ahead on the road you wish
me to tread, that I might not be tempted away by distractions.
Protect me from lies and falsehood, and help me to learn
discernment that I might avoid deception whenever I meet it.
Thank you.

5 5
S t e p 2
Seek your Inner wisdom
and Creativity
Delving into the mystery
with archangel Jophiel
“The most beautiful experience we can have is the
mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at
the cradle of true art and true science.”
Albert Einstein, The World As I See It
key angel associations
Attributes: Wisdom, Creativity, Inspiration,
Illumination, Enlightenment, Spiritual
Nourishment, Mystery
Colour: Keeper of the Yellow Flame
Crystals: Citrine, Amber, Topaz
Planetary influences: Saturn and Jupiter
Day of the week: Monday
Element: Fire
Ashram: Above Lanchow, China
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
5 6
Having now experienced the brilliance of Archangel Gabriel’s
Light, Step 2 goes on to explore an array of mystical (and
often surprising) experiences and practices that will inspire
and enlighten you on the next stage of your spiritual journey.
Whether you can feel it or not, your personal vibration
is already changing and you may find that you now have a
strange thirst for knowledge, particularly relating to your
Higher or true Self. You may, for example, notice a powerful
desire to be alone more than usual, or find yourself drawn
to mix with other like-minded people who are also seeking
a more spiritual way of living. Connecting to the warmth of
Jophiel’s great golden Light will help you to feel more deeply
into this spiritual space.
Jophiel1 is one of the original Archangels of creation and
transmits Divine inspiration to one and all. Working with
Jophiel’s Light can help you release any blockages that are
holding you back from bringing spiritual practices into your
life. He shows you that there is beauty in everything. And
when you open your heart and mind to fully experience this
beauty, Jophiel’s Light guides you towards a point of clarity
and deeper understanding. You will begin to get a clearer
picture of how everything in the Universe is energy. He will
show you that everything is connected and interwoven like
threads of a tapestry – a fabulously exciting cosmic order, a
Divine co-creation – that includes you.
When you connect with Jophiel’s energy, you’ll discover a
warm, bright golden light that brings inspiration, creativity
and spiritual nourishment. The practical exercises in this
chapter will show you how to:
5 7
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
Connect with your inner wisdom and re-remember
creative practices that motivate you and allow you to be
in flow with life.
Bring more sacredness into daily life through simple
rituals that will provide spiritual nourishment.
Learn how to recognize and embrace more mystical
experiences in your life.
Explore the differences between religion and
spirituality. Let go of any judgements about yourself by
understanding that your own spiritual impulse lies in
the practices that bring you most illumination.
See the beauty in everything and so awaken to yourself
as part of the mystery of creation.
Develop practices that will bring you ever closer to
blissful contentment.
Delving into your spiritual impulse and creativity
You might initially wonder what the connection is between
creativity and spiritual connection, but in the same way that
we can so easily get caught up in the busyness of life that we
lose a healthy life balance, so too can we forget the creative
and spiritual practices that bring us joy.
Practic e 1
Seeking wisdom and creativity with Jophiel
Stepping into Jophiel’s Light will help you tap into your
internal wisdom and remember all these creative endeavours
that, when practised, allow you to become absorbed in the
moment and, in so doing, quiet the thinking mind.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
5 8
If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided
meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17), or, if you
prefer to listen to it as a download, go to: www.AngelLight.
1. Get comfortable and, if you choose, spend a few minutes
breathing deeply before closing your eyes.
2. Think of your favourite colour. Breathe it into your body.
Breathe out any tension or anxieties you may have. With
each out-breath, allow your neck and shoulders to relax.
Allow your arms to sit comfortably on your thighs, with
your palms facing upwards. Give yourself permission to
truly relax.
3. Imagine your favourite colour passing down through your
body, into your arms and your legs, until the colour comes
out through your skin. See yourself sitting as a bright
being of brilliant colour.
4. In your imagination see your whole being surrounded by
golden sunshine light. Feel that light. Feel its warmth.
Sense it around your face, on your skin. And, through your
closed eyes, see the light become brighter and brighter.
5. Visualize the sun and just think about how strong that
sunlight is. As you embrace the light around you, think
about how bright, how beautiful, how warm, how lifegiving
sunlight is. As you think about the strength of the
sun’s light if you were to look directly at it, try to imagine
how much stronger the light from the Divine must be.
6. Now imagine walking through a beautiful garden. Look
around you and find somewhere to sit. As you sit down,
notice the flowers, the trees, the butterflies moving
around you, feel the sunshine on your skin. Perhaps you
can smell a fragrance. Allow yourself to enjoy the freedom
5 9
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
of being on your own in this special sacred place. Immerse
yourself in the beauty and wonder of the garden – the
wonder of creation.
7. As you look around the garden you see a very tall, bright
being walking towards you. As he continues to approach
you, the light is almost blinding. The angel tells you
telepathically that he or she represents the angels of
the realm belonging to creativity, governed by the Angel
8. Ask the angel to inspire you, to illuminate your mind –
to give you a message that will help you in your creative
powers, to give you a sense of your very own creativity,
your own wisdom. As pictures, colours, words or sensations
come to you, make a mental note but try not to
analyse them.
9. Thank the angel, and fully bathe in this beautiful golden
light. Feel a sense of gratitude in your heart as the angel
then walks on by.
10. Bring into your mind all the beautiful, creative or artistic
things that you have been part of or that have deeply
impacted you. Allow them to fill your memory and
appreciate that you too take part in the co-creation of
our Universe. Now think about how creativity comes
to you in your own personal life: what creative pursuits
bring you joy?
11. Think of some of the most beautiful places that you have
ever visited. Now take yourself to your favourite place,
a place full of happy memories. Think of the colours,
sounds, textures and fragrances. Allow yourself to feel the
joy and warmth of being with that memory, and breathe
it down into your body as an inner smile and a lasting joy.
You might like to stay with that moment for a little while.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
6 0
12. Feeling the joy of that memory, take yourself back to the
garden where you imagined sitting among the flowers,
trees, butterflies and birds. Give yourself a little more
time to recognize a sense of inner peace and tranquillity.
13. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
Finding creative inspiration
After experiencing Jophiel’s Light, you may feel inspired to
take up a new or former artistic outlet. It could be anything
from painting to amateur dramatics, writing poetry or
visiting the theatre. It could mean creating something new
in your life, for example redecorating a room in your home
or landscaping an outdoor space. However you feel called to
explore your creativity, it is important to honour that aspect
of yourself. This is self-care in action and can help you activate
your soul purpose. Jophiel’s Light inspires this within you
and spending time on creative projects will help you feel, and
radiate, a more joyful and lighter energy. If you are still unsure
what creative outlets might inspire your journey, sit quietly
and reflect on the following questions:
What brought me joy and made my heart sing as a
Where and how do I feel drawn to be creative?
6 1
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
Now spend a little time working out how you can bring more
aspects of creativity into your daily life. This will be easier for
some of you than others – particularly if you have a young
family, a demanding career or elderly relatives to care for (or
all of these). However, try to allocate at least a little time each
week for something creative. We may not all write or paint,
but some of us love to cook, knit, read, potter in the garden,
dance or play music. Even buying flowers for yourself and
brightening up your home can be a creative act.
Bringing the sacred to life with ritual can also help you
welcome more creativity in, as these “special” moments in
time will help you to pause and become conscious. Of course,
whether you realize it or not, we all cherish rituals and often
consider them sacred. For example, sending birthday cards,
decorating a cake with candles, kissing loved ones hello and
goodbye, or relishing those few moments with a cup of tea
before starting work: these are all sacred rituals in their
own right, and you can probably think of many more that
are particular to you. But when you consciously add ritual
to your life, you weave in the Golden Thread of Divine Love
(see Tools for Your Journey, page 16). Creating sacred rituals
doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy. For example:
Stepping out of bed, you might greet the day by saying,
“Thank you for another day, and blessings to the day
ahead and to whoever I meet.”
Opening the blinds or drapes, you might like to
consciously welcome the sunlight into your home.
Lighting a candle, you might give thanks for all the
support of your ancestors.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
6 2
Before eating a meal, you might silently give thanks
to all those who have grown, gathered, prepared and
cooked the food, and to Mother Earth for nurturing it.
Before retiring to bed, you might say a short prayer of
Seeking out the mystery: Mysticism
Now that you’ve reconnected with creative practices and
begun to inject more sacred moments into your life, you will
find that the “aha” moments follow rapidly. However, as you
start to experience more magical and mysterious moments in
daily life, you may also find that it awakens a deep desire to
know more about what the “Divine” actually is.
Sometimes we seem to step right into the Light and become
overexcited by it, accepting everything we read or hear about
it with blind faith. Or, there may be an inclination to look for
more profound answers, a heightened consciousness and a
deep sense of knowing that we already walk alongside angels.
There is a certain magical essence found in every faith
and world religion, as each has some word or practice for
attaining ascension or a higher state of being. All of these
practices, whether personal or within a community, help to
raise the vibration of humanity as a whole. There is much talk
nowadays of “Global Healing”, and we’ll be delving more into
how to help heal the planet and others in Step 4.
For now, focusing on the yellow brilliance and brightness of
Archangel Jophiel’s Light, a positive, powerful energy raises
your vibration – not just because you are gaining knowledge,
but because you are absorbing the Light of the Divine Source.
This is the meaning of “en-Light-en-ment”: taking in the light
and allowing it to become part of your whole being. This
Divine creative energy is available to anyone who seeks it, and
6 3
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
you can tap into it whenever you need to by simply closing
your eyes and calling Jophiel’s name three times: “Jophiel,
Jophiel, Jophiel, as I step into your powerful loving Light so
Divine creative energy flows and inspires me to take my part
in co-creating this beautiful world.”
The phenomenon of the mystical experience is not related
to a particular religion and not concerned with beliefs and
doctrines, but with a natural state of consciousness, experienced
by all cultures, at all times throughout history and by
followers of every religion and none.
Mysticism has been described as the spiritual connection
to the Divine – an experience, feeling or sensation that
cannot be explained and that can never tell the whole story.
It might be simpler to think of Mysticism as an umbrella term
for all sorts of different spiritual and religious experiences.
Pause now and think of any events in your life that in some
way felt mystical. It could be seeing a surprisingly clear and
beautiful rainbow, taking a ride in a hot-air balloon, witnessing
a breathtaking view from the top of a mountain or gazing
at the stars. All these experiences, though maginificent, are
not in themselves mystical. Yet at some point the awe and
wonder hit your senses and the experience is transformed
into something else, something more. It touches your heart
because you see a different, deeper Divine quality in the
When my father, Fred Astell, was 15, he set off on his bike with
his brother for a few days’ camping in the Lake District in the
north of England. Having cycled all the way from Hertfordshire,
they set up camp quite late and my father decided that he
wanted to sleep under the starlit sky. This was just before the
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
6 4
outbreak of World War II. There was no light pollution and so he
was able to look up to a clear velvety sky that was full of stars.
He was fascinated by astronomy and was able to name all the
visible planets and constellations, so the circumstances and
conditions were perfect for him. This was a truly beautiful and
joyful experience in and of itself, but what happened next was a
completely different kind of experience. As my father lay gazing
heavenwards, the stars began to move slowly across the sky. As
he stared more attentively, they formed an image of the face of
Jesus Christ. After staring in awe for what seemed like hours,
the picture was indelibly printed in his mind. As a result of this
vision, this magical and mystical experience, he understood that
he had some kind of strong connection with Jesus.
His parents had always encouraged his pursuit of the sciences
at school and were not particularly religious themselves, so he
had no deep knowledge of the Bible or Christianity other than
his school education. But he knew in his heart and deep within
his soul that somehow, in some way, Jesus was of significant
importance to him and would have a great influence on his life.
He had a sense that his life would be somehow affected by this
celestial vision. As a result, what was at first simply a wonderful
and beautiful event became a mystical experience.
Practic e 2
Noticing Mysticism
The following exercise is designed to help you recognize and
encourage more mystical experiences in your life. You can
then add them to the timeline that you created in Step 1 (see
Practice 4, page 48).
6 5
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
1. Sitting quietly, focus on your breath for a few moments
before inviting in the Light of Jophiel by calling his name
three times (see “Tools for Your Journey”, page 17).
2. Visualize being bathed in his golden Light before
recollecting all the occasions in your life when you
experienced true beauty or moments of complete wonder.
These will be unique to you, but they may involve sights
that took your breath away or times that filled your heart
with joy. For example:
Sitting on a rock looking out to sea
Flying in an aeroplane for the first time, seeing the
clouds from the aircraft window as you rise above
Climbing a mountain and looking back at the view
Cloud watching
Bird watching
Playing with your children
3. Add these experiences to your timeline.
4. Now think of any other experiences that you may have
found slightly odd or extraordinary. Things you have seen,
heard or felt that you simply cannot explain. It might be
a sensation, like someone was touching your hair, that
felt otherworldly. It may be a voice speaking to you, a
fleeting sense of a past life or déjà vu. You may have been
sitting quietly by a tree and felt its energy passing to you,
or perhaps you have been able to see the aura around
someone (before you understood what it was). Add
experiences like these to your timeline.
5. Then, scaling it up a little, consider whether you have had
any “mysterious” experiences – mystical events you can’t
understand or explain but that leave you in a wonderful
state of “bliss”. It could be hearing music as you gaze at
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
6 6
the stars, having clear visions that are far too real to be
dreams, witnessing the appearance of orbs or bright
lights, or sensing or even seeing an angel. Add these to
your timeline too.
Some people experience mystical events all their lives and may
even be seeing fairies, angels and nature devas on a regular
basis, but the majority do not. Try not to judge such things
as imaginary, or rate whether they were actually mystical or
not, simply add them into your timeline, wherever in your life
they occurred. It is important to understand that even though
some inexplicable visions or sensations can be spontaneous,
occuring without any “trying” at all, creating space in your
busy life will increase the likelihood of them happening.
I have sometimes found that intense prayer or deep
breathing, especially in a sacred place or on consecrated
ground (such as a temple, church, cathedral or stone circle),
can bring some of these sensations. Regular spiritual practice
such as meditation and prayer will also enable you to develop
an inner silence where the most profound and enlightening
sparks of wisdom are likely to emerge.
My own “mystical” experience of an angel felt truly out of this
world. It came shortly after I had split up with my first husband
in 1998 and I was living in a studio apartment in east London.
I had been reading a prayer and invocation for healing with the
angels that really moved me, by an author named Eileen Elias
Freeman. I found myself in tears as I read the prayer out loud
and called out to the angels: “I have dedicated my life to working
6 7
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
with you yet I can’t see you. Please, why don’t you show yourself
to me?”
Then, as I put the book down, I saw a huge white shape
approaching the French doors. I stood up and walked towards
the balcony and felt the most powerful physical sensation,
which I can only describe as love, in every cell of my body. My
heart felt like it might burst as what appeared to be a white
cloud came closer and closer. As the vision became clearer, I saw
the unmistakable shape of an angel. I felt a strong masculine
energy and an inexplicable sense of recognition. I knew him and
he knew me.
He was wearing a long white gown and had two massive
pairs of wings: one pair folded behind his back and the other
pointed upwards like brush strokes towards the sky. As he
approached, he became larger and larger and I could clearly see
the light fabric of his white gown blowing in the breeze around
his bare feet. His face was framed by shoulder-length white
hair but it was impossible to see any features because the light
radiating from his face was as bright as the sun. As I moved
closer towards the window, with tears streaming down my face,
the angel held out his hands and arms to me in a gesture of
giving and receiving. It was as though he was waiting to hold
my hands – as if he knew I so wanted to go with him, but knew
I must stay.
Then, as mysteriously as he appeared, he slowly turned and
drifted away. Then I thought my heart was going to break: I
couldn’t believe how painful it was to see him leave. As I watched
him go, a huge pink heart appeared in the sky – the brightest
pink I have ever seen, and a perfect sweetheart shape. It was
a symbol of love to remind me that we are all so loved, there is
nothing in our world as important as the giving and receiving of
love. No words were spoken, there was no fanfare of trumpets or
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
6 8
choral voices, but the angel left me his signature, which was as
unmistakable as the vision itself.
This experience left me feeling many strange emotions.
The power, depth and strength of my angel experience and
the overwhelming sense of love was more intense than I had
experienced before or since. There are no words to describe
it fully.
Understanding your spiritual impulse
In Buddhism, meditation practices bring an altered state that
connects the practitioner to the bliss of emptiness, allowing
them to be free from all the suffering created by the anxieties
and neuroses of the human mind. In Hinduism, a similar
mystical connection to the Divine, called “Brahma”, is sought
through many different strands of yoga.
Achieving this altered state doesn’t have to be part of
a religious process, but an experiential method of selfstudy.
Religions seek to define what we should believe,
while spiritual practices such as stretching, meditation and
breathing exercises may be practised by everyone, whether
they regard themselves as spiritual, agnostics or members of
a particular faith.
It really doesn’t matter if you don’t experience an altered
state when on this search, as long as you understand what it is,
and are expressing your spirituality and creativity. However, it
may be that you feel some judgement about exploring your
spirituality, perhaps due to your upbringing, and this may
be holding you back. Spend some time answering this selfenquiry:
what is religion to me?
6 9
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
Let’s go a little deeper into understanding this idea of a
spiritual impulse – not so that you can adopt a label, or put
yourself in a category or box, but to deepen your understanding
of who you are, and see where you feel you might fit.
We are all unique and have our own personal perspective
on everything. All the ideas we share with others will be
coloured by our past experiences, our gender, race, religious
background, education, social group and ancestral beliefs. The
following three-part exercise can help you reflect on where
you sit in relation to some of the ideas you might not have
thought about for a while, if at all. It’s designed to help you
truly know and value your opinions, and understand how
your unique perspective helps to co-create your own reality.
Practic e 3
Exploring spiritual bubbles2
Use this self-reflection exercise to feel into your spiritual
impulse and understand what type of spiritual practices will
be most helpful to you. Remember: there are no rules. Also,
your opinions might change as you work through the book so
keep your notes somewhere safe – perhaps in a journal – so
that you can revisit them.
1. Devotion vs wisdom
First, imagine a horizontal line. At one end is a bubble with the
word “Devotion” in it; at the the other, the word in a second
bubble is “Wisdom”. Where do you think you stand between
the two ends of this spiritual scale?
If you have devotional practice, you might include prayers,
hymns, spiritual music and sacred ritual in your daily life.
You may petition saints or deities, talk to angels, the Divine,
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
7 0
the Holy Spirit, Jesus or one or more of the Ascended
Masters with a sense of devotion, gratitude and love. You are
communicating with someone or something else, and they are
listening to you.3 If this describes your practice or belief, you
would place yourself in the Devotion bubble.
Altenatively, you may believe that in some way the Divine
is in everything and within us all, though there is still a sense
in which you are talking to someone who is listening. In this
case, you’d be somewhere in the middle of the scale.
For those at the other end, in the opposite bubble, being
non-devotional doesn’t mean that you don’t believe. You
may believe that we are part of the entire Universe, that
we are all one, so your understanding will come through
silence and meditation to empty and clear the mind. This
form of being at peace within comes with practice, and that
understanding and wisdom will bring you in tune with an
infinite Universe or Source rather than a God or the Divine.
In the Hindu system the word for this is Njani.
With this distinction between devotional love vs wisdom,
you could say we are talking about heart vs head. With
Jophiel, however, we are working with both love and wisdom
because his creative energy is both. On a practical level, this
might mean that you believe in transcending the day-to-day
mundaneness of life by adopting a regular meditation or yoga
practice (like Buddhism or certain types of self-realization
yoga), or spending time each day in prayer, or somewhere in
between, or both.
You can be at either end of the scale or somewhere in the
middle: there is no right or wrong, just your own truth.
7 1
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
2. Manifest vs unmanifest
Now visualize a second horizontal line with a bubble at each
end as you reflect on another two very different and opposite
aspects of spiritual belief – “manifest” and “unmanifest”.
Read through the following descriptions and then take a
few moments to reflect and ask yourself: where am I on this
If you live your spiritual life through the material world,
everything you can see around you in physical form, then
you are on the “manifest” end of the spectrum. You believe
wholeheartedly that we were created in the true image of
the Divine, and that in the presence of mankind, and also
in nature and in all natural beauty, you have proof that the
Divine is “manifested” in everything around you.
Alternatively, you may not need to physically see or touch
things to prove your beliefs; there are some things you just
accept even though you can’t prove it in material terms. This
belief that the Divine is outside of and beyond everything
you can see is at the other end of the spectrum, in the
“unmanifest” bubble.
Where do you sit on the scale? At either end, or somewhere
in between the two bubbles? And remember: there are no right
or wrong answers – this is just about better understanding
your spiritual impulse.
3. Extrovert vs introvert
The final two bubbles I’d like you to visualize again represent
opposite ways of being: extroverted or introverted. Where
would you place yourself on a spectrum between the two?
From a spiritual perspective, you are an extrovert if you
re-energize when you meet up with groups of like-minded
people who inspire and nurture you in an atmosphere of
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
7 2
sharing and togetherness. If your energy is lifted by group
activites, such as workshops, for example, or you enjoy singing
in a community, such as a choir or church congregation, you
could be called “social” or “communitarian”.
If on the other hand you find nurture in solitude and
re-energize in the essence of stillness, you would place yourself
right at the opposite end of the spectrum, in the introvert
bubble. This doesn’t mean you always need to be alone, but
that this is where you need to go to build up and replenish
your energy. So, for example, an introvert who is more
devotional might prefer to go into an empty church to pray,
or might reach a peak of high spiritual devotion by walking
to the top of a mountain and sitting in prayer with nature.
Most people would find they need a little of each. Where do
you think you sit on the scale?
Perhaps you resonate with all of the above, or just a bit of
both. Either way, try to place yourself somewhere along that
line, just to add to your map of “self-awareness”. There are
no right or wrong answers: it’s not about “pigeon-holing”
but understanding how you feel comfortable expressing and
exploring your spirituality.
When you engage your questioning mind and ask, “Where am
I in all of this?”, you start to understand more about how you
operate and what spiritual experiences you need to seek out.
The above exercise is not only an interesting one; it can also
help you overcome judgements that may have been holding
you back from exploring more spiritual pathways.
For example, if you had routinely rejected all forms of
formal religion but place yourself nearer the “devotion”,
“manifest” and “extrovert” bubbles, then you might need to
7 3
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
seek out a like-minded community to help you explore and
celebrate your spirituality.
Wherever you are on the spectrum, I strongly suggest that
you seek out, or revisit, religious experiences, such as visiting
a temple, church or synagogue. Take yourself into nature and
meditate, or listen to inspirational or choral music. You don’t
need to “buy in” to any of these experiences – simply do them
as an intrepid explorer as a way of opening your mind to the
Divine, whatever that might mean to you.
The Light of Archangel Jophiel brings amazing moments
of clarity to help you shine a light on who you are and what
you know.
Seeking out the Golden Thread
Wouldn’t it be good if there was more tolerance in the world?
I sense a real importance in making an effort to understand
other beliefs, even when we don’t necessarily believe them
ourselves. We are now in the most exciting of times, when
we can research and compare any of the world’s religions and
belief systems, but do we really understand the symbolism?
Having some knowledge of different religious customs can
help us to release prejudice and judgements about things
that we don’t understand. This in turn helps us to let go of
our fears (whether silent or spoken) about other people or
entities. Often the reason we tend to pass judgement about
other people, their dress or expression of faith, is because we
have an underlying fear of the unknown.
But when we break down the elements of the world
religions, although we may find big differences in the doctrine
itself, we also discover a deep-rooted mutual belief in respect,
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
7 4
consideration and love. Love is what could be called the
Golden Thread in the tapestry we call life.
When we open ourselves to the more mystical side of life,
we change the way we see things. The light of love becomes
both the destination and the path to transcendence. When we
begin to really know love, we will know the One-ness of all
things. And when we begin to know that we are all One, we
will know real love.
Use the following affirmation to help support you on your
I see, and am part of, the Golden Thread of
Love in al l things, running through all belie fs,
al l faiths, a ll pathways leading into the Light.
Co-creating with your world and with spirit
Whether you have a particular faith or not, tuning into
Jophiel’s Light can help you get to know your innermost
spiritual nature. As you consider your connection to
the Angel Light, and begin to realize how everything is
interconnected, this helps to develop a compassion that
opens and develops your heart through good times and
bad. A deepened sense of spirituality enables you to develop
personal integrity, brings balance, realigns all aspects of
ourselves, allows ennhanced enjoyment, enables liberation
from suffering and increases wellbeing. Boldly recognizing
and developing a determination to live and be as spiritual as
you can be is about connection to the wider world.
This chapter invites you to engage with all the extraordinary
and challenging experiences in your life with an
understanding that a spark of goodness will inevitably
7 5
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
come out of them. Sometimes people don’t know that they
have a deep spirituality until they need it, so use this step
as an invitation to sit and “feel” – even if it is a painful and
challenging experience that you don’t understand. There will
be sparks in every situation that can be interpreted to inspire
you to follow a more spiritual life.
In the last exercise in this step, I’ll ask you to step into
your Higher Self and experience a deeper sense of what
it feels like to be part of the glorious Angel Light. It will
reinforce the practices and learning of Step 1, and stimulate
your growing sense of inner wisdom. Once you become
comfortable with this, all the while developing greater selfawareness
in the knowledge that each of us is part of the
Divine, you will be able to explore and redefine more of the
experiences that have shaped your spiritual journey so far.
Deepening these memories of people and places, seeking out
the special moments and challenges that have shaped your
life so far, can also help to define your future. Your unique
story is yours to create and yours to tell. It is the journey
of your soul, and by tapping into your Higher Self you can
redefine the outcome in a more satisfying and fulfilling way
than you ever thought possible.
Practic e 4
Becoming aware of the universal wisdom
This exercise will develop your intuition and help you to trust
in your inner wisdom so that you’re able to interpret and use
any messages that emerge to map out and define your future
path. You’ll need your journal and a pen, as you’ll be adding
more information to the timeline that you started in Step 1
(see Practice 4, page 48).
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
7 6
1. Sit for a moment and imagine yourself growing larger and
larger into a gigantic, brightly shining cosmic being – so
large that you could hold the Earth in one of your hands.
2. As you look upon the Earth lovingly, imagine that you are
sitting among all the brilliant stars, planets, moons and
suns that make up the cosmos.
3. Reflect that this Earth in your hands is only one tiny
particle of a great, never-ending, star-filled Universe that
stretches into infinity. You are a part of it – no more or less
important than any other aspect; you have a connection
with the stars, you are connected to every leaf of every
tree, every root in the earth, every blade of grass, every
grain of sand, every drop of rain and all the angels.
4. This huge being of Light is the Divine within you, your
true, formless Higher Self – that part of you that sways
to the music of the stars. This is your angel within,
your Angel Light, who communicates wordlessly with
celestial beings and has a part to play in the order of
Universal Law. Your Higher Self knows exactly what
your soul purpose is, and why you are here. All you have
to do is connect with that higher wisdom, that part of
you that knows the Divine and the angels, then trust
and follow its guidance as you ask that you be shown
what it is that you need to do. Stay in this sensation for
a while, and then take some deep breaths to bring you
back into your inner sacred space.
5. Take a moment now to pause, reflect and ask yourself:
how can I connect more often in my daily life with this
Divine part of me?
6. Holding your sacred space, explore the occasion when you
felt drawn to the angels for the first time and note down
any answers in your journal.
7 7
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
What was happening to you and what were your
feelings at the time?
Who or what introduced you to the concept of a
“Higher Self” and when?
Can you recognize your inner beauty? Let’s think of
it as the angelic you, deep within your heart. When
you are in touch with your “inner angel”, how does
this change your perception of the world around
you? When did you first notice this?
What are the angelic qualities you see in others, and
when did you first notice them?
What are your own angelic qualities, and when do
you think you developed them?
The path of wisdom and illumination
When you have illuminating moments of awareness of something
much greater than yourself, it can sometimes feel
completely overwhelming. The glorious connection made
with angels or the Divine – the bright lights you may see or
feelings of warmth and support you may feel – often seems
to fade just as rapidly and mysteriously as it appeared. This is
the nature of the mystery. Mystics have sought and recorded
that the search for a continuing sense of bliss is almost
comparable to addiction. The highs are so exalted that real
life can seem grey and boring by comparison. When we attain
that magical sense of bliss, we cannot explain the sensations
in adequate language. The sense of knowing, the bittersweet
agony that can sometimes accompany the first exciting
experience, and the moments after when many might begin
to feel they have perhaps been wasting part of their life in a
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
7 8
dull senseless existence. Even the psychotherapist Carl Jung,
whose techniques were greatly influenced by his research into
mystical practices,4–5 noticed these extremes of emotion when
he recorded his feelings after the uplifting mystical elation had
faded: “This experience gave me a feeling of extreme poverty,
but at the same time of great fullness.”6
The other challenge to be aware of relates to the psychological
changes that can occur as a result of a spiritual
awakening. If the experience is gradual and you are careful to
ground and protect your energies (see Step 1, Practice 3) then
you are unlikely to suffer any detrimental effects. However,
if the experience is a huge, life-changing event, such as a
near-death experience or a dramatic vision, then you may
need some guidance from a qualified psychotherapist to help
you through it. These are called “spiritual emergencies” or
“crises”, and are more common than you might imagine. As
a result, some people become disillusioned and leave their
practice for many years; while others may become deluded
and imagine that they are suddenly capable of healing the
world, or creating a new world order or religious cult. It
can also lead to evangelizing our new beliefs, which attract
scepticism and even ridicule or rejection from our families
and friends who don’t quite understand the change.
Most of us stay somewhere in the middle. Just remember
to always keep your feet on the ground, no matter how high
your soul soars.
Trust your wisdom
Having tuned into your intuition with Gabriel in Step 1 (see
page 39), working with Jophiel will encourage you to trust that
internal wisdom more and more. You may start, for example,
to notice that you are picking up on other people’s vibrations.
7 9
S e e k y o u r I n n e r w i s d o m a n d C r e at i v i t y
Sometimes the energy feels great, other times it’s not so good.
You might feel that you no longer want to engage with loud
or aggressive people because their energy is very prickly and
different to your own. You may even find them toxic, their
attitudes or opinions so prejudiced or negative that they are
offensive to you.
You may sometimes feel like you’re a little out of step, as
though you’re walking along with one foot on a different level.
You are becoming more consciously aware and enjoying being
in a positive space and so are more likely to notice and dislike
being surrounded by anything negative. As a result, you may
find that you have to make a decision to keep away from some
of the people that you tolerated in the past. You might feel
guilty, but try not to.
You may also find that you are more selective about which
television channels and films you watch and the conversations
you have. You are filling your life with positive energy, more
fulfilling interests, creativity and wisdom, and you simply
want to satisfy the craving for more of the “good stuff”.
Use the following affirmation to help support you in trusting
the wisdom that you have found in the Light of Archangel
Jophiel. This will help you move away from anything that
dulls your light or dampens your passion.
I trust my inner guidance, making positive
choices for my wel lbeing, knowing this also
carries me towards the Light.
Using the practices you learned in Step 1 – the meditation
with Gabriel (see page 35) and affirmation to strengthen
your throat chakra (see page 47) – in addition to stepping
into Jophiel’s Light (see Practice 1, page 57) to enhance your
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
8 0
wisdom and self-awareness will make it easier to express
your own needs. This is an essential part of taking ownership
of your life and integral to holistic personal and spiritual
Daily Prayer
Dear Archangel Jophiel,
Let your loving Light shine upon me now.
Shine your flame of illumination and enlighten my thoughts
with your loving wisdom.
Guide my words that they reflect only truth and clarity.
Please enable my inner Light to shine that I may be a beacon
of the Divine’s Light in service to others.
Touch my heart and eyes that I may see the beauty of
creation in everything.
I ask that you help me to reach my soul’s potential that I
may play my full part in co-creating this beautiful world.
Thank you.
8 1
S t e p 3
PractiSe Protection and
letting go of fear and cutting the ties
that bind with archangel michael
“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.
Now is the time to understand more, so that we may
fear less.”
Marie Curie
angel associations
Attributes: Protection, Discernment, Truth, Strength,
Letting Go
Colour: Keeper of the Blue Flame
Crystals: Sapphire, Lapis lazuli, Sodalite
Planetary influences: Sun
Day of the week: Sunday
Element: Fire
Ashram: High above Banff in the Canadian Rocky
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
8 2
After taking the bravest step of all: the first – in which we have
been awakened and have learned the power of communication
with Gabriel – by the second step we are buzzing with
inspiration as we encounter aspects of our personal spiritual
journey, creativity and receive a glimpse of fulfillment.
Then along comes Michael to bring us right back down to
earth by reminding us of the need of protection, teaching
us discernment, and making us aware of staying within the
boundaries of our own personal power.
In this step, you will learn how to call upon Michael’s
protective “sword and armour” and practise discernment in
both your personal and spiritual life. As Michael’s Light holds
the vibration of sheer Divine power,1 you many feel a real
presence when you connect with Michael. He is also the most
popular (and some say the only actual) Archangel.
Traditionally you may have already been taught to call on
Michael for support and invoke him for protection in times of
conflict. In this step, you’ll learn that this power is available
not just in extreme situations of violence or abuse, but in
everyday life, for example when you’re preparing to have a
potentially difficult conversation with your boss, when dealing
with annoying colleagues or a challenging family member. The
practical exercises in this chapter will show you how to:
Draw on Michael’s magnificent, powerful blue Light to
strengthen you, allowing you to stand up for yourself.
Let go of any negative beliefs and ideas that are holding
you back and choose helpful spiritual practices rather
than those that may block your path.
Use the image of Michael’s sword to help you symbolically
cut through mind chatter and self-limitations,
find or follow a new direction, heal emotional wounds,
8 3
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
remind you of your inner strength and courage, and
clear away distractions so that you can head forwards
with passion and purpose.
Practise discernment so that you are able to make wise
choices that empower and enable you to speak and live
your truth.
Tune into Michael’s Light to protect your aura, your
home, family and environment.
Calling on Michael’s strength and protection
There are many contemporary examples of people who
have been “saved” by an angel. When I was researching for
my previous book, Gifts from Angels, most of the stories
sent to me were from people who had sensed or seen the
colour blue around them at the time. They were left with an
overwhelming sense of power and protection, leading them to
believe they had been in the presence of Archangel Michael.
But, as the nature of angelic beings is omnipresent, you don’t
need to “see” Michael in human form in order to step into his
magnificent Light.
The powerful energy qualities that you will immediately
sense when working with Michael are truth and discernment,
strength and protection. This is because he is the Holy Warrior.
In our human experience this can represent the best aspects
of leadership. See him as a role model for living the best life
you can, being truthful to your self and behaving honourably
to others, in all situations. In order to do this you need to learn
to practise discernment, Michael’s other great teaching. In so
doing you will learn to assess situations and people but not
judge others or yourself harshly; you simply endeavour to live
your truth and allow others to live theirs. Don’t underestimate
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
8 4
the great strength needed for this. You’ve already started the
process in Step 1 by highlighting the link between truth and
the throat chakra with Gabriel when we talked about communication
(see Step 1, page 46). Here we give added power to
that chakra and at the same time strengthen the solar plexus
as we learn to build healthy boundaries and make wise choices
in our relationships with others.
When you work with Michael’s power in order to develop
your own, you’ll find that it will make you stronger and more
resilient; it will be easier to live more “on purpose”, and your
Light will radiate more brightly.
Practic e 1
Drawing on the power of Archangel Michael
for strength
Use the following guided meditation to step into Michael’s
Light to find the support you need to journey through Step 3,
or whenever you feeling vulnerable or need to stand up for
yourself in some way.
If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided
meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17).
1. Get comfortable and, if you choose, spend a few minutes
breathing deeply before closing your eyes.
2. Continue to breathe yourself into a calm, grounded
space and visualize a brilliant blue light before your eyes.
Breathe this energy down through your body.
3. Call for Michael to wrap his cloak of blue around your
shoulders and place his sword by your side and shield in
front of you for protection by saying, “Archangel Michael,
may I step into the presence of your Loving Light.”
8 5
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
4. Visualize the power of the sword of Michael and lengthen
your spine to be as straight and tall as the shining sword
beside you.
5. Imagine the strength and brilliance of the metal as it
shines like a bright light and know that you too are strong
enough to deal with whatever comes your way. You will
never be asked to face anything alone. The angels are
always with you when you call. Trust that you are strong,
honest and fair, always asking for the highest possible
outcome, for the greatest good. All will be well.
6. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
Letting go of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs
Working with angels is about strengthening your connection
with the cosmic energy but also about growing as a person,
becoming more compassionate, caring and acting from
love. This happens more naturally when you spend time
in conscious reflection, meditation or prayer and practise
self-care (see also Step 1, page 51). When you start to
treat yourself more kindly then your heart opens up not
only to yourself but also to your family, friends and wider
communities. This doesn’t mean being a doormat; rather,
becoming aware not only of your own needs but everyone
else’s too, and doing what you can to serve and treating
others with loving-kindness – the way you would prefer to
be treated yourself.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
8 6
You cannot be of service, however, unless you consciously
let go of any self-limiting beliefs or thoughts that prevent you
from growing and moving forwards. For example, believing
that you are controlled by a government, without which you
are powerless, or the media, or any other organization or
doctrine. Or thinking that the measure of success is material
wealth, or that success in life is always based on gender.
Or that you are unlucky in a particular aspect of life, that
fortune hasn’t been kind to you. You may also need to release
invalid feelings of unworthiness, guilt and false expectations
(of yourself and others) that dis-empower you, especially
regarding your physical health, wellbeing or beauty.
You are learning to trust (from this moment on) that,
actually, you are beautiful, unique and loved in your own
way for who you are. The angelic realms see your Divine
spark, the Light of your soul that shines through your eyes,
not your physical body. It doesn’t matter to them what you
look like, the colour of your skin or the shade of your hair.
They can detect physical disease and emotional disharmony,
as that shows up as a change of colour and brightness in
your aura, but your weight, height, gender and race are of
no importance to them. Angels help, guide and love you no
matter what, without conditions or hidden agenda.
The greater service we may be to others, the wider our heart
opens, the more angelic support we are able to receive, and
the more Light we’ll have to share.
Think of any self-limiting thoughts that creep into your mind
regularly. All those reasons (and excuses) for not allowing
yourself to be true to your purpose, your passion. The things
in life that prevent you from doing what you would really like
8 7
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
to do, like taking up a hobby, going on a retreat or signing up
for an art or yoga class.
How many “can’t do it”, “can’t go on my own” or “no one
to go with”, “impossible because…”-type reasons can you list
from your own regular excuses?
Do any of these reflect criticism from a partner or
family member who doesn’t share your spiritual beliefs,
perhaps, which you heard and took on board for fear of
rocking the boat?
Do you have any outdated superstitions lurking in there
too? If so, ask yourself: what are you basing these fears,
restrictions or beliefs on? Is it time for you to safely let
go of them now?
Do you ever tell yourself that you are not clever enough,
not qualified enough, too old, too young, or inadequate,
Have you simply been telling yourself that you are
only putting it off until you move house, earn more,
find someone to do it with, find the right teacher, lose
weight, and so on?
These “excuses” are absolutely real and practical in our heads,
and might range from time constraints, childcare responsibilities,
expectations from family and others to job restrictions,
too many responsibilities, money worries, health issues, and
so the list goes on. As we get older, many of us have demands
from our children/grandchildren and elderly parents too.
Then there are those little doubts that niggle from childhood:
memories of being told that we were not good enough, no
matter how hard we tried. Self-limiting beliefs are damaging
and toxic and many allow these thoughts to plague them until
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
8 8
they finally give up and decide they’ve missed the boat: “Oh
well, its too late now!” No! It is never too late. This is only
an imaginary timetable that they have allowed their fear
to construct.
Let’s face it, people really can, and do, have a change of
career and become successful and happy in their fifties and
sixties, then go on to run a marathon with a fit body developed
in their seventies. There is absolutely no age limit.
Archangel Michael is always depicted in art wearing
armour, representing the power of the Divine, and very often
a red robe or red lining to his cloak, signifying his role as a
Seraph (belonging to the highest order of celestial beings).
He carries the great silver sword of righteousness, and this
represents an etheric power, which we may call upon to use
in practical ways, such as in meditative exercises, to protect,
empower and support our growth. Use the following selfenquiry
exercise to think about what could be standing
between you and living your life more purposefully.
Practic e 2
Renewing self-confidence and fulfilling your dreams
1. Grab your journal and write a wish list of everything you
would do if you could (that is, if you stopped living to
an imaginary timetable or making excuses), whether it’s
dying your hair red, climbing a mountain or learning how
to paint.
2. Be really honest and make a list of the reasons for NOT
doing these things that would make your soul sing –
anything, whether real or imagined, you have used to
persuade yourself that you were not “fit for purpose”.
8 9
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
3. Close your eyes and ask Archangel Michael to empower
you to find the determination to succeed in fulfilling your
dreams. Ask for help in bringing the right people into
your life to support you.
4. Now rearrange your wish list, putting those things that
are clearly “do-able”, like getting more exercise, reading
that book you ordered, changing your hairstyle, practising
yoga, learning the basics of a new language or losing
weight, at the top, gradually working your way down to the
things that would realistically be a little more challenging
to organise (like climbing Mount Everest or winning gold
at the Olympics).
5. Next, look at the logistics of what you would need to do
to be able to accomplish the most easily accessible wish,
the one at the top of your list. Can you do it? Yes, you can.
6. Write out the affirmation “I believe in myself and am able
to do this now” on a piece of paper and put it somewhere
you will see it. Make sure you say it at the beginning of
every day.
7. Repeat the affirmation in sets of three, as often as you
can, and especially if and when doubt creeps in.
8. The more you do and the greater your self-belief, the more
accessible your list will become. Your renewed confidence
and high energy may soon attract helpful friends who
make these achievements even more accessible.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
9 0
Michael’s sword: overcoming the blocks that hold
you back
As well as supporting your physical and spiritual growth,
Michael can also be called upon for emotional and psychic
You can ask for the energy of Michael to give you physical
protection when you are travelling, simply by asking, “Archangel
Michael, protect me please”, and imagining a blue light
of protection surrounding you, your companions and your
vehicle. You might also like to use the following affirmation:
I stand in my power knowing protective Angel
Light safely surrounds me.
Michael’s sword is a wonderful symbolic tool for cutting
away all the old negative thinking and clearing the way
for new opportunities and possibilities. For example, you
might like to take a moment to think of ways you could use
a sword in real life, if all your restrictions were presented
to you as real objects rather than abstract thoughts. What
beliefs and thoughts would you cut away? If all your “ties”
were ropes around your ankles, would you use the sword
to cut through and release them? If you were in a hot air
balloon but grounded due to the weight of sand bags (your
own limitations) around the sides, would you cut them free
so you could rise up? If all your baggage was being dragged
behind you in a fishing net tied to your waist, would you cut
through it and set yourself free?
If you feel ready to let go of some of the patterns that have
developed into ties and restrictions that hold you back – and
some of these may well feel like heavy ropes or chains around
you – then here is a powerful meditation to try.
9 1
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
Practic e 3
Meditation for cutting unwanted ties
This practice is designed to enhance your soul connection
with Michael’s Light and help you cut any unhelpful ties that
are holding you back.
Before starting the meditation, take a moment to bring
to mind anything that is preventing you from pursuing a
particular goal. This might be someone from the past (or
present) whose voice of authority or negativity takes your
power away and inhibits your progress. Or it could be your
own inner “monkey-mind” chatterbox. It might be an ongoing
issue with someone you know, or a habit, addiction or
behaviour pattern that you know is self-limiting or restricts
you in some way. Once you know your intention, you are ready
to cut one self-limiting belief at a time.
You can also listen to this exercise as a meditation download
1. Light a candle and then invite your guardian angel and the
presence of Archangel Michael into your sacred space, by
saying, “Archangel Michael, may I step into the presence
of your Loving Light.”
2. Get yourself into a comfortable sitting position, close
your eyes and breathe deeply. Allow your body to let go of
all tensions with every exhalation.
3. Visualize a beautiful, vibrant, blue light surrounding you
and breathe it in with every breath.
4. Now see the light forming into a continuously moving
beam flowing around and in front of you, creating a
horizontal figure-of-eight with you in one half of it.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
9 2
5. As the light continues to flow, imagine the issue as an
unwanted gift, or imagine the challenging person and
place it, or invite them, into the other half of the bright
blue figure-of-eight. (If it is difficult or painful for you to
imagine a person so close to you then create a symbol for
them instead.)
6. Ask Archangel Michael and the angels to help you in this
process of cutting the ties that bind you. Do this aloud if
you can, or very clearly in your mind.
7. Call your own guardian angel to stand with you in your
side of the eight, and an angel of Michael in the other.
8. Now, sensing the radiance and power of Archangel
Michael, visualize his great silver sword like a laser beam
cutting through the figure of eight and separating it into
two circles.
9. As you stand in your safe blue circle of Angel Light, watch
in your mind’s eye as Michael’s angel lovingly takes away
the other circle. Keep watching in your mind’s eye as it
moves slowly into the light. Think only positive thoughts
of gratitude and love.
10. Thank Michael from your heart and sit in the peace and
calm for a while.
11. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
Michael’s etheric sword can also be used to point in a new
direction, as a warrior would point the way ahead, simply
by bringing to mind the direction in which you want to
9 3
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
head. Close your eyes and visualize Michael’s sword pointing
the way.
The sharp point of the sword can also be used to cut away
an emotional wound. Ask Michael to “touch” the pain and
dissolve any feelings of being “hurt”. In conflict, a soldier
might also point a sword at the throat in order to extract the
truth from a villain or conniving rebel. We can think of this
as a metaphor of Archangel Michael pointing his sword to our
own throat chakra (the centre of our communication and will),
in a firm but very non-threatening way, simply reminding us
to reveal our truth; to be authentic to our true self.
The ruling monarch would also use a sword to commend
and reward a valiant knight for his bravery and service to
the realm. A beautiful decorative sword would be given as a
highly valued gift to brave knights at the fulfilment of their
training, so using a sword in your visualizations does not
mean it is always about battle – it can serve to remind us of
our achievements too.
Place an image of Archangel Michael with his sword on
your altar and allow it to remind you how Michael’s Light can
help you:
Cut through mind chatter and distractions.
Find or follow a new direction.
Heal an emotional wound.
Remind you of your strength and courage.
Clear away distractions and point in a new direction, as
a warrior might do.
When we reach a point of awareness where we are mindful
of the need to change, we may decide that we can no longer
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
9 4
tolerate those things that cause us anxiety or pain: something
inside our heart senses the need to let them go. This
sharpens a particular kind of emotional response and helps
us to change direction away from the offending situation. In
spiritual terms, we call it “discernment” – the ability to tell
the difference between what is truth and error, honesty and
deception, right and wrong. It is the process we use to make
wise decisions.
Spiritual discernment has a deeper layer, and so to the
above we add the ability to be able to make careful distinctions
between authentic and false spiritual teachings, good and bad
practice, positive and negative energies. Spiritual discernment
is fundamental not only for deciding what is true, but for
building wisdom. Having looked at how to work on spiritual
wisdom lovingly in Step 2, here we can now build it firmly into
a spiritual practice to help us make the right choices.
When something happens in life that requires a decision
based on various choices, trust that your own soul knows
best. So, ask yourself: how does it make you feel? If you
get a surge of energy that makes you want to punch the
air, or rush off and hop and skip, then take that option as a
resounding “Yes”. If the sensation is either fear in the pit of
your stomach or a “blanch” reaction, you know it is a definite
“no”. You can also call in Michael to help you discern the
truth by taking a moment to centre yourself, visualizing a
blue light and calling his name, while also feeling into your
own body for a strong reaction.
Dowsing for answers
You can also use a dowsing crystal pendulum or favourite
necklace to swing over the question, tuning into your own
energy to show you a “yes” or a “no”.
9 5
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
Simply hold the chain steady, about 10cm (4in) above
the pendant, then mentally ask for a clear sign for “yes”.
The pendant will then start to move – take the movement,
whether it swings backwards and forwards or goes around in
circles, as “yes”. Then ask for a clear “no”. The movement will
be different; even if, for example, the pendant is still moving
in circles, they might now be going in the opposite direction.
Take whatever movement it makes as the sign for “no”. Test
it by asking: “Am I [your own name]?”, then “Am I [a friend’s
name]?” This will confirm the movements for you.
Tuning into Michael’s protective energy
There is no doubt that bringing Michael’s Light into daily life
helps guide us towards what is true and shields us from deceit.
Truth, however, can be both subjective, in that it holds
and reflects our personal sense of what is right or wrong, and
objective, as it reflects what is commonly held as true on a
universal scale. So, for instance, certain dogmatic religious
beliefs may be held passionately as truth by one community
but may not be held by a majority worldview. I may believe
that if I recite certain mantras or chants that I will gain merit
with Buddha, or that Jesus died to save my sins, if that is my
religious belief. But if I am not a Buddhist or a Christian, it
will not be my truth.
If we look back in history for an example of a “universal”
truth, it was once widely believed that the world was flat.
Of course, we now know that is not the case. When I was at
school I was told that the smallest particle was an atom. We
now know that isn’t true either. So some truths are personal
and true only for us, and some things are possibly untrue but
held as a truth by a whole group.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
9 6
Your truth, therefore, will reflect and contain ideas relative
to your age, family dynamic, environment, education,
culture, ancestry, social group, race, religion, upbringing,
gender and nationality. This also is true of those who impart
their truths to you: your parents, carers and teachers. Your
truth, just like the effects of the life you have led, can often
show in your facial expressions without you even knowing.
If you are emotionally literate and aware of these giveaway
signs in your own demeanour, you can learn to read them
in other people too. Noticing tone of voice and other signs
in body language and behaviour helps you in very practical
ways to discern the truth. For example, human psychology
studies into body language have shown that shuffling can
indicate embarrassment and looking away suggests that the
person is avoiding the truth.
At times people will project their perspective onto someone
else, often unwittingly. If this has happened to you it
can be awkward at best and excruciatingly painful at worst.
When this projection is carried out maliciously, for example
if people are being spiteful and causing trouble behind your
back, this is often the basis of what’s commonly called a
“psychic attack”.
Tuning into the protective energy of the Archangel Michael
and asking for Divine protection definitely helps us to combat
these painful experiences and we can do this by seeing and
feeling into our aura2 with our five senses.
When we are happy, positive and balanced, our own auric
field enlarges and spreads out, while negative or toxic ideas
that are harmful to us, or our health, cause it to reverse
and shrink into our physical body. We can demonstrate
this without the use of any equipment. Quite simply, we’ll
know if we don’t like someone, or they have a very negative
9 7
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
disposition, because we’ll automatically back away – as though
they have invaded our space. They have. Very often its because
we don’t have a compatible vibration. Think of some of the
phrases we use in everyday speech: “That person has a lovely
energy” (when we enjoy being their company) or “We are not
on the same wavelength” (if we find the conversation in some
way disagreeable or awkward).
When we are bombarded by negativity, it actually weakens
our aura. There are other ways, though, that we can cause
damage our own energy levels, which in turn reflects in our
aura. Some are very obvious, like looking after a sick person
for a long time, which can be physically and emotionally
draining. Dealing with the demands of small children, however
pleasurable, can create mental exhaustion, and working in
a constantly demanding and pressurized atmosphere can
create stress, which as we know leads to long-term damage
on many levels.
All these stresses cause holes and cracks to appear in
our aura. At this point other people – especially those we
might call “Energy Vampires” – can drain our energy too,
whether intentionally because they want some of ours, or
unintentionally just by being what we call “needy”. This is
where, if we don’t take care, the negativity can creep in and
damage our own health. A damaged aura leads to even more
fatigue and a lowered mental capacity to cope with everyday
life because it is leaking our energy. At this point if we don’t
stop it progressing, depression and other forms of subtle and
serious emotional and mental illness can manifest.
Ways to protect your aura
There are a few simple but effective methods that can help you
bring conscious protection into your daily routine:
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
9 8
1: Protect your chakras
The chakra that most frequently leaks energy when you are
unprotected is the solar plexus. One of the easiest ways to
protect this chakra is simply to gently cross your arms in
front of your body when speaking to anyone that you feel is
sapping your energy. You can also protect all your chakras as
preparation for healing or spiritual work by imagining each
of your seven chakras as a spinning open portal on your
body. Now visualize each one in turn, starting at the root and
working right up to the crown. Filling each chakra with Angel
Light, draw an equal-sided cross surrounded by a ring at each
point with your finger in the air in front of you. In your mind
you can do this symbolic ritual to protect each chakra at the
back, too (see also Tools for Your Journey, page 27).
When I first trained in angelic healing, I was told to “close and
protect” all my chakras, in front of me and behind me (the
chakras operate from both directions). Of course I did as I was
instructed. But as I explored my spiritual impulse I found that
the idea of “closing down” all my chakras didn’t sit comfortably
with me at all. I now prefer to keep my heart open as wide
as possible. That way I can share love, even though just like
everyone else I can sometimes feel the hurt of others a little
too much, being an empath. I also prefer to open my third eye
whenever I’m working, and my crown whenever I wish to connect
with the Divine and the angelic realms as much as possible too.
I protect all my chakras by calling in Michael’s protective Light
around my whole aura. This then allows the flow of inspiration
to and from the Divine. However, closing down the chakras is
very important at the early stages in your journey and can help
9 9
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
protect your energy. As you grow in confidence you may prefer to
keep them more open as I often do.
2: Create a protective circle of Divine Light
Every morning, just as you get out of bed, imagine that you
are stepping straight into a circle of bright gold or white light.
Sit on the edge of the bed and swing your feet onto the floor.
Bending over, touch your toes in the “circle of light”. As you
stand up, draw it up and around you and over your head with
your hands, visualizing the light enfolding you. As if you are
doing a first-thing-in-the-morning stretch, swing your arms
and stretch out your hands around you, bringing all the light
into your aura. As you stretch your arms above your head,
meet your hands together and visualize that you are encased
in a beautiful capsule of golden or white light. Finally, simply
say to yourself: “I am protected.”
The beauty of this practice is that it not only invokes
Michael’s strength but also gives you a moment to intentionally
stretch your body and lengthen your spine, which is both an
act of self-care and means you start the day walking tall.
3: Shower away negativity
As part of your morning shower and self-care routine, you
can consciously cleanse your aura of any negativity under
the running water. Call upon the angels, especially the angel
of the element of water, Archangel Raphael in Step 4 (see
Practice 4, page 129), to cleanse and purify your auric energy
as you shower. As you get out of the shower and wrap a towel
around you, imagine that you are being enfolded in a beautiful
soft and protective light.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 0 0
4: Bless and protect your home
Before you leave home, bless it. Give thanks for all the good
things in your home and as you close the door visualize filling
it with love and light. You might like to say: “I bless my home
with loving light, in gratitude for the comfort and safety it
provides for me. I ask Archangel Michael to surround it with
loving Light and protection. Thank you.”
As you get into your car, on the bus, or whatever method
of transport you take, visualize the blue Light of Michael
surrounding your entire home and holding the sacred energy
in place until you return.
5: Bless ahead
Bless your day ahead, all those you work with and those you
will meet during the day. Bless the outcome of every situation
in advance, asking for and expecting the best for all concerned.
You might like to say: “I bless the day before me, all those I
will meet. I ask that all challenges I may encounter be blessed,
and that all will result in the best possible outcome for the
highest good for all concerned. Thank you.”
6: Use crystals and gems
Choose jewellery made from crystals or a particular gemstone
with symbolic or emotional significance to you. We know
that deeply coloured stones, such as rubies, sapphires and
amethysts, offer protection. Diamonds are very powerful and
have the benefit of containing all the colours of the spectrum
when held in the light. A gold or crystal bracelet on each
wrist and a pendant hanging at heart level also offer energy
protection against negative vibrations. You might also find it
helpful to place a piece of lapis lazuli, amethyst, clear quartz
(to clear the energy) or blue selenite (to strengthen your
1 0 1
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
connection with the angelic realms) – the crystals associated
with Michael – on your desk at work to remind you of his
protective power. When you feel overwhelmed by your inbox
or to-do list, touch your crystal. Breathe deeply and remind
yourself that Divine support is always there when you ask for
it. You may also like to use the following affirmation:
I calmly engage with the living energ y of these
crystals to add light and strength to my aura. A s
I stand within my own power I know that I am
protected and all is well.
7: Call upon the powerful Archangel Michael
Last but certainly not least, call upon the power of Archangel
Michael to surround you with his Divine Light. You can
imagine a beautiful blue light shining on and around you. If
you are feeling particularly vulnerable or have an especially
challenging or potentially confrontational meeting ahead,
you can ask that his sacred sword and armour protect you.
You might say something as simple as: “Archangel Michael,
protect me please.”
There are lots of other lovely ways to bring protection into
your daily life too, such as crystals, candles, bells, sprays,
incense, smudge sticks and essences. Use crystals to clear the
energy in your home and candles to invite in the light. Sprays
and essences can clear and lift the energy in the room. For
example, I use essences that have been intuitively channelled
for my use made from flower and crystal distillations or oils,
which contain particular spiritual attributes such as rose
for love and sandalwood for lifting the mood. Incense clears
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 0 2
and cleanses the room of any stale energy and adds its own
warming sacred aroma to the atmosphere.
take care
Take care not to become dependant on any of the
above rituals to protect your aura, or develop these
suggestions into a superstition. Remember: you will
not suddenly be unprotected if you don’t use one or
all of them.
Protecting yourself with positivity
While we have looked at the effect that negative energies
can have on us and how to protect yourself, remember it’s
important not to talk yourself into fear in the process. The
Earth has a natural polarity and positive and negative charges
are naturally present everywhere. We too have positive
and negative energies all around us in different forms:
underground water, geopathic stress, electronic equipment,
overhead wires, mobile phone transmitters and vehicle
emissions have all been found to cause fatigue. But here our
focus should not be on fear, rather awareness of anything that
may dim our Light so that we can avoid it and consciously
make the decision to shine even brighter.
As you gather momentum on this seven-step journey,
Michael’s powerful attributes of protection and discernment
contribute valuable and practical spiritual tools which you can
now use whenever you need to.
1 0 3
P r a c t i S e P r ot e c t i o n a n d D i s c e r n m e n t
Daily Prayer
Dear Archangel Michael,
I call upon the mighty I AM presence, and the Sacred Sword
of Truth.
Please help me to release all self-limiting thoughts and false
expectations I have of myself and others. Teach me the use of
loving balance of power in all relationships.
Grant me the gift of discernment that I may recognize my
true path.
And guide me in realizing my highest spiritual potential,
shining my Divine Light in honesty and truth.
Thank you.

1 0 5
S t e p 4
Become whole
Discovering Self-healing
with archangel raphael
“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”
Jalaluddin Rumi
In the previous step, working with Archangel Michael’s Light
reminds us of the necessities of learning and practising the
art of discernment. He empowers and protects our energies
from all angles, and enables us to let go of limiting beliefs that
don’t serve us.
angel associations
Attributes: Healing, Scientific Discovery, Medicine,
Consecration, Wholeness
Colour: Keeper of the Emerald-green Flame
Crystals: Emerald, Peridot, Fuchsite, Jade, Green
Planetary influence: Mercury
Day of the week: Thursday
Element: Water
Ashram: Above Fatima in Portugal
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 0 6
Now at last we are ready to embark on a great healing adventure
with Archangel Raphael, the Divine’s great healer and an
amazing angelic force for good. Rapha in Hebrew means “doctor”
or “healer”, and “El” means “shining one”. When we understand
the depth and power of Raphael’s Light, we realize we
can also heal any sense of lacking or insufficiency, too, because
Raphael helps us to create a sense of gratitude and abundance.
Raphael is the third of the “big four” Archangels, along with
Michael, Gabriel and Uriel, and his energy is linked to the
heart chakra. As I mentioned earlier, when we talked about
turning ordinary places into sacred spaces (see Tools for Your
Journey, page 23), Raphael is the Angel of Consecration. By
invoking his high vibrational healing light you can clear stale,
negative or even malevolent energy from areas where you
wish to create a sacred space or simply buildings that just
don’t feel right. This is particularly important before setting
out on your healing journey.
Stepping into Raphael’s Light, you will find that you
become more aware and tuned into your own “body talk”.
You’ll become more open to eliminating emotional toxins and
gain more insight into how your thoughts can make you sick.
You will also learn deep healing techniques so that you are
ready to step fully into a loving embrace with your purpose
in the final three steps. In preparation, with the over-lighting
guidance of Archangel Raphael, the practical exercises in this
chapter show you how to:
Heal stress, anxiety or toxic/negative thoughts and
memories that are suppressing your sense of wellbeing
and potentially resulting in poor health.
Forgive yourself and others, even if you still feel
aggrieved or angry. By dissolving these harmful
1 0 7
B e c o m e w h o l e
emotions you can begin healing the emotional pain
held in your body.
Connect more deeply with your chakra energy, and
bring healing to all parts of your life, to support the
deeper healing that this step will bring.
Create sacred space in your home or anywhere you
Discover some of the secrets of soothing relationships.
Healing emotional wounds
Linked strongly to your heart chakra and emotions, Raphael’s
Light can help you heal deeper emotional wounds, such as those
caused by human relationships. For example, if you’ve ever had
a row with your lover or partner – the kind of argument that
echoes in your head so long you don’t know which way to turn
– you’ll know that it can leave you feeling weak or sick for days.
Very few of us have escaped the pain that a rift within
a relationship can cause. Of course, we may fall out with
friends or family, and experience differences of opinion with
work colleagues, which can leave us feeling miserable… but
the greatest pain and deepest wounds are usually due to
our closest “loving” relationships. Not only divorce but also
continual bickering, or bullying, means that many lovely
people are carrying the scars of a failed or toxic relationship.
Sometimes the pain is fresh and raw, but in many cases the
rift still causes hurt after decades. It is so important to be able
to heal our emotional wounds before they become too deep.
Evidence shows that other cells within our amazing
human body have a memory of their own, not just within
the brain, and will hold onto the pain in certain areas,
particularly the joints or heart and chest area. This weakens
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 0 8
us, often to the point of debilitating physical discomfort and
chronic “dis-ease”.
Sibling rifts or even major problems within our families
that we might label “dysfunctional” can also be seen with a
new perspective, worked out, and differences soothed with
Raphael’s healing energy. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as
simple as saying, “Angels, take this all away and make it better
please.” We still have to commit to regular spiritual practice of
prayer, meditation and self-reflection. We need to accept that
we too have a role to play in the conflict. But incredible changes
can occur when love and healing, rather than negativity and
rancour, are the focus.
Everything starts in our thoughts, our consciousness,
and so we can work with Raphael’s light to help reverse the
degeneration in our cells, our thoughts and our relationships.
The following three-part guided meditation with Archangel
Raphael can start the process of healing.
Practic e 1, pa rt I
Cellular healing with Raphael
In the first part of this guided meditation, you’ll call upon the
powerful green healing Light of Archangel Raphael to deal
with stress, anxiety and any toxic/negative thoughts that are
causing you pain or poor health.
If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided
meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17), or, you
can listen to or download a meditation with Raphael here:
1 0 9
B e c o m e w h o l e
1. Get comfortable and, if you choose, spend a few minutes
breathing deeply in the light of your candle before closing
your eyes.
2. Continue breathing slowly and consciously, taking the
breath down into your abdomen and releasing away any
tension with every exhalation. When you are ready, call
upon the energy of Archangel Raphael, three times, aloud if
possible (remember that the number three has a powerful
mystical property which, when used as a mantra, magnifies
the intention of your prayer or request): “Archangel
Raphael, may I step into the power of your beneficent
healing Light.”
3. Now imagine a beautiful green light surrounding you and
filling your whole body from head to toe with a balancing
and peaceful healing light.
4. Ask the powerful energy of Archangel Raphael to cleanse
any toxic thoughts or memories that are causing you pain.
5. Imagine the green light calming your mind as you breathe
it in for a few moments, or as long as you like, balancing
your energies and repairing your cells.
6. Say the following affirmation to yourself three times, and
then as often as you like, always in sets of three: “Every cell
in my being works in perfect harmony.”
7. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 1 0
Healing blame and guilt
One of the greatest and most compassionate gifts we can
offer ourselves is to cease fault-finding or harshly judging and
condemning ourselves (and other people for that matter).
The greatest healing we can experience comes with the act of
forgiveness because when we carry blame, guilt or shame we
hurt. If we blame others and pile guilt onto them, we are only
hurting them, which in return hurts us more. Forgiveness
will be a key theme in the following two steps on our journey
together with the Archangels, as we move towards love and
living more in line with a whole and loving purpose.
Practic e 1, pa rt II
Healing self-blame and judgement with Raphael
In the second part of this guided meditation, you call on
Raphael to help you heal any harmful emotions that are
due to a painful relationship. It can be any relationship, not
necessarily with a lover. You need to be ready to do this, as it is
a very powerful sacred ritual, so if it feels too challenging you
may decide to return to it at a later date.
Remember that at this stage you can also draw on earlier
light energy from the other Archangels you have already
worked with at previous steps. You are gathering tools for use
along your journey and they can all be used to add power to any
exercise. (This exercise will heal on many levels but if you have
been the victim of severe mental or physical abuse, I encourage
you to seek professional therapy or counselling as well.)
1. Begin by breathing slowly and consciously, taking the
breath down into your abdomen and releasing away any
tension with every exhalation.
1 1 1
B e c o m e w h o l e
2. Call Archangel Raphael three times and ask that his
powerful green light surrounds you for this exercise.
3. Picture the person or partner (with whom you have the
issue) as happy and well.
4. Now picture in your mind’s eye a whole circle of angels
surrounding that person. With Archangel Raphael by your
side, you enter the circle and stand facing the person.
5. In this safe and sacred space, imagine looking into their
eyes and say: “I truly forgive you for any pain you have
caused me, whether intentionally or unintentionally… I
ask you to forgive me too for any pain I might have also
caused you, whether intentionally or unintentionally.”
6. Open yourself to feel the love of all the angels in the circle
as both of you receive a healing blessing from Archangel
7. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
There are three elements to compassion: love, kindness and
patience. It is often easy to be loving, kind and patient with
someone else but much more difficult to apply these qualities
to ourselves.
Angels work only at the level of absolute pure love and the
Light and energy of Archangel Raphael promotes deep healing
with compassion by reminding us how unique, beautiful and
loved all of us really are.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 1 2
Practic e 1, pa rt III
Stepping into Compassion
In the final part of this practice, Archangel Raphael encourages
you to step into the energy of compassion for yourself, and
share that feeling with others, even those who have hurt you.
1. Begin by breathing slowly and consciously, taking the
breath down into your abdomen and releasing away any
tension with every exhalation.
2. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you can see
a tiny ball of light forming behind your eyes. Watch as it
grows, becoming brighter and brighter, reminding you
that this is the light of your own higher consciousness,
your soul, your Divine Light. Give this ball of light your
love and admiration, just as you would any other thing of
great beauty and value.
3. Now imagine the other person that has hurt you in some
way, with a similar beautiful light shining from within.
4. Say in your head, or out loud if you prefer: “The Divine
Light within me acknowledges and loves the Divine Light
within you.” By moving the focus to each other’s Divine
Light, you can have compassion for yourself and your partner
without reintroducing negativity into the situation.
5. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
6. Give yourself a hug!
1 1 3
B e c o m e w h o l e
Healing your mind: energy follows thought
You may already be aware of the work of Deepak Chopra,
Louise Hay, William Bloom, Caroline Myss, Dr Wayne Dyer,
Sandy Stevenson and other spiritual writers who have
penned their ideas of self-healing through awareness and
a heightened understanding of how the power of thoughts
and emotions affect the body. There are two fundamental
1. Your body is a mirror of your life.
2. You are an energy being.
I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to become
fully aware that everything you think and feel creates who
you are physically – every line etched on your face, every
ache and pain. Energy follows thought, thought creates
words and action, therefore everything that happens in your
life, and within your body, starts within your consciousness
and reflects your personal energy. This is not just who you
are and how you are seen by others, it is how you experience
your “being”. Your experience of “being” is energy that isn’t
just in your brain but in every cell of your body, and held in
the light surrounding your body: your auric field. How you
communicate with your body through your consciousness
affects every organ and every tissue.
We know that stress affects our health, as study after study
names it as a contributing factor in many serious diseases,
including heart disease, type-2 diabetes and cancer.1 We can
see it most clearly demonstrated in post-traumatic stress
disorder (PTSD).2 But throughout childhood, adolescence
and adulthood, as you decide what to believe, what to accept
or reject, some decisions leave you with residual stress, while
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 1 4
stress and burnout due to overwork or overwhelm are now
as a much a norm in our society as the common cold.
The way you cope with stress, your mental attitude and
how your consciousness is communicated throughout the
body will, needless to say, affect you in the moment, but also
have a lasting effect on your future health and wellbeing.
How we each deal with emotional stress depends on the
understanding that:
Energy follows thought.
Energy can be felt.
Energy can be changed before it affects the physical body.
We create our reality.
These statements might seem overly simplistic. Nevertheless,
knowing something and taking action to change it are often
two different things. For a long time we have known that stress
is carried and held in the body. Science proves this.3 Just as
certain areas of the body carry memories in the cells, such as
heartache and grief in the chest and lungs, anger in the solar
plexus (liver and gallbladder), and bitterness and resentment
in the joints, we also know that reducing stress heals the body.
You may already have an understanding how energy life
force flows through the body. Perhaps you have experienced
the effect of Chinese acupuncture on the meridian energy lines
throughout the body or are familiar with the Indian chakra
system. In traditional Chinese medicine, the flow of energy
is called “chi”; in Indian: “prana”. These ancient systems were
brought to us from the Eastern philosophies at the turn of
the 20th century but have become better known in the last
20–30 years with the rise in popularity of yoga, Reiki, tai chi,
meditation and mindfulness.
1 1 5
B e c o m e w h o l e
This is one way of understanding how the energy circulates
through the body and governs important physical, emotional
and mental wellbeing. I have already mentioned these vital
energy centres, called chakras, (see Tools for Your Journey,
page 27), but let’s go into them in more depth with a view of
understanding how they can help us heal stress.
Chakras: portals to healing
Each of the chakras is a cone-shaped vortex of spinning
energy from the front and back of the body. Each spins at
a different speed, holds a different vibrational frequency,
and relates not only to the area of the body in which it is
situated, but the various ages of development and sacred
passages through life.
The chakras are not limited to those described earlier in
the book (see Tools for Your Journey, page 27). We also have
chakra points at the tips of our fingers, along the soles of our
feet, and several others reaching upwards above our crown. In
the Seven Steps, we mainly focus on the primary chakras but
by understanding the effect of all the chakras you’ll find a level
of empowerment and vitality that enables you to establish
a balanced life. Once you come to understand your energy
system, you will be able to identify any deficiencies you may
have, heal them and enjoy a more complete, fulfilling life.
Turn to the table in the Appendix and you’ll see that each
chakra is associated with the organs, limbs, muscles, etc.
within that particular area of the body, and how they can
affect your health if they are either blocked or low in energy.
You will also be able to work out where the emotional
blockages are situated in relation to the areas of discomfort
within your own body. The function of each chakra has
several emotional and behavioural characteristics, too. This
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 1 6
is probably most obvious when you look at the function
of the heart chakra, but knowing the others is more than
useful – especially if you are to understand how energy flows
throughout your whole body.
Practic e 2
Connecting more deeply to your body
Start by using Practice 1 in Step 1 (see page 35). Visualize
your entire body and illuminate all parts of it, starting from
your toes. Feel deeply for any discomfort. Ask yourself what
you think this might be telling you.
Then look at the table in the Appendix (see page 220).
Can you relate any of this information to any
problems you may have had in the past?
As you observe any tension in your body now, do
you recognise the development of that tension
through the years?
Now, having done the “body scanning” exercise above,
revisit the timeline that you created in Step 1 (see Practice 4,
page 48). This time – perhaps in a different colour – mark
your seven-year intervals with any illnesses or health
challenges you may have had in the relevant periods along
the timeline, right up to the present moment. Also mark at
the starting point anything you know of that affected your
mother during her pregnancy, or at your birth.
Reflect on your memories for each period of development
in seven-year cycles to see if you can find any cellular memory
pattern you may be carrying which is no longer appropriate
for you (and, indeed, may even be holding back your spiritual,
emotional and physical development).
1 1 7
B e c o m e w h o l e
Taking your time, reflect deeply on each question and be
totally honest with yourself. Again, please be kind to yourself.
There are no “right” or “wrong” answers. This is for you to
assess, without judgement, which (if any) areas of your energy
system require healing or some clearing of inappropriate
cellular memories.
Answer the following questions with one of these words,
whichever feels the most appropriate to you: always,
sometimes, seldom, never. You can add the answers here or in
your journal if you prefer.
1. Root chakra
1. Do you allow yourself to “stop and smell the roses”?
2. Do you take time to enjoy and connect with nature, in
parks, gardens, the countryside, by the sea?
3. Does it feel good to go barefoot (on the sand, carpet,
4. Are you happy in your work?
5. Is there structure in your life?
6. Would you describe yourself as a patient person?
7. If you feel you are running round in circles, getting
nowhere, are you able to stop, evaluate and change the
situation straight away?
8. If you have ever felt a “victim” of circumstance or other
people’s choices, were you able to remain positive and
2. Sacral chakra
1. Would you say that you enjoy life?
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 1 8
2. Do you enjoy regular physical exercise such as walking?
3. Do you make time to enjoy personal physical pampering
such as massage, and take plenty of breaks and holidays?
4. Is sex an important, pleasurable and fulfilling part of your
life (or has been when you were in a relationship)?
5. Do you eat consciously with foods that nourish and
sustain your health?
6. Are you able to say no to things and people who are not
good for you, even toxic?
7. Do you take responsibility for how happy you feel?
8. Do you recognize and acknowledge peace, love, kindness,
abundance and beauty in your life?
3. Solar plexus chakra
1. Do you feel free to choose in every situation?
2. Do you accept freedom of choice is essential to your
3. Are you willing to exert your own power if you feel
4. Are you confident in your ability to communicate your
5. Are you confident in your life skills?
6. Do you respect yourself for having done a good job so far,
honouring your achievements?
7. Do you honour your position within your family and
amongst your friends, shining your Light even when you
feel different?
8. Can you complete a task through to its conclusion?
1 1 9
B e c o m e w h o l e
4. Heart chakra
1. Do you experience joy in your life through people and
2. Do you create peace in your professional and home life?
3. Do you feel love for yourself?
4. Are you able to offer love to others unconditionally?
5. Are you able to forgive those who may have hurt you?
6. Are you able to apologize readily, and to forgive yourself?
7. Do you see those around you as equals?
8. Do you love sharing things you care about?
5. Throat chakra
1. Do you say what you really feel?
2. Are you able to stay silent when appropriate?
3. Are you open, clear and honest in your communication?
4. Can you be honest with yourself even when confronted or
5. Can you tell when someone is lying or deceiving you?
6. Are you dependable? Do you actually do what you say you
are going to do?
7. Do you tune into and listen to your body, mind and spirit
to find your truth?
8. Do you feel you have a strong willpower to make any
changes required?
6. Third Eye/Brow chakra
1. Can you trust what your intuition tells you about people
or places?
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 2 0
2. Can you use your intuition to sense what is best for you,
rather than the powerful influence of, say, psychics, gurus
or clairvoyants?
3. Can you tell the difference between knowledge and
4. Can you look back and acknowledge the wisdom you have
5. Can you discern manipulation and those who are on your
6. Can you visualize easily?
7. Do you notice when you are giving to others at the expense
of your own happiness, and change things?
8. Do you give yourself time for reading and enjoying
uplifting, inspirational books?
7. Crown chakra
1. Do you see the beauty in everything around you, creating
peace and love where possible?
2. Do you allow your own inner beauty to shine?
3. Are you able to open your awareness to a higher power?
4. Can you release any ideas of limitation and fulfil your
5. Do you put challenges and difficulties into a spiritual
6. Do you feel you are loved, cherished and valued by the
7. Do you connect with the wonder of life?
8. Do you regularly experience a sense of bliss?
1 2 1
B e c o m e w h o l e
Once you have answered the questions, give yourself points
depending on whether you answered always (4 points),
sometimes (3), seldom (2) or never (0).
Now add up the points for each section. You will see straight
away by its lower score which area you need to work harder
on. (This is a super exercise to do with a friend, then discuss
your scores.)
Strengthening the weaker chakras includes calling in
Archangel Raphael for healing and balance in the following
visualization (you can include each of the appropriate
Archangels for each chakra too if you wish). Strengthen them
by using the affirmations, and meditating on the colours of
the chakras (imagine yourself floating through a rainbow, for
example), but, most importantly, by valuing and honouring
yourself, being mindful of your self-talk and being aware of
sources of stress in your life.
Practic e 3
Self-healing with Raphael
Use the following guided meditation to step into Raphael’s
Light and bring healing to all parts of your life.
If you need to refresh your memory about using the
guided meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17), or,
if you prefer to listen to it as a meditation download, go to:
1. Get comfortable and, if you choose, spend a few minutes
breathing deeply before closing your eyes.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 2 2
2. Visualize yourself sitting comfortably, just as you are, and
begin to open the crown chakra, seeing in your mind’s
eye a wonderful bright beam of light connecting you with
the Source of all love and light. Imagine that your arms
are reaching up into the light and see the energy flowing
between yourself and the Divine. Bring the light down
into your body, through your head, and consciously allow
it to fill all your senses and your third eye, comfortably
and safely.
3. Now breathe the light in through your ears and your
nose, then breathe down through your throat, your neck,
along your shoulders, your arms and out through your
fingertips. As you breathe the light further down into
your chest, see it filling your heart and your lungs. Watch
the light flow down through your abdomen and pelvis,
your spinal chord, hips and down through each leg to the
tips of your toes.
4. Call upon Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Healing by
saying, “Archangel Raphael, may I step into the presence
of your Loving Light”, and setting your intention on your
Higher Self – lovingly and willingly accepting the Divine
love and healing. Asking the angels to over-light your
meditation, let them add their healing energy to your own.
5. Now take the light down into Mother Earth herself.
Anchor the light through the soles of your feet, through
the tips of your fingers and through your base chakra as
you sit. Say three times: “Every cell of my body works in
perfect harmony.” Allow yourself to breathe for a moment
with this feeling and imagine that, as you say this phrase,
you can experience every cell tuning into the other,
sending harmonious messages of love and acceptance
throughout your body.
1 2 3
B e c o m e w h o l e
6. Now visualize a pale green light swirling as a mist around
your feet and forming a beautiful ball of green light,
like a wonderful orb of energy that stands at your feet,
surrounding you with a sense of calm and balance, and
watch as it starts to move slowly upwards around and
through you.
7. Slowly, as you breathe the light upwards, sense the
presence of one of the Angels of Healing offering you a
gift. This is the first gift – a gift for your body. Accept it
with gratitude, whatever it may feel like, whatever it may
be. It could be a sensation, a word, an object or picture, a
fragrance, shape or colour. Whatever it is, it is personally
yours, for your body, your health. And it’s from the Angels
of Healing. Sense the gift – don’t try to analyse or find
meaning in it – but just hold on to it. Repeat again three
times: “Every cell in my body works in perfect harmony.”
8. Now watch as the ball of green healing energy rises up
slowly with each breath over and through your body.
Visualize it energizing and healing every organ, every
bone, sinew and blood cell, every nerve and gland. Release
any painful memories you are holding there into the green
ball of light.
9. When the ball of light reaches your heart area, notice that
it becomes a deeper emerald-green, and feel the intensity
of the love you are being offered, allowing your heart to
truly open, and ask that this Divine healing energy melt
and clear away any pain or tension that you have been
holding in this area of your body.
10. Trust that you are totally safe and deserve only pure
loving, healing energy in your heart, letting go of any
other feelings that no longer serve you. Repeat three
times: “Every cell in my body works in perfect harmony.”
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 2 4
11. As your heart opens and fills with emerald-green universal
energy, you may sense the presence of another angelic
being, even brighter than the last, with a spiritual gift,
specifically for your heart. See, hear or feel the gift and
accept it with love and gratitude to be observed more
closely later. Sit with this feeling for a few moments and
accept how truly loved and valued you really are.
12. Now watch as the green light ball continues to move
slowly through and around your body as it passes further
upwards around your arms and shoulders, neck and face
until it reaches the crown at the top of your head. Inviting
the light to heal and re-energize you, visualize the
green light blending with a bright white light beam that
connects you with the Divine Source. Repeat again three
times, “Every cell in my body works in perfect harmony.”
13. As you watch the lights blending and swirling together
in a harmonious pattern, gaining brightness and loving
energy, feel once again the presence of an angelic being
of healing light offering you a third gift, for your soul.
Sense the gift and sit for a moment of acceptance and
loving gratitude, trusting that whatever you require for
your healing and growth has been given to you, without
14. Thank the Divine and the angels from your heart, and as
you watch it the green light is absorbed into the bright
white light. See the beam as it narrows to a thread,
connecting you always with the Source of all light and
pure love.
15. Now breathe yourself back into your surroundings. Slowly
grounding your energy back through your feet and hands,
perhaps squeezing your fingers, or touching your face.
And when you are ready, very slowly, open your eyes.
1 2 5
B e c o m e w h o l e
16. You might like to draw the symbols you have been given, or
make a note of your gifts, and reflect on your emotions and
feelings on completion of this meditation. Time taken now
in processing your thoughts and recording them in your
journal will be a valuable measure of your spiritual growth
and development when you look back at a later date.
Working with the angels for holistic healing
Once you have become aware of the issues you need to work
on, and have brought back some of the balance between
body, mind, heart and soul through healing your body using
the chakras, you can call on Raphael as a channel for Divine
healing energy to help you heal others too.
You can do this on a personal or planetary level. Some of you
probably already use daily prayer or send “distant” healing for
the planet and for other people as well as healing for yourself.
Some people have a natural ability and deep desire to work
as healers. If you wish to be used as a channel for healing,
you may have already become a Reiki healer, or are working
with the Grace of the Holy Spirit as a spiritual healer. You may
feel that you have a natural ability to heal people with your
calm presence or some inner capacity and knowledge that you
don’t quite understand. I like to concentrate on calling in the
Divine Light of the Holy Spirit, Jesus and Raphael and send
out distant healing every Thursday. As this is Raphael’s day it
reminds me to keep the practice going.
It is believed by some that we are all capable of healing
ourselves as well as others. Jesus the Essene and Master
of Healing taught that whatever he could do, we could do
also in His name, as long as we have a pure heart. As with all
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 2 6
spiritual work, it is essential to study our intentions. With
the best intentions in the world, we often have a hidden
agenda, usually for what we believe to be the best for the one
we are trying to heal – especially if it is someone close to us
who is suffering. But we cannot impose our desired outcomes
onto anyone else, and we must trust that whatever happens
is part of their personal journey, and karma, and ask only for
the best possible outcome for their highest good. In some
cases we may take away their pain, ease their symptoms
and make them much better – even cured. But if they
haven’t dealt with the underlying emotional issues, then
unfortunately the health issue will most certainly return.
There are many things you can do to start working as a
“healer”. If you wish to invoke angelic healing energies by
inviting Archangel Raphael to use you as a channel of healing
energy, all you really need is a genuine desire to be of true
service. You can do this in one of several ways.
1. Be of service to the community
You might like to offer yourself in service to the whole of
humanity, or the planet itself. You can link with like-minded
friends to send out prayers at a certain time of the day. This
has enormously beneficial effects.
The news agency Reuters held an investigation in which
it noted a substantial reduction in crime in Los Angeles
following a sustained group prayer instigated by the mayor.
The power of prayer has been seen to make a great difference
to the peace and calm of many towns, and for this reason,
as well as spiritual communion, many churches, groups and
organizations have linked together in this way.
There are also many spiritually orientated groups that you
may like to join on the internet. You have probably already
1 2 7
B e c o m e w h o l e
seen that the author, songwriter and acclaimed “prayertroubadour”
James Twyman, for example, holds worldwide
online prayer groups of thousands of people, which raise
awareness for peace projects around the globe.
Another of these is an international organization called
Triangles, part of the Arcane School with a charity called
World Goodwill, which is based in London and New York.
They invite people to get together in “threes” once a day to
say a short prayer called the “Great Invocation”. The triangle
and number of people in each group holds the intention, the
energy and the mystical power of three, which intensifies and
magnifies the power of the words of the prayer.
2. Absent healing
You might like to call upon the angels to be present with you
as you send absent healing to those you know who are sick or
troubled. This works particularly well if you prearrange with
the recipient when you will give and they will receive.
After completing a “Healing with Angels” course I once sent
healing at a prearranged time every day to a friend in his sixties
who had broken his arm. He had been told it might take several
weeks to heal. But, after only three weeks of receiving the
healing energy, the doctors were astounded at how quickly his
arm was healing when he went for a check-up.
3. Hands-on healing
When you are present with a person whom you feel needs
healing energy, you can ask if you can place your hands on
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 2 8
their head or shoulders or wherever they are feeling pain.
Then simply open your heart to receive the loving, healing
energies of the angels, asking that they use you as a channel
to pour out healing wherever it is most needed. Always thank
the angels at the end of the session and, as I suggest below,
you’ll need to learn how to intentionally “close” and protect
your own energies so that you are not left depleted.
Giving healing
Even though many churches offer “hands-on”
healing as part of their service from members of the
congregation, and you can certainly give genuine and
effective healing to your friends and loved ones, if you
are going to do this regularly, or indeed for financial
reward, then you’ll need professional training. This
would include important teaching in all aspects of
healing work, such as the flow of energy between you
and the sick person, self-protection and the current
requirements of insurance, etc.
Natural deep healing
Perhaps not surprisingly, the element associated with Raphael
is water – the source of all life and the element that holds
our heartfelt emotions. Water feeds us, soothes us, heals us,
bathes us, quenches our thirst, keeps our bodies in working
order and without it we cannot survive. And whether it’s a
calm lake or the raw energy of the ocean, we tend to be drawn
to it. I imagine that, like me, you let out a sigh of relief when
walking on a beach or along a canal bank. I find it serves as a
reminder of the healing that is intrinsic in all of nature.
1 2 9
B e c o m e w h o l e
If you spend time gazing in wonder at the bright stars or
the enigmatic beauty of a new moon, you are engaging in a
spiritual practice because you are tuning into the cosmos.
If the amazing cloudscapes catch your eye with shapes that
seem to bring messages from the angels, you are engaging in
a spiritual practice.
These connections with the natural world balance our
energy, bring us back to our centre and are deeply healing.
There are no specifically religious connotations, yet it is in these
moments that we can find a sacred connection with creation,
which might be described as a deeply spiritual experience.
Every cell in our body is created from the same chemical
components as those that make up the Earth herself. So when
we feel that connection, it is like our mother nourishing us. So
remember to stop and give thanks to the angels and elements
for the emotional energy flowing between the power of water
and our soul!
Practic e 4
Water healing
There is something energizing about finding the source of
a bubbling stream; something soothing about sitting by
a flowing river; something exciting about witnessing the
power of the crashing ocean waves. Sometimes we need to go
outdoors and find some peace and here’s a lovely exercise for
working with water to cleanse, heal and soothe your body.
1. Sit comfortably, with your back straight and feet firmly
on the floor. Breathe into your inner sacred space and
imagine your feet sending roots down into the earth.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 3 0
2. Relax as you breathe down into your hara and imagine
yourself becoming transparent. You are a beautiful,
crystal-clear version of yourself, a “you-shaped” vase.
3. As you breathe, visualize drawing cool, clear, pure water
up through the roots in the soles of your feet. Feel it
cleansing, purifying and healing as it fills your legs and
slowly rises up your body. Allow the water to slowly fill
your cells, replacing all negativity it may find there.
4. As the water flows through you it might slow down or
change colour in some way. Try not to analyse why it is
getting stuck, simply send your love to that part of your
5. Take your time. Once the water has reached your head
it may metaphorically burst through your crown and
create a beautiful, rainbow-coloured fountain showering
sparkles of crystal-clear healing water all around you and
through your aura.
6. When you are ready, take your focus back to your feet and
ground yourself. Take a few deep breaths and open your
You might like to journal how this exercise makes you feel.
1 3 1
B e c o m e w h o l e
Daily Prayer
Dear Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Healing,
Thank you for your presence in my life.
Surround me in your glorious healing Light so that I may
reflect your healing love to everyone I meet.
Please use me in service as a channel of Divine healing
energy. That I may be an agent of healing in some way, either
in my silent thoughts, words or deeds throughout each day,
being open to every opportunity, with everyone I meet.
I ask you to guide my actions in relation to others, always
seeking the positive in every situation, always intentionally
focusing on the highest good of every outcome.
Heal, strengthen and consecrate my heart that my very
nature may be loving, accepting and kind, united with all
beings, visible and invisible in the realms of love and light,
seeing joy in myself and others.
May my heart light brightly shine, so that I may give, and
receive, from the depths of my being in truth, goodness and
Thank you.

1 3 3
S t e p 5
learn to love
exploring the golden thread
with archangel chamuel
“When we are seeing through the eyes of love, there can be
no judgement, no criticism and no condemnation, we are
then living in the light.”
Dr Wayne Dyer
angel associations
Attributes: Love, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Kindness,
Gratitude, Self-love
Colour: Keeper of the Pink Flame
Crystals: Rose Quartz, Pink Rhodochrosite
Day of the week: Tuesday
Planetary association: Venus
Element: Water
Ashram: Above St Louis, Missouri, USA
As we make our journey onwards, raising our vibration,
lifting our spirits, we realize that the only true life-giving and
sustaining emotion is love; this is the Golden Thread that
connects us and the key to opening the next door.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 3 4
So far Gabriel has nudged us awake and helped us step onto,
or perhaps even stumble across, our true soul path. Jophiel
has illuminated all those light-bulb moments, revealing them
to be Divine inspiration, and has shown us with discernment,
wisdom and grace that our soul has a plan – all we need to do
is intuitively follow it. Archangel Michael has reminded us of
how important psychic protection is and we have called upon
his mighty sword to cut away anything that’s been holding us
back from living a purposeful life. And, finally, we’ve begun
the healing process by connecting to Archangel Raphael’s
beneficent Light.
Step 5 is about deepening your understanding of true,
universal, unconditional love and how to share lovingkindness
throughout the world in harmony with the angels.
Stepping into the beautiful rose-pink energy of Archangel
Chamuel, the practical exercises in this chapter show you
how to:
Love and respect yourself, strengthen your self-esteem,
gain confidence and honesty in relationships as well
as help you to think, speak and act lovingly in all
Become conscious of what love means to you.
Safely reflect on those aspects of yourself that you may
find difficult to love, without judgement.
Inject real love into your relationships, including close
family and friendships, and help you to attract a loving
relationship if you are seeking romance.
Use forgiveness techniques to practise self-love and
Send loving-kindness out into the larger community
and the Universe.
1 3 5
l e a r n t o lo v e
Defining love
Talking of love and learning how to enhance feelings of loving
energy does not mean being overly sentimental. Working
with angels to develop your ability to love without question
does not represent weakness. Nor does it mean you need
to adopt any sickly sweetness. Being more tolerant and
accepting of others, without trying to change them, means we
are developing spiritually; we are becoming more aware and in
control of our own reactions.
The angels are warriors of the Light; there is nothing weak
or “soft” about them! Real love is strong and supportive, it
is honest, authentic and means loving without the need to
control others, allowing those we love to be free. Real love is
nurturing without smothering; it is shining your Light and
being true to your soul.
Practic e 1
Stepping into Chamuel’s angelic love
This guided meditation will allow you to step into Chamuel’s
beautiful rose-coloured Light of love, which will help you
create and heal all forms of love in your life.
If you need to refresh your memory about using the
guided meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17), or,
if you prefer to listen to it as a meditation download, go to:
1. Get comfortable and, if you choose, spend a few minutes
breathing deeply before closing your eyes.
2. Starting with your feet, slowly scan your body so that
with each exhalation you relax each set of muscles.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 3 6
3. Begin by asking Archangel Chamuel and the Angels of
Love to come closer to you, perhaps by saying, “Archangel
Chamuel and the angels from the realm of pure Love, I ask
that you come closer to me, that I might step into your
Light. Thank you.”
4. As you breathe slowly, deeply and gracefully, down into
your lower abdomen, relax your body. Allow yourself to
settle into a calm and meditative state.
5. Start the connection by imagining yourself surrounded
by a beautiful pink light. Then, as you breathe, invite this
pink light into your body, allowing it to fill your lungs and
chest. Imagine your head, arms, body, lower abdomen,
pelvic organs, legs and feet are filling with the beautiful,
pure, pink, loving light with each breath.
6. Particularly notice if there are any areas of your body
where the light does not seem to flow easily. Any dark
or dense patches, or areas you find hard to visualize,
and lovingly ask that these areas of your body receive
the energy of the pink light of the angels. Concentrate
your loving energy towards these areas of your body,
thanking them for the hard work that they do and asking
them to intuitively let you know what damage or painful
memories they are holding. An answer may pop into your
head: go with it and breathe the pink light deeply into
that area. Allow the memory to be given to the Divine and
the angels, releasing it and letting it dissolve in the light.
(This may take practice if you are holding negative energy
in parts of your body that give you pain or make you feel
uncomfortable, perhaps because you do not like that part
of your body.)
7. Smile inwardly, being gentle with yourself. Literally “lighten
up” and allow yourself to let the pink light in. Imagine
1 3 7
l e a r n t o lo v e
that the pink light is also coming through your skin and
you have a wonderful pink glow that is simultaneously
surrounding you and coming through you. Imagine that
your bloodstream, your muscles and sinews, your bones,
brain – every tissue and every cell – is now being bathed in
the loving pink light of the angels.
8. Now ask out loud that Archangel Chamuel and the Angels
of Love help you to dissolve any feelings of low self-esteem,
self-condemnation, selfishness and self-dislike. (Speaking
it out loud has more effect because you are hearing your
words yourself as well as sensing the thoughts in your
head and it acts as a positive affirmation to your body.)
9. Ask them to help you reframe your self-belief patterns
as you develop ways to create feelings of compassion,
forgiveness, mercy, tolerance and gratitude instead. This
is aimed towards your personal self, your physical body,
your mind, spirit and soul.
10. Visualize the pink glow embracing you, filling you up
and surrounding you, reaching out to either side of you.
Once you feel it for yourself, you can choose to allow the
same feelings to flow through you and then outwards to
everyone that you meet.
11. If there is any part of you that still feels unsure or
incapable of loving your true beautiful soul-self – or if
you are still holding on to harmful addictive behaviours
or aspects of your personality that create barriers
between you and your loved ones – allow yourself to
recognize it and own it. Just as we all like to celebrate
our best, we each have a dark side too. The shadows of
traits we would rather hide away, all our other shady
bits of the past and rougher characteristics within
our personality are ours as well. We must embrace the
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 3 8
shadows as well as the Light within our self because it
is who we are (“warts and all”, as the saying goes). Then,
by taking full responsibility without blame or harsh selfjudgement,
we can make a choice to change. Don’t fight
any feelings that come bubbling up. Spiritual growth
can be tough medicine sometimes. Even those who have
been putting spirituality into their lives for decades still
need help with it from time to time.
12. You might like to say a prayer to the Angels of Love under
the guidance of Archangel Chamuel to bring about the
changes you need – something like: “Archangel Chamuel
and the Angels of Love, I send my prayer from my heart,
in pure love. I ask that all negative thoughts or behaviours
that are self-negating or unloving be released now. Please
fill me with your love that I may reflect your Light to
everyone around me, with no conditions. May your
blessing of love flow freely now. Thank you.”
13. Now repeat the following fiat three times: “In the name
of the Divine, I AM that I AM, in the name of Archangel
Chamuel and the Angels of Love… Be gone forces of Anti-
Love!” (You can also use this whenever you feel a dip in
14. Set your intention to receive. As you ask with true
honesty and with an open heart, believe and trust that it
is already happening now. At the same time, ask Chamuel
to help you to attract loving, mutually beneficial and
supportive relationships into your life for the greatest
good of the highest purpose. Affirmations are great for
supporting this kind of request because as you use the
affirmation more regularly you hear it yourself and, as
we already know, energy follows thought. Your powerful
thoughts tap into the universal mind and, hey presto,
1 3 9
l e a r n t o lo v e
just like magic, it starts to happen – as long as the energy
is pure and you are willing to believe. Use whichever
affirmation speaks you more strongly: “I am ready to love
myself and others fully with a pure heart” or “I am open to
attract mutually loving and beneficial relationships into my
life now.”
15. Sit with that thought for as long as you are able to. Envisage
loving energy passing between you and all your friends
and family members. Envisage all discussions having
a friendly and mutually beneficial outcome. Envisage
people smiling at you and welcoming you wherever you
go. See yourself free from any addictive patterns, and see
the glow from your heart becoming stronger and stronger.
16. This light in your heart is with you always. Whenever your
self-esteem is low, or you are tempted to be too harsh on
yourself or others, reconnect to this beautiful pink light
in your heart and fill your energy with it, calling again on
the assistance of the angels of Chamuel.
17. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to
be back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your
own space, your own room, breathing normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
I remember an elderly aunt once telling me that you shouldn’t
use the word “love” unless you mean it. Her staunch Methodist
and Victorian values clearly restricted her verbal expression
of love, even though she was one of the kindest women I ever
knew. Has the “L” word become overused and misunderstood?
I prefer to think that it is a really good idea to put the energy
of the word out into the ether as often as possible. After all,
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 4 0
we know that energy follows thought, so perhaps the more
we say it the more loving we may actually become. The more
Light we shine, the brighter it gets!
Wherever we look – in books and movies, on TV and social
media feeds, throughout religious and spiritual writings
– we’re told that love is all there is. And it is the most
important part of life. We are asked to love one another, to
love ourselves and to be unconditional about it – but it’s so
hard to get right, isn’t it?
A child will learn love by feeling it first from their mother,
then by watching the relationship between their parents,
siblings and family. A young adult modifies and develops
that deep-rooted learning by experimenting quite naturally
throughout the teenage years in friendships and youthful
romances. We all feel a need to be loved. Yet, if we have been
betrayed, abandoned or abused then love can be a negative
experience and we might learn ways of manipulating this
natural and human need. But even neediness, self-centredness,
attention-seeking, control, loneliness and dependency are all
still expressions of love. It’s also true that the most vulnerable
and in need of love are also at the highest risk of being
exploited. There are so many aspects and definitions of love
that it can sometimes make us wonder whether we’re talking
about the same emotion. Let’s take a closer look.
What does love really mean to you? Are you in love with
someone special right now? If so would that be true love,
possessive love, lustful love, erotic love or real love? Or are you
waiting and hoping for that person to come into your life? If
you have just come through a bereavement or divorce, you
may be thinking you might never find true love again. In
which case, the loss of love you are grieving may fill you with a
need for supportive, nurturing love.
1 4 1
l e a r n t o lo v e
Do you have family you adore, friends and colleagues you
would do anything for? So what kind of love is this? Is this
a kind of protective, loyal, brother/sisterly, mother/fatherly
kind of family love?
Do you actually feel loved, cherished and valued? But
then, I wonder, does this sense of self-love need acceptance,
acknowledgement, approval, admiration and gratitude from
other people?
Maybe you can answer yes to some of the above questions.
Perhaps none of them resonate. In any case, you may be
wondering, is love really so important?
Well, actually, yes it is. Science has proven that we need
love to survive as healthy human beings. Brain scans show
that the brain volume of a child can be shaped by experience
and a child that has been severely neglected, physically as well
as emotionally, can have a dramatically reduced brain size.
Children’s brains actually grow when they are cuddled, loved
and nurtured. What’s more, the studies into epigenetics have
shown that how much nurture we receive as children can not
only affect us but also be passed down via our genes to our
offspring and their offspring.1
And, if we need any more reason to turn towards love, then
recent research at Harvard University indicates that adults
in loving relationships are healthier, while adopting a more
loving and compassionate lifestyle can have beneficial effects
on long-term health.2–4 In other words, we remain well when
we are in a loving, mutually supportive relationship with
another. (Even if that “other” is a pet.)
Any way that you can put “Love into Action” means you are
creating a more heavenly world.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 4 2
Whether we accept or reject love depends on the nurture we
received as a child and our subsequent experiences of love.
But when our aim is to love unconditionally then it means
upping our game – not just giving and receiving love – but
engaging with a multidimensional emotion, including even
those whom we intensely dislike or who are unkind, or
even abusive.
Practic e 2
Defining Love
Consider the following questions about love and reflect on
how you feel and how your body responds to each. This isn’t
a quiz; there are no points for right or wrong answers. And
it’s not an exercise in self-judgement, simply a method of selfreflection
to help you become conscious of what love is to you.
Bring something or someone to mind as an example of how
you would respond in any of the following situations, and
answer the following questions by looking deeply into your
heart and answering honestly:
1. How easy is it for you to actually love someone when you
dislike their way of life?
2. How hard is it for you to love someone when their
behaviour embarrasses or humiliates you?
3. Are you able to express criticism in a loving way?
4. When you are angry do you ever resort to attacking the
personality of your offender, maybe through namecalling,
rather than dealing with the situation?
5. Would you say truthfully that you are able to remain
dignified when someone you love disappoints you? Or do
you add drama, shout, cry or make demands?
1 4 3
l e a r n t o lo v e
6. If “being loved is being loving”, how easy is it to love those
people around you who press your buttons?
Learning to love unconditionally
It might seem that unconditional love is too difficult. But,
learning to love with Chamuel as your guide – no matter how
you might have been hurt in the past – it is possible to heal
your heart and love openly and unconditionally. So let’s start
by exploring the different dimensions of love.
Practic e 3
Meditating on the “Dimensions of Love”
The following practice can help you to connect and explore
your feelings about love, whether it’s something that comes
naturally to you or feels as though it’s an enigma.
If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided
meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17).
1. Get comfortable and, if you choose, spend a few minutes
breathing deeply in the light of your candle before closing
your eyes.
2. When you are fully relaxed, imagine walking into a
building, such as an office block. Start by finding a
staircase, or stepping into an elevator, and go up to the
fourth floor. Here you arrive at a long corridor of identical
doors. Each of the doors has a different sign on it, and you
notice that they represent different emotions: jealousy,
fear, envy, humour, sadness and joy. Walk along the
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 4 4
corridor and, observing the door names as you pass, stop
at the door that displays the sign “LOVE”.
3. Spend some time vividly imagining the door – its handle,
its colour and its inscription. Behind this door there
are many different representations of love – a whole
universe of love – including all sorts of people, beings,
objects, memories, situations, states of emotion and
4. Now open the door and let the first spontaneous
impressions come up without deciding beforehand what
they should be. They may appear in any form, perhaps as
an image, a word, a physical sensation, a sound, a smell…
and so on.
5. Gradually get accustomed to the universe behind that
door. Explore it. Whatever you find, whether pleasant or
unpleasant, try these two objectives. First, look clearly
and without judgement at whatever you see; don’t rush
away, but take some time with any image that appears.
Give the image the opportunity to reveal itself fully to you.
Second, realize that each image (whatever it may be) is
only one among the vast number of unquantifiable images
and manifestations that can be connected with love. Tell
yourself: “This is also an aspect of the vast universal love,”
then move on to the next image, or thought, until you are
ready to leave.
6. Come away and close the door. Return to the lift or stairs
and come back down to the ground floor. Bring the images
to mind that you have found and write them down. You
might want to work out the significance, the meaning
(which may be symbolic) and connection to your life. It
might be helpful to draw what you have visualized if you
are feeling creative.
1 4 5
l e a r n t o lo v e
7. Say the following affirmation, out loud if possible: “I
increase my understanding of all aspects of love whenever
I connect to Divine loving Light. I am ready and willing to
accept all aspects of love, without judgement.”
8. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to
be back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your
own space, your own room, breathing normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
If we accept that perhaps, under some circumstances,
we are not always the most loving person, it follows that
we can become more lovable when we are loving towards
ourselves. This doesn’t mean you have to suppress anger or
disappointment, and it absolutely doesn’t imply that you
should accept bad behaviour or abuse or stay in toxic situations
that harm your wellbeing. It simply means that there may be
a different, more loving way to deal with the situation, or with
other people; a way that reflects our Light in a more positive
way, without being subjected to any form of toxicity or abuse.
In that scenario, stepping away is often the kindest action for
all concerned.
If being kind is being loving then surely kindness is the
same vibration as love. Performing or being on the receiving
end of simple acts of kindness always makes you feel good.
It raises your self-esteem and gives you an inner glow that
opens the heart and increases your aura – filling it with high
vibrational energy. These don’t have to be grand gestures of
largesse, just whatever resonates with you. So, for example,
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 4 6
you might choose to buy a hot drink for a homeless person,
bake a cake for a neighbour or join a community project to
plant seeds or trees – the options are endless. And if you’ve
always been told that giving is it’s own reward but never fully
believed it, studies have shown that kindness not only begets
more kindness, but also reduces stress, increases wellbeing
and even longevity.5
Use the following affirmations to remind you of the power
of giving more love and kindness:
As I open my heart with kindness and love, the
more kindness and love i s returned to me.
When I share my loving energ y with others,
kindness and love f lows in abundance in return.
Love is the highest vibrational emotion you can feel. When
you are inspired to follow an inner spiritual calling, whether
from the angelic realms or your Higher Self, you are definitely
being called to serve the highest good. As you raise your
own vibration, your energy reflects out into the world and
your smallest acts, even a simple smile, bring love into other
people’s lives. Jesus, Buddha and all the other great spiritual
teachers emphasized the need for love, and they knew that
this vibration was universal – a cosmic energy of creation.
However, as I mentioned earlier in the chapter, low
self-esteem can prevent you from receiving and giving
unconditional love, and this is where you often need to
develop strategies for self-love.
1 4 7
l e a r n t o lo v e
Not everyone has low self-esteem, but self-love is not very
common, especially among very sensitive souls who have
perhaps given much of their power away to more dominant
people in their life, and then felt bad about not being able to
stand up for themselves. Stress and challenging life events,
such as illness and loss, can also damage self-esteem. Signs of
low self-esteem are wide-ranging and can lead to depression
and anxiety, as well as unhelpful addictions. In my work, I am
always saddened that it is so often a lack of self-esteem and
self-love that has such a deep effect on how we heal and how
we conduct our relationships.
You are a beautiful, unique human being, loved for your self,
created and fashioned with LOVE by the One creator… You
are a part of the Divine plan… Why would you not be loved?
The following three practices, when used regularly, can really
help you step into another bright light, one that radiates from
Loving thoughts
Regularly using affirmations of self-worth can help shift our
energy from feeling bad about ourselves to an attitude of selfcare.
So affirmations such as: “I love and respect myself ” or “I
am lovable and lovely, and only attract loving people into my life”
may seem strange at first, but the more you hear those words
the more you begin to engage with them. The affirmation
resonates at a cellular level and you start to believe it.
The energy of Chamuel is nothing less than sublime and
connecting with Chamuel’s Light in Practice 1 (see page 135)
will help you direct loving thoughts towards yourself.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 4 8
As the energy of those loving thoughts spreads through your
environment, it creates a happier life, which in turn increases
your wellbeing and self-esteem, and so you love more. You
know how it feels to spend time in the home of a happy family
and to take something lovely away when your leave? Imagine
the effect this feeling would have if it were inside you. You
would be able to send it out in waves to everyone around the
Now imagine what it would be like if every human being
expressed themselves in positive language and with kindness,
so that we felt at home wherever we were. Imagine if the Golden
Thread of Love was woven throughout education so there was
no bullying and all children were taught in an environment
of love rather than targets of achievement. If everyone in the
healthcare profession was valued, so that patients were treated
holistically. If politicians and governments always negotiated
for the highest possible outcome of everyone globally.
It all starts here: with self-love and by taking small steps
until you can run. Use the following affirmations to help
support you:
As I generously spread my Light with love I am
co-creating a peaceful world.
I am able to see only the best in ever yone I
meet, creating harmony in ever y situation.
Inner sight
The more you work with the angel energies the easier it
will become to visualize with your inner sight and intuitively
“feel” their energetic colours surrounding you.
1 4 9
l e a r n t o lo v e
I am love and Light and I send it forwards
into my day, surrounding ever yone I meet
with blessings.
I shared a forgiveness exercise in Step 4 (see Practice 1,
page 135) and we’ll delve deeper still into forgiveness in
Step 6 (when we’ll work with the transformational energies
of Zadkiel) because forgiveness is an ongoing process on our
journey into Light and vital in self-love.
Learning to work alongside loving angels and develop a
deeper connection with their energy by using the meditations,
prayers, visualizations, crystals and so on all adds to the
continuous weaving of the Golden Thread of Divine Love
within our world.
Our thoughts and actions don’t just affect us but also all
other sentient beings, nature and every part of life. Whether
we are awake to this or not, it is happening in every moment in
the way we project our thoughts as words and deeds. Just as a
simple example, think of a smile. When we smile at a stranger
(and whether or not they smile back), it has a positive effect.
They may well go on to recognize the friendly gesture and pass
it on to another person they meet. Why? Simply because that
smile has the power to change energy.
We co-create our entire reality because ultimately we
are all part of one world, one great cosmic Universe. It is a
given that as we grow up we learn to take responsibility for
our own decisions in life, but within the realms of spiritual
development we next learn to take the bigger step of
accepting that this is not just personal, but universal. Once
we acknowledge this, we are able to take more responsibility
for the part we play, in our immediate relationships,
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 5 0
at work, in the home and out into the greater environment:
our world.
This acceptance of the role we play in every life is
expressed in a beautiful spiritual practice from Hawaii.
Known as Ho‘oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono), it is a practice of
reconciliation and forgiveness from the ancient belief system
called Huna. Ho‘oponopono means “to make right”, specifically
with the ancestors and all people with whom you have
More recently the practice has been brought to light by
the US author Joe Vitale (who took part in the film called The
Secret). Vitale heard of a psychotherapist, Dr Len in Hawaii,
who cured a group of criminals in a psychiatric prison. He
found the story incredible and at first wondered if it was
just an urban myth. After deeper investigation, however,
he found the story to be true. He was amazed at the results
and started to put the same principles into practice – with
phenomenal results. Vitale made a practice of saying, “I’m
sorry, I love you” to himself in situations when someone
had done something to upset or annoy him, rather than
react or confront the other person. Soon he found situations
reversing, and disagreeable relationship issues reconciled.
Dr Len’s explanation is that there is no “out there”, only an
“inside you”, and that to heal the world you have to start
by loving it, and that truly begins… surprise, surprise… by
learning to love yourself.
Practic e 4
Practising Ho‘oponopono
Try this simple yet incredibly powerful forgiveness practice
for yourself.
1 5 1
l e a r n t o lo v e
1. Get comfortable and take a few moments to focus on
your breath before calling in the Archangel Chamuel to
surround you in angelic pink loving energy to strengthen
your own.
2. Light a candle, perhaps hold a piece of rose quartz crystal,
and say these phrases with a particular issue in mind: “I
am sorry. Forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”
3. Keep a journal of the outcome. You’ll be astonished at the
effect after practice.
I have used Ho‘oponopono with challenging people and
situations I have found extremely hurtful. Taking these active
steps and developing spiritual practices that include gratitude
and forgiveness always makes a difference. It enables us to
embody the spirit of our beautiful soul. It gives us the power
to take action, as Ghandi encouraged in his famous words: “Be
the change you want to see in the world.”
Stop comparing yourself and recognize your
Most of us at some point will stop and wonder what we have
done with our lives. It might make us feel small, not good
enough, not spiritual enough, or wish to be like someone else.
We may feel as if, while others have seemingly done great things
or gained success in their life, we have been wasting our time.
But if you analyse your timeline from Step 1 (see Practice 4,
page 48), you will see that you have plenty of achievements to
be proud of. This is not just an exercise in polishing the ego,
but an honest self-valuation. It is important for you to know
and accept that every single one of us has, in some way, made
a difference to another person’s life.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 5 2
Have you created something beautiful? Do you have
friends? Do you have a home you share with others? Have
you learned to swim, ride a bicycle, drive or cook? Have
you climbed a mountain, passed an exam, earned a degree,
learned to speak another language, given birth? Any of
these are achievements and I am certain that, once you
start to think about it, you’ll be able to create a whole list of
your own.
When I look back to my early nursing career in the 1970s,
we still rolled washed crêpe bandages for re-use. It was a
seemingly insignificant task, often given to the junior on the
ward, but if it wasn’t done, the senior trained nurses wouldn’t
be able to change the dressings following surgery. Remember:
every act carries its own significance; every little job done
with love makes a difference to someone, even if it may seem
trivial to you.
Practic e 5
Developing unconditional self-love
Here is another guided meditation exercise to help raise
your self-esteem. It is so important that you feel good about
yourself without constantly seeking approval from others.
The angels love you unconditionally: can you honestly say that
you feel that way about yourself?
If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided
meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17).
1 5 3
l e a r n t o lo v e
1. Get comfortable and begin by breathing slowly and deeply.
Breathe down into your lower abdomen and hold your
breath for a couple of seconds, then release the breath and
let go of all the tension in your body.
2. Imagine a bright light swirling into the room like a mist,
and choose a favourite colour as the light gets brighter,
surrounding you with its beautiful energy.
3. Breathe the light into your body with each breath.
Imagine it filling every cell until it begins to seep through
the pores of your skin. Feel the light shining within you
and around you.
4. Notice the colour of the light change to a soft pink colour
as it starts to move in a circular swirling movement
around your legs. Say to yourself three times: “I am safe,
and I trust my connection with the Divine Light.”
5. As the light swirls around your lower abdomen, feel and
engage with the energy of this beautiful positive light and
say to yourself three times: “I let go of all past negative
experiences that no longer serve me. I release all negative
thoughts about my self into the light.”
6. As the light swirls upwards around your middle (solar
plexus), say to yourself: “I have clear boundaries, I respect
my freedom to be, feel and express my own truth.”
7. Imagine the light now flowing around your heart. At this
point your guardian angel comes closer to you and as he/
she blesses you, open your heart, allowing the love to flow
between you and your angel. Say to yourself three times:
“I am loved unconditionally, I do not have to do or be
anything other than I am now to be loved.”
8. The light now moves upwards and swirls around your neck
and head, clearing all negative thoughts and leaving only
positive energy with you as it permeates through you.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 5 4
9. Thank the angel, and your self, for taking part as you
visualize the light fading and now leaving the room.
10. Breathe slowly and, as you release the out breath, bring
your energy back into your personal space, knowing you
are truly loved and cherished.
Love in every part of life
A loving relationship with someone special, who returns
our love, is fulfilling and nourishing, but shouldn’t all our
relationships be like that? Putting love, consideration and
acceptance without judgement into all our dealings with others
brings a more comfortable and harmonious relationship with
So many people have written to me over the years about
their troubles in love. If I do card readings at festivals, people
come along wanting to be told they will find their perfect love
soon. Yet all the spiritual teachers advise us that in order to
find real love we must first learn to know and love our self.
There are three names for love: “philia” is the love we
feel for our friends and family, “eros” is the love we feel
for our partners, while “agape” is the kind of love we call
unconditional, or universal. This is the love we feel for the
As well as learning to love and accept who we are, we must
also discover forgiveness (as I described earlier) to find out
what love really is. Learning to love unconditionally, and
to accept other people in our life without trying to change
them, is one of life’s greatest lessons. The other is learning
to love and accept ourselves and bringing self-love into our
daily practice.
1 5 5
l e a r n t o lo v e
I remember one of my students, a junior schoolteacher from
Australia, remarking that she found it heart-breaking that so
many children at the London school where she was teaching
described themselves – at the age of eight – as “stupid”. They
had no self-belief. When she introduced topics that were a little
stretching, the first reaction of a high proportion of children in
the class was, “Miss, I can’t do that.” So she began to introduce
mirrors into the classroom. Every time a child in her class
achieved something, whether it was in a lesson or an interaction
with another child, she would instruct them to hold a mirror up
to their face and to say to their own reflection: “I’m really proud
of you, you did really well today.”
Life can take its toll. We know that how kind or difficult
our life has been to us shows in our demeanour, posture
and the lines on our face. We have also learned from Step 4
that healing is reflected in the state of our body, mind and
spirit. What we need to do now, having decided to change our
self-depreciating behaviour patterns, is to learn to love and
appreciate ourselves just as we are now – without blame or
harsh self-judgement. After all, we are still just as beautiful,
fabulous, gifted and loved in the eyes of the Divine and the
angels. Whatever we feel we have done, however we may have
met life’s challenges, our soul light is still seen by the angels as
a pure, shining light.
Depression and low self-esteem dim our Light. When we
are sick or in danger, this same inner light sends out sparks
like lightning forks. It’s this disjointed and disharmonious
energy that is picked up by the angels, whose powerful
loving, healing and protective energy rushes in to help by
surrounding our own, to give support. They do this because of
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 5 6
love. Love is the vibration of the angelic realms, and whether
we truly understand it or not, there is no price attached to it
– no hidden agenda.
I once heard an American speaker demonstrate this by taking
a $50 bill out of his pocket. “Who would like this beautiful
crisp new $50?” he asked the audience. Silence prevailed as
clearly everyone thought it was a trick question. Then several
hands shot into the air. He then squashed and screwed up the
note between his hands. Straightening it out, he asked the
same question again. There was a pause, but slowly hands were
raised, one by one. They could clearly see it was the same $50,
just now a bit crumpled. Then the speaker dropped the note
onto the floor and trod on it as if putting out a cigarette butt.
Then, picking it up and lifting it in the air, he asked: “Now who
wants it?” Cautiously one or two hands were raised. The same
happened after he had rolled the note between his fingers,
tearing it slightly across the corner.
“Do you get my point?” the speaker asked. “The note was
pristine, shiny and new not long ago. It has become creased and
wrinkled, downtrodden, crushed and torn… spoiled perhaps by
carelessness and rough treatment. Yet it is still the same $50,
with the same value as it had in the beginning.”
Life might seem to treat us roughly sometimes. We become
worn and creased by time, and some of us may indeed be
downtrodden, abused and feel as if we have lost part of who
we were originally. But are we not the same loveable, valuable,
bright and shiny soul that we were at birth? Often we give
away our power and allow circumstances or other people to
1 5 7
l e a r n t o lo v e
diminish our sense of self-worth, to lower our self-esteem.
We may have learned not to accept our loveliness; perhaps
we feel worthless. It is time to completely reverse that now.
We ARE loveable. We have great value (all of us) and we are
definitely loved!
Practic e 6
Discovering the real you
It’s easy to slip into the same old negative language to talk
to yourself, and this simple but fun exercise serves as a good
reminder of all your wonderful attributes.
Write out each letter of the alphabet and think of an
adjective for every letter to describe the real you. Remember:
only positive words and no false humility. Here are a few
suggestions to start you off:
Accepting, attractive, awake…
Benevolent, beautiful, brave…
Courageous, caring, calm…
Devoted, daring, dynamic…
Energetic, enthusiastic, engaging…
Faithful, generous, honest…
Intelligent, joyful… kind… likeable, and so on and so
Some letters are more difficult than others – I tried this and
have to admit I got stuck a couple of times! – but stretching
my vocabulary was a great achievement in itself.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 5 8
What would love say?
Let me remind you of the quote at the beginning of the
chapter: “When we see through the eyes of love, there can be
no judgement, no criticism and no condemnation, we are then
living in the light.” And as a last thought on this particular
step, I’d like to add something my father once said when I
was in a very difficult and challenging situation: “If ‘Love’ was
here, a living person talking to you about this difficult issue…
what do you think Love would say?”
Daily Prayer
Dear Archangel Chamuel,
May the universal and boundless grace of the Divine’s love
reflect off the angels and surround me.
May your affection enfold, support, nurture and inspire me.
May your strength be my strength.
May your Divine Light be my Divine Light.
May I serve as you serve.
May your Grace be my grace.
May your Love ever be my love.
Thank you.
1 5 9
S t e p 6
your personal metamorphosis
with archangel zadkiel
“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master
calls a butterfly.”
Richard Bach
angel associations
Attributes: Transformation, Joy, Freedom,
Refinement, Divine Intelligence, Consciousness,
Tolerance, Forgiveness
Colour: Keeper of the Violet Flame
Crystal: Amethyst
Planetary Influences: Pluto and Saturn
Day of the week: Saturday
Element: Fire
Ashram: Above Cuba
Each step we have taken so far has strengthened commitment,
challenged ideas and deepened the connection to our personal
spiritual impulse. We have picked up the Golden Thread
interwoven through each step and gathered Divine Light along
our journey. Now we are fully awake to the call of our soul’s
potential and ready to accept the angelic energies guiding us.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 6 0
As I described earlier in the book, the light we see around
us is a reflection of all the shades of the colour spectrum (see
Introduction, page 10). The human eye picks out seven clear
colours of the magnificent rainbow, for example when the sun
shines through a droplet of water or a crystal, even though
there are thousands of different shades within each arc.
Throughout the Seven Steps, we have been opening our
hearts and minds to the Archangels and the particular
qualities of their “flames of light”. We have been bringing
these spiritual qualities together and blending them with our
own energy. Now, if you are willing to use them – by adding
your unique gifts with integrity – then now is the time to
begin actively and consciously joining in. By building up your
confidence through spiritual practice, you can share this light
throughout the world in your daily life. The practical exercises
in this step will help you to:
Cleanse and purify your energetic connection and so
raise your energy vibration.
Create a “happy anchor” to transform negativity into
joy whenever you feel the need.
Let go of judgement and fear, embrace joy and a sense
of liberation.
Establish a mindfulness practice to increase your
awareness and consciousness.
Use the violet flame for forgiveness.
Begin a loving-kindness practice.
Discovering the transformational Light of Zadkiel
Archangel Zadkiel brings all the positive power of the Violet
Flame into our lives (see Tools for Your Journey, page 16).
This powerful light source can transform or transmute energy
1 6 1
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
from negative to positive. Zadkiel has the role of Keeper of
the Violet Flame, the energy of which we can call upon to help
us fully dissolve painful memories and support us in changing
negative thoughts, behaviour patterns and fears into positive
life-force energy.
If we acknowledge that most of us have personalities tinged
with some form of negativity towards some individuals –
such as thoughts or actions related to greed, jealousy or
judgement – we can also make the choice to let these feelings
be transmuted. In terms of our karmic experience, this means
that others are less likely to judge us and we’ll enjoy more
positive experiences. (Remember, what goes around comes
As you begin to work with the powerful influence of Zadkiel,
you may also see a clearer reason for being where you are: more
clues to your soul purpose, even if you can’t work out what
that is right now. Your lifestyle, including your job or career
– indeed, everything you have created for yourself – reflects
the calling of your soul, and the Ray or Flame associated with
your personal soul vibration. If you doubt that, then look at
it this way: if you have always had a strong drive to pursue
a certain career and are happy and fulfilled, then clearly it is
right for you. However, even if you feel you are in a situation
you dislike at the moment, perhaps because there are people
there who annoy you, there will most certainly be lessons or
challenges you have drawn into your life for a real reason.
For example, if you are resonating with the violet colour
and the attributes of the transformational energy of Zadkiel,
whether or not you are working in your ideal profession, you
will have an interest in issues of freedom (whether personal
or global) and aspects of culture, refinement and diplomacy.
Your current situation may be teaching you tolerance,
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 6 2
forgiveness and serving others within some kind of discipline.
Maybe the lesson is in having the confidence to follow your
inner calling (that spiritual impulse again) and be “liberated”
from something that doesn’t suit you. Have you thought
that perhaps your Light is needed in that place? Perhaps you
are an agent of change. For that is exactly the energy of this
particular powerful angelic being.
Once you feel ready to raise your vibration closer to the bright
true spiritual being you were born to be, you will definitely
feel drawn towards Zadkiel’s vibration at some point. He will
enfold you in the transformational energy of the Violet Flame
and transmute all your thoughts and actions into joy. When
this happens, your perception of the way things are begins to
change (slowly at first), and although you may well have your
faults, you are able to notice them as an “observer” rather
than as a strict parent or over-critical teacher. By building on
the work you’ve done so far in self-love and appreciation, by
letting go of any harsh self-judgements and taking a gentler
and more loving attitude towards yourself, you will be able – if
you choose – to make the change and fly, initiating your own
personal metamorphosis.
Light is the Divine intelligence in all things.
Practic e 1
Letting go of judgement with Zadkiel’s Violet Flame
This guided meditation will introduce you to Zadkiel’s Violet
Flame. It contains a rich and powerful process to help you let
go of judgement and fear and fill you with joy and liberation.
This practice can be cathartic for some; you may feel strong
1 6 3
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
emotions as you release any negative feelings that you might
have been holding on to for a very long time. You might even
become quite euphoric or find yourself releasing tears of joy.
Don’t worry either way, both reactions are quite normal.
If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided
meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17), or, if you
prefer to listen to it as a download, go to: www.AngelLight.
1. Get comfortable and, if you choose, spend a few minutes
breathing deeply before closing your eyes.
2. When you are ready, breathe into a slow and steady
rhythm, relaxing and allowing the tension to leave you
with every out breath. Feel each breath as it flows through
your nostrils, down behind your throat, into your lungs,
filling your chest and down into your lower abdomen.
Allow yourself to sink into the chair, or the floor –
wherever you are sitting. Breathing in and out, slowly and
deeply, take each breath mindfully down into the core of
your being.
3. Now say, either out loud or in your head, “Zadkiel, Zadkiel,
Zadkiel, may I step into your Light” as you visualize the
most beautiful, vivid violet light. See it surrounding you,
growing richer and deeper in colour and intensity, perhaps
mingling with other shades of purple and pink.
4. See the light swirling around you and imagine it as a
blazing brilliance that penetrates through you. Within
that intense light you begin to sense the presence of the
great Archangel Zadkiel.
5. Now imagine that you’re in the middle of a beautiful, rich
violet flame of energy that rises all around you. Fill your
heart with gratitude and know that you can safely let go
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 6 4
of all negativity into that purifying and transformational
energy of Zadkiel and the angels of the Violet Flame.
6. Bring to mind any situation or personal behaviour patterns
that you would like to change (as an observer, without
judgement), and ask now that the angels transmute
this negative thought into positive energy.
7. Affirm to yourself the desire to let go of these negative
feelings, understanding that they affect your vibration
and therefore hold back your spiritual development. Say,
“Archangel Zadkiel, I let go of all negative emotions and
I ask you to support me as you transmute them in this
Violet Flame.”
8. Bring to mind anything that you would like to see burnt
away, dissolved in the powerful purifying light. It might
be jealousy, impatience, greed, resentment, anger,
judgement or bitterness. It may be a memory that causes
a negative reaction in you, such as fear or sadness. Say to
yourself, “I let go of all feelings I have of [name it],” and
ask that it be purified and transformed now.
9. As you breathe rhythmically, say to yourself three times
(or in sets of three, as many times as you wish): “I let go.”
Visualize all the negativity being dissolved by the violet
light and imagine that it is being replaced by positive
energy and many loving blessings.
10. Accept that this is done and say thank you to Zadkiel and
his angels, affirming to yourself: “I AM freedom. I AM
joy. I recognize my true value. I welcome joy. I welcome
happiness and freedom. I AM freedom. I AM joy.”
11. Feel the joy and the happiness of freedom that comes with
positive loving energy and see it again swirling all around
you in the shades of purple.
1 6 5
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
12. As you continue to breathe slowly and rhythmically,
watch the violet light as it fades away. See it as a beautiful
penetrating light moving from your crown, down your
body, slowly subsiding until it seems to sink back into the
Earth. Know that it has changed you. Know that negative
thoughts have been purified and dissolved – transmuted
by the powerful energy of the Violet Flame.
13. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
This is a very powerful process. Once completed, please make
sure you feel fully grounded (by swinging your arms around,
jiggling your body or stomping your feet to get the circulation
flowing) and drink a glass of water.
Tuning into the vibrational qualities of the Violet Flame, you
may have found – either now or before reading this book –
that you are particularly drawn to one of the specific “flame”
colours and vibrational qualities. Violet, though sometimes
described as purple, is very often the first colour people
start to see when they learn to meditate. In spiritual terms
it is associated with the angelic realms, and as well as having
healing properties it is known as a regal colour. It can also be
found in some of the most readily available natural sources.
It is no coincidence that amethyst is one of the most popular
crystals. These gemstones have been highly valued since
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 6 6
Ancient Egyptian times, when they were engraved and worn
as jewellery. The Ancient Greeks believed that amethysts
had anti-intoxicating properties, while medieval European
soldiers wore amethyst amulets for protection in battle.
Beads of amethyst have been found in Anglo-Saxon graves
in England, too. The reason for this popularity being that
amethysts, then as now, were believed to heal people and
keep them cool-headed. I for one recommend using this
crystal in as many forms as you wish.
Bracelets made from pieces of amethyst are particularly
powerful because they sit on a pulse point at your wrist,
which takes their healing energy throughout your body. In
the same way, an amethyst necklace can add healing energy
to your heart chakra, and amethyst earrings to your third eye
and crown.
When you first take a large piece of amethyst in your hands
and observe it closely, you will see that it looks like a piece
of ordinary rock on the underside: greyish with an uneven,
rough surface. Turn it over, however, and on the inside
you’ll find it is filled with the most beautiful six-sided crystal
clusters of varying shades of purple. I often use a piece at my
workshops to demonstrate how we can hide our Light and our
inner beauty inside what appears to be a very ordinary surface
or exterior.
Selecting amethyst crystals
When you buy a piece of amethyst, hold it in your
hands and mentally tune into it; as a living energy
form it will connect with your vibration and you can
ask it to work with you.
1 6 7
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
Lavender oil, with its very distinctive scent, taken from a
flowering plant with the same purple colour, has similar
properties to amethyst, as it is also cooling and cleansing.
As one of the only oils that can be put on the skin without
first diluting with a carrier oil, it can be used in numerous
ways, including as a natural first aid for stress, headaches,
inflammation, bumps and bruises.
The sun’s rays
The sun is essential to life on Earth. These ultraviolet rays
were in very recent years believed to be harmful, but regular
exposure to sunshine has now been found to be essential
for our wellbeing. Not only for the production of vitamin
D, which protects against bone diseases, but also because
ultraviolet light raises serotonin levels in the brain1 – the
chemical that balances our mood and makes us feel happy.
Raising your vibration
As the Bearer of the Violet Flame, associated with a high
spiritual vibrational frequency, working with Zadkiel is very
attractive to those souls who desire self-realization in this
lifetime. Just like the ancient mystics, some of us can practise
“Divine Alchemy”: using “magic”, prayer and meditation to
raise our spiritual vibration.
We talk of vibration here in the spiritual sense, but, as I
explained in the Introduction (see page 5), our entire being
vibrates to a frequency of light and sound. You might have
noticed that phrases in our regular speech refer to this
energetic vibration. For example, we might refer to a certain
topic of conversation as being “heavy” and ask to move on to
“lighter” subjects, or we might tell our partner or colleagues
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 6 8
to “lighten up” when the conversation becomes a little too
“heavy-going”. In the same way, every aspect of our energy –
our personal vibration – can be sensed by others (more so if
they are sensitive), and it is this rate of vibration that we are
dealing with here.
In working to raise our vibration, our mind is not always
our friend. If we allow it to, it chatters to us like a monkey and
will take us way off track by filling our heads with a crowd of
unhelpful thoughts that tempt us to deviate from our purpose.
And it is our “what if” thoughts that can create heaviness,
because they invite fear. Fear makes us static; it paralyses us.
When we are too afraid to move away from a toxic situation, it
is our thoughts that can literally petrify us. Fear ties us down
and becomes a chain, restricting and suppressing us. Allowing
fear to get out of control can create mental illness as well as
physical disease in our body.
Violet Flame work is very valuable in the process of taming
our minds, and especially when used in conjunction with
powerful affirmations, known as “decrees”. You might like to
make up your own or use the following ones, suggested by the
New Age visionary and writer Elizabeth Clare Prophet:
“I AM the boundlessness of the Spirit of Light
I AM freedom from limitation
I AM awareness of the Violet Flame
I AM the living flame of Cosmic Freedom”
Stepping into consciousness
When we shine light on our lives and our selves through
personal-development work, as we have been doing in the
steps so far, it helps to reflect on our thought processes and
1 6 9
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
readjust our attitudes. Once we literally “lighten up”, we
become more spiritual and less material. We set ourselves
free to be who we really are. Our inner Light becomes visible
and we become healthier, happier and noticeably brighter.
We shine. What’s more, this brightness rubs off on everyone
around us. Our own behaviour patterns and the way we deal
with others gives our inner Light the opportunity to shine
even more brightly. Then, like the ripple effect of a pebble
thrown into a pond, the vibration carries into our everyday
life. We become a catalyst, an agent of change, just by sharing
light in the form of kindness with everyone we meet.
Practic e 2
Meditating on the “Violet Flame”
You have already experienced the Violet Flame, in part, in the
previous meditation with Archangel Zadkiel (see Practice 1,
page 162). The following exercise builds on it by focusing
intensely on the violet energy for cleansing, purifying and
re-energizing. Keep a pen and your journal nearby to record
any feelings, sensations, visions and emotions you have
during and after the meditation.
You can also listen again to the download of this exercise at
1. Sit quietly with your spine straight and feet on the floor.
Breathe deeply; slowly filling your lungs and your hara.
2. Before you is a beautiful circle of violet flame. Imagine
yourself stepping into it. Feel the energy of the flame
rising all around and through you, penetrating and
purifying every cell within you. Let the flame dissolve any
worries or fears with its beautiful healing light.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 7 0
3. Imagine that you can feel the violet flame as a warm
sensation on the soles of your feet. Visualize the purifying
bright colour violet rising through your legs and your
body like a soothing warmth.
4. As you breathe in, draw the Violet Flame energy of Zadkiel
through you and visualize it cleansing and purifying you
as it rises through your abdomen and into your chest.
Allow the flame to purify anything “un-loving” you are
holding onto in your heart. Release any old memories of
painful experiences, any feelings of self-doubt, any selfsabotaging
restrictions or barriers you have placed here.
Allow the flame to soften and melt away any old negativity
in the form of scars you may be holding there. Ask the
Violet Flame to cleanse and purify anything it finds that is
not pure and true.
5. Now see the flame rising to your neck, cleansing and
purifying your throat: your communication centre.
Ask Zadkiel’s Violet Flame to cleanse and purify any
communication with others that may be causing the
manifestation of arguments.
6. Ask that all you communicate from now on be pure,
truthful and positive expressions of love, always for the
highest possible good of all concerned.
7. Now allow the flame to flow down your arms and up
into your head at the same time. Here imagine the deep
violet flames cleansing, purifying and transmuting all
energy in your thoughts. At this point release any old
thought patterns you may be holding here that are not
8. Let go of all the energy you have given to other people’s
opinions and thoughts unnecessarily. Allow the violet
flame to purify your thought process to enable you to
1 7 1
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
immediately discern what is true, letting go of all negative
and harmful thoughts and retaining only the positive
from this moment on. Hold the violet flame here for a few
9. Now, as the etheric flames of energy rise around you,
changing every aspect of negativity within and without,
allow yourself to be filled with the joy of the angels.
10. Sense the violet flame all around you. Watch as it becomes
deeper and deeper in colour. Repeat any or all of the
decrees mentioned earlier. Say them in sets of three,
repeating them as much as you like.
11. With a sense of deep gratitude, allow the violet flame to
withdraw and, as it fades from your body, down through
the soles of your feet, give yourself permission to really
feel the difference.
12. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
Wherever you are – on a busy train, in a crowded shopping
centre, sitting in a traffic queue – you can transmute feelings
of negativity by simply imagining the Violet Flame around
you and totally releasing these negative thoughts into it for
Trust that the angelic realms can help you to do this and
know that they are delighted to be of assistance. Make a habit
of thanking your celestial friends for their help.
Their task is to protect, guide and assist your spiritual
growth. Any exercise that you are willing to do that moves you
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 7 2
towards spiritual maturity will be supported and celebrated
by the heavenly choirs.
To change or not to change: Cosmic Butterfly Soup
Having worked through the five previous steps and nearing
the end of what may have been a potentially challenging
journey in terms of your personal and spiritual wellbeing, it
is time to acknowledge that this really is all about your own
transformation. Even if you knew absolutely everything
already, by revisiting certain aspects and going deeper you
have reinforced change. The angels support your progress.
They are willing you to succeed, but they cannot do it for you.
They hold you in their light and patiently wait until you feel
the transformation taking place and take up the invitation
to “fly”. I love the following quotation so much; for me it
expresses the liberating sensation of overcoming our fear:
“Come to the edge,” he said.
“We can’t, we’re afraid!” they responded.
“Come to the edge,” he said.
“We can’t, we will fall!” they responded.
“Come to the edge,” he said.
And so they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.
Guillaume Apollinaire
We have, as human beings, the most magnificent and almost
incomprehensible design and structure. It is, in fact, so
complex that most of us cannot even begin to understand all
the science. We are designed to reach our full human potential,
to succeed and become the very best we can be: physically
1 7 3
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
(with discipline we can become athletes); mentally (with the
right education we have the capacity to be geniuses); and
spiritually (some of us do reach a heightened state of being).
But, even though we all possess a mind that reasons and
free will to make our own choices, not everyone will decide
to change. Yet that potential for change is in our genes, and
not just metaphorically. We can transform (if we want to); like
magic, metamorphosis can occur.
Look again at the opening quotation from Richard Bach
(see page 159). The symbolism of pure joy bursting out of the
restrictions of a tight chrysalis, being reborn with strengthened
wings and renewed freedom, is just like the feeling of liberation
we experience when we grow spiritually.
A brilliant quantum physicist called Dr Elizabet Sahtouris,
whose work has been closely documented by Deepak Chopra,
wrote about what happens within the life of a caterpillar to
show that, in fact, things that look unchangeable are often
capable of real transformation.
When a butterfly lays its eggs on a suitable leaf, they hatch
and become voracious caterpillars. All they do is eat, consuming
everything in their path. When they are completely full,
they finally stop eating and spin themselves into a chrysalis,
within which a remarkable shift occurs. Dormant cells – called
“imaginal” cells – within the body of the caterpillar become
active. The immune system sees these cells as external and
kills them, but they continue to reactivate. At some stage in
this process the caterpillar inside the chrysalis is no more: it
has become a liquid-like soup, nothing more than a mush of
nutrients. At this point of critical mass these imaginal cells
become the new genetic directors of the creature inside the
chrysalis and set about organizing everything into a new and
beautiful organism. The butterfly takes form, and gradually
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 7 4
breaks through the chrysalis – strengthening its wings as it
enters the world as a completely different creature.
There is one gene within the caterpillar that allows this
metamorphosis to take place, that makes it possible for it to
transform into a butterfly, and that same gene is found in only
one other place in only one species on the planet: the hearts
of human beings.
Can you take in the magnitude of this discovery? Can you
even begin to comprehend the human possibilities of change
available to us if such a wonderful and mind-boggling transformation
takes place within such a tiny beautiful creature?
Just like the caterpillar when it is eating ferociously, we are
consuming and digesting a wealth of knowledge and, as we
digest it, we gain clarity and wisdom. With guidance, support
and practice we are ready to emerge when we finally realize
that the “chains” holding us back were our own thoughts,
perceptions and illusions. We too are finally free to think and
to be whatever our soul desires. I learned about this shared
gene almost 20 years ago, just as I was making huge life
changes, and the significance of the message remains as true
to me today as it did then.
We read the books and do the exercises. We learn spiritual
practices such as mindfulness and meditation and we understand
how our thoughts affect everything in our world. We do
try, don’t we? We try very hard, and our desire and commitment
in working through this change has not gone unnoticed.
Even if we have got it completely wrong and there are no
angels, no higher beings or ascended masters, no high powers
of any kind guiding us and no universal energy supporting
us, we do know that there is a deeper, innermost mind, a
consciousness or Higher Self that yearns for development and
longs for change. This aspect of who we are tells us instinctively
1 7 5
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
when the time has come, and generally we cannot resist the
power of the inner nudging.
How many times do we expect our lives to improve, for our
luck to change with a new car, home, routine, partner, job,
dress size?
What we sometimes fail to understand is that knowing
something in an intellectual sense is completely different
from knowing it emotionally, feeling it physically in the cells
of our body. So it is the content and energy of our thoughts,
our beliefs and behaviour patterns that we need to change.
Only by clearing the negatives, changing the inner life, the
spiritual self, will the outer life begin to change. We know
this, yet it seems to be one of life’s greatest challenges.
So often it seems easier to live in blame and fear than in
acceptance and love.
So now for the million-dollar question: are you happy to
change that negative emotion of blame or fear? (Of course
you are… if not, why would you be reading this book?) We are
all in the process of change at some level because nothing ever
stays the same.
Blame + Negativity = Fear
Acceptance + Positivity = Love
It’s good to take stock and reflect on just how far you have
come along the journey, and to congratulate yourself for all
the time and effort you have put in.
Turning towards joy
The more flame work visualizations we practise, the more
relaxed we become and the more chemical wellbeing “drugs”
are produced in our bodies.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 7 6
Four essential chemicals, called neurotransmitters – dopamine,
serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins – form the quartet
responsible for our happiness and wellbeing. Many situations
can trigger these neurotransmitters, but instead of being in
the passenger seat, there are ways we can intentionally cause
them to flow. They are naturally released into the body when
we think positive, happy thoughts, listen to our favourite
music, eat our favourite foods, spend time with friends, laugh
and have fun… get the picture?
Scientists (and our health practitioners) are becoming more
aware of the benefits of positive thinking in relation to mental
illnesses such as chronic depression (mindfulness techniques
for stress release are regularly recommended), and yet ancient
spiritual teachings in the East have been offering these
methods for thousands of years. It really is nothing new. We
just need reminding to bring it into our conscious awareness
and turn towards what gives us joy whenever we can.
The following exercise is similar to “The Audit”, which you
will find in my friend William Bloom’s book The Endorphin
Effect, which presents a major breakthrough in the field of
healthcare and personal development. My version also uses
similar methods to those found in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic
Programming). Learning NLP is like learning the language
of your own mind. It is used as a transformational technique
therapy for overcoming phobias and addictions, but also in
training the mind to think differently.
In my childhood, the remedy for feeling miserable was to
“go out and play”, and, inspired by Rodgers and Hammerstein’s
The Sound of Music, this exercise employs the NLP
technique of using your “favourite things” to create a “happy
anchor”, which you can use whenever you need help to
transform negativity into joy.
1 7 7
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
Practic e 3
Anchoring your favourite things
Use this simple tool whenever you need to shift your mood
from negative to positive. It works because it is extraordinarily
difficult for the mind to be in two places at the same time.
Take a pen and notebook and write down the answers to the
following questions:
1. What is your favourite colour? (It doesn’t have to be the
colour you look best in!)
2. What is your favourite food? (Peanut butter, broccoli, soy
sauce? Pick anything you love!)
3. What is your favourite sound? (It could be birdsong,
waves crashing on the shore, a song or piece of music –
maybe something you hum along to?)
4. Who is the person that you love to spend time with? (A
partner, family member, or a best friend?)
5. What is your favourite smell or fragrance? (Freshly
cut grass, roasting coffee beans, your grandmother’s
6. What is your favourite place to be? (This could be as
simple as “curled up on the sofa with my partner/child/
cat” or it could be a place you’ve never been, but have
always wanted to visit.)
Once you have the answers written down, continue to the
1. Imagine you are in your favourite place, or a place you
long to go, with your favourite person in the whole world,
eating your all-time favourite food. You can smell the
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 7 8
most delightful fragrances and hear all your favourite
sounds. Bliss. Can you really engage with it and sense how
it makes you feel?
2. Breathe that feeling deep down into your belly and hold it
there for a few moments, allowing yourself to really enjoy
the sensations.
3. Now think of your favourite colour and imagine Archangel
Zadkiel sending angels to bless you. Sense a beautiful,
loving warm mist surrounding you in that happy
4. Next, think of a name to call this sensation (you might
call it Zadkiel but it can be anything at all that makes you
feel happy). As you pinch your finger and thumb on your
right hand together tightly, say this word to yourself three
times and then open your eyes and release your fingers.
5. Take a couple of normal, relaxed breaths and then try it
again. Close your eyes and pinch your finger and thumb
while thinking of the colour you chose and saying the
name you gave the technique (out loud works best). This
is now your “happy anchor”.
I’ve been teaching this “happy thoughts” exercise as a tool for
raising endorphins for a long time and the consensus is that
it really works.
If producing endorphins soothes physical pain and makes
you happy then clearly the reverse is also true. If you suppress
these neurotransmitters you will find lifting the dark mood
extremely difficult. Negative self-talk is sometimes so automatic
that you are unaware of it. Following an argument or
a disappointment, do you go over and over the details in
your head as if pressing an invisible “rewind” button? (Yes,
1 7 9
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
I’m sure we all do that.) Buddhist teaching explains that this
attachment to our thoughts is part of the human condition
that creates suffering. We can literally talk ourselves into a
dark place of sheer misery.
If you can catch yourself having negative or toxic thoughts,
stop yourself and ask whether you are happy in this place, or
whether you would like to be somewhere else. If you’d like
to change your thoughts, then you can. With practice, it
becomes an almost instant transformation.
Caution: Change ahead
Personal transformation at this level of spiritual
development can be life changing, but also very
challenging for those around you and so requires a
Be aware that your transformation is personal
to you. You can guide by example but you can’t take
passengers, and this might mean losing a few people
on the way. Be very sure that even if they don’t cast
you adrift they might not like the “new you” as much
as the old one. Rather than be happy for you one or
two people might be jealous or feel rejected because
they cannot keep up with your pace. Friends might
struggle to keep up or judge and criticize your new
spiritual practices or choices. All we can do is remain
true to what feels right in our own heart, and practice
the art of forgiveness.
Transmuting blame to love
As we learned in Step 5, when we looked at the ancient Huna
practice of Ho‘oponopono (see Practice 4, page 150), loving and
forgiving go hand in hand.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 8 0
Forgiveness of self and others is clearly a vital part of
spiritual growth, yet both can be so very difficult to do.
Many of my clients will explain all the reasons why they can
“never forgive” a certain person in their lives. Whether it is
an ancient wound or still fresh and raw, the memory of abuse,
abandonment, betrayal or rejection is just too painful. What
they don’t realise is that, by hanging on to that hurt and
anger, they are creating a hardened area in the heart, a dark
hole in their psyche (and aura) and potentially a disease that
their body then has to repair.
As well as feelings about others, we can also hold on to
emotions, such as shame or guilt, that are directed entirely
towards our selves. In this case it is our own actions, thoughts
or behaviour that we are unable to forgive.
Yet, when we do eventually forgive – whoever it is – a
renewed sense of freedom occurs, and a lightness is created
that softens the heart, fills the black hole and heals the
disease. It is a spiritual act of such high value that it is truly
Divine. It sets us free, releases the etheric chains we create for
ourselves and raises our vibration beyond measure.
So, how do we forgive ourselves when there seems no hope?
How is it possible to forgive someone when we believe they
have all but ruined our life? My advice is to call upon Archangel
Zadkiel (and any of the others you have worked with along
your journey) to help you with forgiveness. Remember: the
person you are unable to forgive also has a spark of the Divine
within them. They have a soul, and though the light within it
may have been dimmed, it is still there, even if we can’t see it.
Can you forgive that speck of light, as if it was the smallest
of diamonds hiding in the shadows? Once, this person was a
newborn – a beautiful, harmless, vulnerable little soul who
had not and could not possibly hurt you. As the baby grew into
1 8 1
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
a child with absolutely no intention of causing pain to anyone,
the light shone brightly within. Over time, however, life and
circumstances have instilled within this innocent an internal
pain, which was never expressed, and so the light became
dimmed. Could you forgive that child? If so, marvellous – if
you can take this first step, your powers of forgiveness, like
any other muscle, will surely grow from strength to strength
Practic e 4
Tuning into Zadkiel’s energy for forgiveness
Call to mind someone or something that you can’t forgive,
and use the following practice daily until you have transmuted
blame to love and forgiveness. Repeat this exercise for each
person and everything you need to forgive until there is no
blame left in your heart.
1. Bathe your senses in the Violet Flame (as described in
Practice 1, page 162).
2. When you feel grounded and in a calm space, bring the
action or the person to mind and observe your feelings
about them/it without allowing your thoughts and mind
to engage in the drama.
If we harbour thoughts of spite or vengeance, hoping and wishing
that those who have harmed us will in some way get their
just desserts, it creates more negativity inside our own hearts.
We actually add our own energy to the existing pain, which
only serves to amplify it. We don’t have to like the person who
has harmed us, and we certainly don’t have to condone their
actions, but if we can just relax on the judgement, changing our
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 8 2
focus from negative to positive by wishing them no harm, it is
a great beginning. Our negative thoughts transform into positive
energy and this act of letting go becomes one of lovingkindness,
a way of weaving a Golden Thread of Love into our
everyday life in a practical and helpful way.
Letting go
There is a great freedom in letting go of judgement and fear.
To allow others the freedom to make their own decisions,
their own mistakes, only giving advice when asked, is an
act of loving-kindness and wisdom. Those who judge others
harshly are usually incredibly hard on themselves too, often
holding themselves and others to extraordinarily unrealistic
standards, all the while totally unaware of how harmful this
behaviour can be. And, truthfully, that’s not really being
loving! We are all a work in progress, and truly letting go
takes dedication, self-discipline and focus. When we call in
and work with Zadkiel, we learn to let others be who they are,
and our relaxed and positive attitude is reflected in how we
feel towards everyone, including ourselves. Engaging with
the power of the angels heightens our awareness, too, and so
progress is much faster. This transformation, however long
it takes, results in making us happier, more loving in nature,
more accepting of our own qualities, and “lighter” in the
Practic e 5
Engaging with loving-kindness on a daily basis
The Buddhist practice of metta bhavana, meaning “lovingkindness”,
is also helpful in taking forgiveness to the next
level. This exercise makes for a perfect daily practice, as
1 8 3
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
it teaches us how to send friendliness and harmlessness
around the world – even to those that we have had to work
hard to forgive.
If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided
meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17).
1. Before getting comfortable, light a candle and spend a few
minutes breathing deeply in the light before closing your
2. Continue to breathe deeply, filling your lower abdomen
with the breath and releasing slowly, allowing your body
to fully relax.
3. Focus on the flame of a candle if your eyes open, or, if they
are closed, on the space behind your eyes. Concentrate on
your breath passing in through your nose, following it all
the way down to the hara and allow any thoughts that are
not about your breath to drift away, telling yourself you
can think about that later.
4. Start the “loving-kindness” process by thinking of
someone you don’t know well – someone in passing, such
as the owner of the local shop, or your child’s teacher, for
example. Send kind thoughts to them, wishing them well,
similar to wishing someone a “happy holiday”.
5. Now think of someone you like and know well. Send kind
thoughts to them in the same way.
6. Next, think of someone who annoys you. Send them kind
thoughts of wellbeing and friendliness, such as: “I wish
you well” (even though they are not your favourite person,
you can wish them no harm).
7. Now bring a more challenging person to mind, someone
with whom you have a real problem. Can you wish them
well? If not, don’t worry; just try to wish them no harm.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 8 4
8. Let the difficult person go and now think of someone you
really care about. Wish them friendly thoughts of love and
9. Send that loving thought to everyone in your town or
village, whether you know them or not, and spread the
empathic feeling of kindness to everyone living there.
Now spread it to your whole country, then continent, and
then gradually imagine weaving loving-kindness all the
way around the world.
10. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
Transformation takes time
Some of the concepts of transformation in Step 6 are truly
life changing, but transformation doesn’t happen overnight.
Sometimes it’s not always possible to immediately forgive (or
even want to forgive) someone who has badly hurt you. Some
people hold on to a desire for revenge, while others simply
resolve never to forget the crime. If you find at this time you
are not ready to let go and forgive, please don’t feel in any way
a failure. Don’t be hard on yourself and add to the guilt.
Even those of us who think we have forgiven someone might
catch ourselves retelling the same story – which is always a
hint that forgiveness hasn’t fully taken effect. It can take a
lifetime, or sometimes many, to fully release those powerful
emotions and learn to finally let them go. Our emotional
body can be compared to the layers of an onion, which need
1 8 5
t r a n s f o r m at i o n
to be unpeeled one at a time. The point is to see the value
of forgiveness and how it can aid our personal and spiritual
growth, and then strive towards it as fearlessly as we can.
The angels are here to help and support you, however long
it may take.
Daily Prayer
Dear Archangel Zadkiel,
May I step into your Light.
I thank you for your purity and power.
Enfold me in your violet light and give me the gift of pure
joy in my heart.
May I always see the best in every situation, offering
positive enthusiasm, mercy and compassion wherever I am.
May I too serve as a messenger of freedom and light.
Thank you.

1 8 7
S t e p 7
put love into action
finding peace with archangel uriel
“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright
exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”
Helen Keller
angel associations
Attributes: Peace, Ministry, Devotional Worship,
Earth, Support, Peace, Spiritual Empowerment
Colour: Keeper of the gold and ruby-red flame
Planetary influence: Earth
Crystal: Ruby
Day of the week: Friday
Ashram: Tatra Mountains, Poland
I believe we are all called to serve a higher purpose, and just
as we are all unique individuals, we will serve in our own way.
So how do we use our spirituality to wholeheartedly serve the
greater good? Will you commit to world peace and put love
into action with authenticity and integrity? To do so involves
self-discipline and constant practice, so Step 7 focuses on selfreflection
and various spiritual practices that you can adapt to
everyday life in practical ways.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 8 8
The great angelic messenger Uriel brings peace by calling
on each of us to serve as a Spiritual Warrior (or Light Worker,
Earth Angel – whatever name we choose to represent the
action of fully embodying our spiritual nature). This is the
step where the brilliance and illumination of Uriel’s Light
highlights our attributes and enables us to decide how we can
put our spiritual strengths into action. You can best do this by
taking some time to deeply reflect on your work so far. Then
decide which of the spiritual practices you have learned in this
book you wish to take into your everyday spiritual practice to
continue making a difference to your life, and the world. The
practical exercises in this step will help you to:
Connect with and experience inner peace and serenity.
Make peace with your past and bring that attitude into
your wider world.
Gain support in choosing the right spiritual practice
for you, so that you begin to shine your Light into the
world in service of others.
Get clear on your intentions so that you are aware of
why you are doing things, and let go of any practices or
relationships that don’t serve you.
Stepping into Archangel Uriel’s Light
Uriel’s name has been translated as both the “fire of God” and
the “face of God”, but either way he is said to be one of the
great four “Angels of the Presence” alongside Michael, the
leader of all the hosts of angel warriors who battle against the
dark side. Archangel Uriel is also the Angel of Salvation, who
is reputed to be the powerful cherubim who stands guard at
the gates of the Garden of Eden as well as the gates to Hell.
However, unlike the armour-clad representation of Michael
1 8 9
p u t lo v e i n t o a c t i o n
with his breastplate, sword and shield, Uriel’s armour is that
of serenity and peace.
He is the Archangel who, when we buckle under pressure,
gives us our “spiritual backbone”. When I teach people how
to engage with this angelic presence in my workshops, they
often experience an energy of incredible calmness and inner
strength. And it is this quality he brings to the whole of
humanity. Uriel is the angelic presence that teaches us that
the greatest leadership comes from peace within, and it is this
inner peace that will create peace in the wider world.
You can also ask Uriel, just as you can all the angels, to
help you to heal and support your own physical health and
wellbeing. Uriel will help you to strengthen the bones of your
support system – your skeleton and, in particular, your spine.
When you feel unsure about stepping in and helping someone
in trouble, it is Uriel who will give you the inner strength to
stand up for yourself and others.
Practic e 1
Feeling the peace within with Uriel
Perhaps the one thing we long for most in our lives, and in the
wider world, is peace. This meditation can help you connect
with Uriel to bring more serenity and calm.
If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided
meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17), or, if you
prefer to listen to it as a download, go to: www.AngelLight.
1. Sitting comfortably in your own quiet place, with your
back straight and hands resting on your lap, open, facing
upwards, begin to breathe slowly and deeply.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 9 0
2. Either aloud or in your mind call to Archangel Uriel and
the angels of Peace (three times): “Archangel Uriel, may I
step into your Light.”
3. Imagine that around you is a deep red light, and that
within it there is a bright, rich circle of gold that gleams
and shines as it slowly spins at ground level, rising and
turning around your body until it reaches above your
head, before coming down again slowly and resting at
heart level. See the light as it swirls around you, embracing
and protecting you.
4. Call out to the angels of Uriel and ask them to come close
to you now. Feel the warmth of their love surrounding
you as they approach and enter your auric field of energy.
5. Visualize the beautiful, rich ruby-red colour before your
eyes and call upon the mighty presence of Archangel
Uriel. In this presence, accept and allow yourself to feel
the peace within your body. Let go now of all tension in
your muscles and feel the presence of peace in your feet,
legs, hips, back, stomach, chest, shoulders, down your
arms and in your hands, up through your neck and into
your face, head and scalp.
6. Allowing yourself to feel completely relaxed, now visualize
the golden circle shining as stars before you. Imagine that
you can hear the gentle music of the spheres ringing in
your ears. You may even feel a tingling of the scalp and an
opening of the third eye. Your body and your senses are
harmonizing with the Universe.
7. You are connecting with the universal energy of Divine
peace; the peace that surpasses all understanding. If you
feel you would like to offer yourself in service to universal
peace, do this now by saying, “Archangel Uriel and the
angels of peace, I am ready to be at peace. I am ready to
1 9 1
p u t lo v e i n t o a c t i o n
feel peace in my body, peace in my mind, peace in my
heart, peace in my spirit, peace in my soul. I offer myself
now as a channel of peace. Use me, as a messenger of
Divine peace.”
8. Now, breathing in the beautiful rich red light that surrounds
you, sense the gentle slow movement of the
golden light once again as it moves around your body
– first passing down to your feet as if melding with
the Earth’s energies, then rising slowly up your body,
strengthening your spine as it rises, giving you purpose
and fortitude, stamina and stability. The golden circle of
light rises high above your head as you watch it in your
mind’s eye. It passes through the ceiling, the roof, out
into the sky and rises upwards. Watch it in your imagination
as it moves slowly through the clouds and upwards
towards the stars.
9. Imagine yourself now floating with the circle of golden
light, surrounded and supported by the angels of peace.
The golden circle has formed a beautiful gold bubble of
light. You and the angels take positions around it and pull,
bursting the bubble and sending sparkles of golden loving
peace back down towards the earth, landing wherever you
feel peace and love are needed. As the angels escort you
back down to where you are now sitting, you feel energized,
strong, safe, fully supported by the Universe, the Divine
and the angels. You feel totally and completely at peace.
10. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 9 2
Sending your Light into the world
Uriel’s role of guardian of the Earth links him to the element
of earth, too, and as you work with his Light you may develop
a much deeper desire to work actively towards world peace
in some way. You might not be motivated by politics but
called to work with environmental groups like Greenpeace or
similar worthwhile causes and charities. Or, you might simply
develop a great love of everything about Mother Nature and
the planet, in which case spending more time gardening, beekeeping,
or any other ways of working in nature will help you
to tap into this calming, grounding energy.
Uriel’s energy will certainly encourage you to be kind
and peaceful in all your dealings. It will also enable you to
balance the internal battle between yin and yang or feminine
and masculine energies. This means that if you are feeling
particularly vulnerable and weak – or the opposite: rather
too strident and aggressive – you can call upon Uriel to bring
balance, serenity and peace of mind.
You might like to stop for a moment to reflect upon how
you would like to connect more deeply with the Archangel
Uriel in a personal way, following your own natural spiritual
rhythm and intuition, to bring greater peace to your life and
the planet.
Creating a conscious daily practice
It is one thing to intellectualize ideas – reading books, going
to workshops and absorbing the basic teachings and holding
it all in your “head-space” – but quite another to put them
all into daily practice. To be fully conscious and mindful of
our thoughts, the words we speak and the actions we take,
is hard work. It means practising all the time. Note: this
doesn’t mean you’ll get it right all the time. I doubt that
1 9 3
p u t lo v e i n t o a c t i o n
anyone can do this, and even the very best of us fall short
of perfection.
Such constant practice is still necessary, however, because,
as I’ve said before, energy follows thought. If you have reached
this point in your personal journey, you’ll be starting to see
that everything you put into words and actions contains the
energy of whatever you are thinking at the time. For example,
when you’re asked to do something that gives you pleasure,
you’re likely to put joyful energy into it – love flows into
the action. Similarly, if you dislike the task, or the person
asking you to do it, the same thing will happen, except this
time resentment flows into the action; there is no love in
the gesture at all. Understanding this flow of energy and
becoming aware of your own thoughts, becoming mindful as
you help others or carry out your daily chores – this is what’s
meant by spiritual awareness.
You can start to inject this into your everyday actions
by first becoming aware of the intentions behind them. So,
before cooking a meal, you might think of the nourishment
it will bring to you and your family. Similarly, if you dislike
a task, try to say “no” to it. A simple phrase like: “I’m sorry,
but right now I don’t have the energy for that…” can be all it
takes to avoid carrying out the task with resentment. Being
truthful about your needs and intention rarely offends. It is
expressing your own truth unkindly, without any necessary
explanations, that can cause hurt and disconnection.
Step into spiritual empowerment
The opportunity for personal spiritual empowerment and
fulfillment is right now. We are being called in greater
numbers to be Light Workers on a grand scale. While fearful
news events, wars and strange weather patterns might be
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 9 4
enough for some to conclude that the darker side of our
world seems to be taking control, inducing fear into many
hearts and minds, on the opposing side of such dark forces is
an army of Spiritual Warriors, a host of Light Workers, who
are spreading love and peace.
A Course In Miracles (often referred to as ACIM or “the
Course”), channelled by Helen Schucman, offers a curriculum
to bring about “spiritual transformation”, but its most
important teaching is that we can have only fear or love, but
not both at the same time.
When love and joy fills our soul, then fear disappears from
our hearts. Of course, it is quite normal to feel fearful or
unsure sometimes, but it is how we handle that fear, what we
do with it, that counts.
When we are called to serve the Light, angels surround us,
inspire and protect us, bringing gifts of renewed energy and
healing or new supportive, like-minded friends into our lives.
Whether we recognize the presence of our angelic helpers or
not, they enfold us in invisible wings of love and support. We
have to learn to allow ourselves to be open to this. Strange,
sometimes unnerving coincidences might seem unreal.
Beautiful visions in nature such as rainbows, prominent stars
or sky formations catch our attention. To some, these are
simply examples of the beauty of nature; to others they are
signs of a deep connection with all that is. No matter what is
going on around us, in our own lives or the wider world, we
may always try to see the positive and feel love for others. But
we can’t just sit back and wait. We have to be proactive. Use
the following affirmation to support you:
I offer the best of who I am, in service for the
highest good.
1 9 5
p u t lo v e i n t o a c t i o n
Peace starts within each one of us
It is a fact that we can only ever have world peace when each
of us discovers inner peace and puts that peace into action.
When we deal with everyone, ourselves included, with respect
and compassion; when we live consciously, aware that our
actions affect everyone else too, then world peace could
indeed start in our own kitchen!
Inner peace for your heart and soul may be what you are
craving. Or, if you live in conflict, maybe it’s peace within your
family or relationships you need. All this can be requested,
and found, when you follow the previous six steps and then
tune into the amazing energy of Archangel Uriel’s Light. By
asking him to enable you to become a channel for the Divine’s
vision of peace, Uriel and the angels of peace will work with
you and through you.
Life so often challenges us and we can become weary,
confused and exhausted by the pain we’ve inflicted upon
ourselves emotionally through mental turmoil. Our despair
or even sometimes the physical torment of illness, as
I’ve already discussed, can be brought about by our own
inability to connect with the Divine forces of healing and
forgiveness, which are always available to us. And to be at
peace internally when all about us are seemingly contriving
to create chaos and stress is nigh on impossible at times! All
the ancient teachings through the ages advise that we can
only be happy and at peace with the world when we learn to
be still – which is perhaps one of the greatest tests of being
One of the surest ways of finding the peace we seek is to
open our hearts to become truly peaceful. We will then be
at liberty to assist others. Simply call to the great Archangel
Uriel and the angels of peace, in your own words as well as
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 9 6
those found here, making sure you speak from the heart,
with true ardency and purity of intent.
Practic e 2
Working with the angels for peace
Here is another meditative practice for accepting the gift of
inner peace and asking to be used as a channel of Divine peace.
To do this, set your intention to release any feelings of
anxiety that you hold towards yourself and others. It is
wise to make sure you’ve completed the previous practices
to connect with, acknowledge and release old wounds and
painful memories from the past. They are unwanted in the
role of “peace-maker”.
If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided
meditations, see Tools for Your Journey (page 17), or, if you
prefer to listen to a similar meditation as a download, go to:
1. Sit comfortably in your own quiet place, making sure your
spine is straight. Give this meditative exercise a deeper,
more prayerful intention by starting with your hands
crossed over your heart, then letting them gently fall until
they are resting on your lap, facing upwards.
2. Breathe in deeply, without raising your shoulders, and
as you exhale release the tension from your neck and
shoulders, allowing them to drop. (We often wonder why
we have aches and pains, perhaps headaches, yet fail to
recognize the tension that we carry within our own body,
particularly in the neck.)
3. Visualize your concerns being blown away and dissolved
in a bright, loving light.
1 9 7
p u t lo v e i n t o a c t i o n
4. Repeat this slow rhythmic breathing in and out, releasing
tension from all the muscles of your body, all the way from
the soles of your feet to your scalp, until you feel relaxed
and calm.
5. Breathe in deeply and, with meaning, say to yourself:
“Peace, be still” three times, emphasizing the first word.
Now repeat the phrase, again three times, this time
emphasizing the next word: “Peace, be still.” Finally, repeat
with emphasis on the final word: “Peace, be still.” Do this
in groups of three as many times as it takes for you to
really feel the word “peace” resonating through your body.
6. Now, when you are ready, call Archangel Uriel by name.
If you feel comfortable, calling the name gently out loud
will give the exercise greater effect (your voice adds power
to the intention). If this doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t
get anxious, simply stay with your own feelings until you
become more confident. Now say the following three
times (if it resonates with you): “Archangel Uriel and the
angels of peace. I am ready to accept the gift of peace. I love
peace. I AM peaceful. I AM at peace. I AM a peaceful being,
and I share peace with others. Use me as an instrument of
Divine peace.”
7. Sitting and breathing slowly, give yourself a few moments
with this powerful affirmation, really allowing it to settle
into your whole being.
8. Breathing slowly, deeply, deliberately, allow yourself to be
back in the present moment. Bring yourself into your own
space, your own room, and breathe normally. Feel your
body: solid, present and fully grounded. Very slowly, when
you’re ready, open your eyes.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
1 9 8
The Golden Thread
Let’s recap and reflect on the Golden Thread of Light that has
led us to this place, and how the Seven Steps we’ve explored
come together to bring inner peace, peace in our lives and
families, and perhaps even that seemingly elusive world peace.
1. Communication and awakening (Gabriel)
Agreement can’t ever be achieved unless dialogue takes place.
Being able to discuss issues, cooperate with others and move
towards understanding are at the foundation of creating peace.
Sometimes it can be difficult to enter or engage in these kinds
of conversations, especially with those who have hurt us, but if
we want to heal ourselves and/or the situation it is essential to
open the channels of communication – and to keep them open.
Working with the angels will strengthen our communication
skills by deepening our understanding of others. If
we are having difficulty communicating with someone, we
can first start by intensifying our own inner Light. Call upon
Archangel Gabriel to help by sending the light forward into
an anticipated positive outcome. Watching out for signs, ask
Gabriel to nudge us into being in the right place at the right
time to enable it to happen. Invite the angels of communication
to inspire us and reveal to us the perfect words and methods,
prompting us to speak when the time is right.
Create an affirmation and repeat it often, such as:
I connect with the oneness of al l creation
focusing on the best outcome for al l , a s I
communicate from the heart, spreading love
and peace.
1 9 9
p u t lo v e i n t o a c t i o n
2. Wisdom (Jophiel)
By becoming aware of our own spiritual beliefs and respecting
others’, we start to see that we have more similarities than
differences. All the major world religions have the same
tenets at their heart and teach that the more we develop
our spirituality, quickening our step along the path to
contentment, the more we learn to turn towards love. Mutual
respect for others is not a sign of failure or capitulation, but
rather a willingness to see the good in others and understand
how they feel. Once we have gained this insight and level
of heightened understanding, it still takes strength and
willpower to stand back and let go of the need to impose our
“better” ways on others.
All of us are part of the vast network of energy that connects
humanity to the rest of the Universe. The Angel of Illumination
urges us to recognize the interconnection by radiating positive,
peaceful energy of tolerance and respect to all.
Create an affirmation and repeat it often, such as:
Radiating my Light I connect with universal
wisdom and trusting my inner wisdom I am at
one with my family, and al l of humanity.
3. Protection (Michael)
In order to enjoy peace of mind, we need to feel safe and secure.
Taking steps to protect our self is an act of self-care, and at
the same time holding strong boundaries protects those
in our care. By offering fair and impartial judgement when
there is conflict, we create an environment in which others
can begin their own steps towards peace. We don’t have to
be strident or imposing like the Archangel Michael depicted
in art, and not all of us have to be outspoken. By raising our
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 0 0
awareness of how we best operate within the realms of our
own personality, our relationships, environment and the
world around us, we can come to accept responsibility for our
part in co-creating our world. We can’t all don the physical
armour of battle, but we can develop an inner strength and
radiance that enables us to conduct our life in a confident
manner. This creates an energy of strength and calm around
us where people may feel safe in our presence. When we are
shining our inner Light as brightly as we can, we automatically
empower others to do the same.
Create an affirmation and repeat it often, such as:
I confidently shine my Divine Light, knowing that
I am strong, honest and safe.
4. Healing (Raphael)
When we begin to understand that our ailments and
illnesses are often due to negative emotional disturbances,
such as stress and anxiety, we start to see the importance
of protecting and caring for our Light. Our daily practices
are helpful in keeping us on track, but how we show up in
life and how we express our Light are equally so. Dis-ease
arises when we dim down the light in our cells, as this
damages them, so we need to change the way we react to the
busyness of life in order to stay grounded and peaceful and
to shine our Light as brightly as possible. And this means
taking responsibility for our own self-care.
Create an affirmation and repeat it often, such as:
I am healed, as I lovingly take responsibi l it y for
my thoughts, words and actions. Healing Angel
Light f lows through ever y cel l of my body.
2 0 1
p u t lo v e i n t o a c t i o n
5. Love (Chamuel)
When we choose to heal our minds and bodies of past hurts
and transgressions against us, we bring love back into our
life and begin the challenging process of forgiveness and
reconciliation. This is, perhaps, the hardest part of creating
peace, because it requires not only putting the pain and hurt
to one side (ideally forgotten permanently) but often there
will be the need for us to heal our own sense of failure too, as
low self-esteem and lack of self-love can keep us stuck.
Create an affirmation and repeat it often, such as:
I graciously forgive all past hurtful situations,
including those towards mysel f, knowing that
love wi l l f i l l that space as I release them into
the Light.
6. Transformation (Zadkiel)
By holding onto bitterness we only harm ourselves, as we now
know that it is the energy of our own thoughts that causes
emotional imbalance, leading to unhappiness and potential
disease of the mind and body. Compassion and forgiveness
cannot only improve quality of life and the environment but
will lead to a greater sense of contentment and heightened,
lasting joy. Call on the angels to help us transform all negative
thought into positive energy, turning away from fear towards
Create an affirmation and repeat it often, such as:
I attract only loving people and helpful
situations into my l i fe. I freely step forwards,
conf idently, with joy in my heart.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 0 2
7. Peace (Uriel)
Using meditative practices for attaining inner peace, we
will move towards “outer” peace with others. How can we
possibly not? Creating and maintaining balance and harmony
in ourselves – being “still” – is necessary through reflection,
contemplation and meditation. Personal forgiveness and the
inner harmony that is achieved will be reflected in the actions
we take in dealing with others. Not only is this a balanced
approach to relationships but it also reflects in the health and
wellbeing of our own body. Harmony and peace is essential in
healing, and good medicine for the body, mind and soul.
Create an affirmation and repeat it often, such as:
I love peace, I am peace, I l i ve peace.
Practic e 3
Taking seven steps towards peace
This exercise can be used at every level and is designed to
reinforce your own values and remind you how you have
developed, specifically in relation to peace.
Using your journal, make notes of how you could include
each of the Seven Steps in encouraging peace in the following
Personally: for your self, and between family and
Locally: in the community, at work and through
supporting others.
Environmentally: for the good of the planet.
2 0 3
p u t lo v e i n t o a c t i o n
Nationally: by supporting others and promoting peace,
compassion, tolerance and understanding.
Inter-culturally: by continually learning about other
cultures, religions and people, to gain a greater
understanding of their beliefs, fears and goals.
Internationally: by supporting and encouraging the
politicians and leaders that work on programmes for
resolving global conflict.
Stepping into your Spiritual Warrior Light
I think we have established that change is exceedingly difficult
for us – we all feel safety in the security of what we know.
Having worked with the transmutational energy of Archangel
Zadkiel in Step 6, you will probably already have noticed that
you feel different. Uriel calls you for greater and bigger things,
but by tuning into your own soul’s calling you will undoubtedly
feel happiest doing whatever you can, in your own way.
Are you prepared to take a risk or two for the things that
you really hold dear, that make your heart sing?
Very often it is the fears and vulnerabilities of those around
us that prevent us from following the path we wish to tread. On
the one hand, we fear that we’ll upset the equilibrium; on the
other, we fear that our Light will never get a chance to shine.
At some point in the future, you are going to look back on
all the things you wanted to do with your life and either say
“I did it!” or “I wish I had…” If the first statement is the one
you want to make, there’s no time like the present for making
those words come true.
If you choose the latter, however, you need do nothing.
Wishing is free. Everything else comes with a price.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 0 4
So, is it not the case that a Spiritual Warrior/Light Worker
simply has to be “nice” to everyone? I would suggest that
perhaps “niceness” doesn’t quite hit the spot… First, therefore,
we should clarify what it means to be a Spiritual Warrior, or,
rather, what it does not mean.
A Spiritual Warrior/Light Worker is not someone prepared
to do anything for the sake of a peaceful life.
Neither is it someone who has their head so high in the
clouds that the slightest change of airflow can knock them
It is not a person who believes everything he/she is told
– a gullible soul steeped in superstition, following new rules
and old without questioning their personal value, validity or
It is definitely not someone who has read hundreds of
spiritual books, but without implementing any of the wisdom
found within the pages.
It is not a person unable to control his/her own emotions
and express them in a calm, intelligent manner.
It is not someone who imposes her/his beliefs on others
with little regard, respect or knowledge of their negative
impact, or the consequences.
So what does it mean to be a Light Worker, a Spiritual
I would say it is a person who truly believes in love and
compassion, humility, honour, respect and reason, truth,
justice, faith, prayer, change, empowerment and purpose, and
tries hard to put these things into practice. They don’t need
to create a tidal wave all on their own, but even small steps
to bring harmony, peace and love, taken as often as they can,
will, when taken together, make a noticeable difference.
2 0 5
p u t lo v e i n t o a c t i o n
A Light Worker/Spiritual Warrior is someone who is
capable of warmly greeting others, able to welcome and
embrace difference. They will be able to hold an opinion in
conversation lightly, see the humour in situations and laugh
at themselves, aware of the tricks the ego can play.
Is a Light Worker/Spiritual Warrior someone prepared
to serve others without counting any cost to self? A tricky
question, as we all need to have a sense of value; indeed, it’s a
human requirement. The angels exist to serve the Divine and
humanity. There is no greater cause. Selfless acts come from
the heart, with a genuine desire to serve. Angels do not have
ego but we must always offer our thanks for their help. My
understanding is that it is with gratitude that they receive
praise and acknowledgement for their constant support and
assistance. It is an exchange of energy, of mutual appreciation.
Just as we too in our humanness flourish on gratitude,
acceptance and love. This is the essence of value.
Service vs self-care
Many people today view service as a throwback to the days
of subordination or control, oppression and manipulation. It
may seem a sweeping generalization, but it seems to me we
are nowadays encouraged to put ourselves and our own needs
first, as opposed to working for the greater good. Of course,
we need to see to our own welfare. If we are over-stretched and
tired, often because we have not developed the skill of saying
“no”, we run out of steam. Tiredness leads to the inability to
cope with stress, we then lose our ability to focus clearly and
are not much use to anyone!
But there is an important difference between self-care and
selfishness. The term “self-centred” can have more than one
meaning too: namely, that we need to learn how to be more
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 0 6
centred in self. That means being fully grounded, focused
and strong in the knowledge of the unique and Divine self,
understanding who and what we are.
We also need to understand our limitations and confidently
use our talents. However, when the whole Universe begins to
spin around our own wants and needs in a sense of false selfimportance
then we have become self-centred, more undeniably
selfish and a slave to ego, rather than servant of the
Nevertheless, it does not benefit us in any way to become
the object of manipulation and bullying, and we should never
allow this kind of abusive behaviour to happen to us, or anyone
around us. Offering help in the form of respectful service
to those with good intentions or those who have suffered misfortune
or require help in order to achieve their valuable goals
is sound, empowering and to be actively encouraged.
We all know what is needed within our family, but what
about taking steps to become involved with the wider
community, or even political or planetary issues? If you
already care for children, why not train and help as a volunteer
with an organization such as Childline, an afterschool club
or association such as Brownies, Scouts or Guides? If you
deeply care about loneliness and mental health issues, you
could volunteer with the Samaritans. Or assist the emergency
services by training to become a first responder. If you love
animals, you might like to become a dog-walker or pet-sitter.
And if you feel passionate about politics, then you might
want to join your local party or sign up as a volunteer for an
environmental group helping to serve the planet.
If your life already involves a large degree of serving, in
your family or through other commitments, you might sometimes
feel unappreciated or undervalued. If you ever feel like
2 0 7
p u t lo v e i n t o a c t i o n
this, please just stop for a moment and consider how many
lives you have touched with your kindness. Ask the angels to
revitalize your sense of purpose and you will find that your
energy and enthusiam will return.
Remember that the angels are around you to support and
encourage. The more you feel a sense of loving gratitude and
offer to work with them, the more you will sense their presence
assisting you in return. As Florence Scovel Shinn said:
“The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts,
deeds and words return to us sooner or later with
astounding accuracy.”
When we begin to comprehend that what we are sending out
is going to return to us, whether we like it or not, then making
the effort to live by the universal laws daily and putting love
into action really, really, really starts to make sense.
May that which you send forth daily create most glorious
Daily Prayer
Dear Archangel Uriel,
I am willing to fulfil my purpose now, whatever that might
I ask for your help in strengthening my resolve, in standing
up for what is right. As I let go of all aspects of fear, I ask that
I may step fully into your radiant Light and be the Spiritual
Warrior I was meant to be, in whatever way I may serve best.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 0 8
Enable me to be at peace in my mind, heart, body and soul.
Empower me to assist the Universe and angels as an agent
of change.
I am ready to be of service.
Use me as a channel of Divine Light.
Thank you.
2 0 9
S e v e n m o r e S t e p s …
continuing your journey
into the light
“Look for the light. Look for it in everything. Look for it in
yourself, in your children, in your job, and in your dreams.
Look for it in the food you eat and in the people you
surround yourself with.”
Debbie Ford
I hope that the Seven Steps have given you the encouragement
to start your own spiritual journey. The framework of Seven
Steps has been a powerful method that I have used and taught
to my workshop participants and course students for many
years, with amazing results. But, in truth, YOUR Seven Steps
may be different from mine. Indeed, there may be many
others that will carry you forwards on your personal journey.
For now, here are seven more steps that you may like to
1. Practise daily affirmations
One of the simplest ways of reinforcing the power of Divine
energy in your soul is to repeat a daily affirmation, ideally
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 1 0
three times, each morning and evening. You will have read
many during your time on this journey with me, and will find
many more affirmations online, but you can also receive a
weekly affirmation from me every Monday morning. Just sign
up for them at the website below or follow me on Facebook or
2. Maintain open lines of communication with
the Divine
Meditate and reflect daily on your spiritual connection. You
may find it hard at first, but with patience and practice it will
become easier. You can join my community of like-minded
souls and download guided meditations with all of the seven
Archangels in this book. Just go to:
3. Practise techniques for grounding and protection
We are bombarded by negativity every day. Ensure you protect
yourself from the moment you awaken each morning using
the ideas in Step 3, or create your own.
4. Explore healing techniques
Healing takes many forms, from simple relaxation techniques
to improve mind and body, to more advanced body healing.
Explore those techniques you feel called to, and seek to work
on both physical and mental issues you may have. Don’t
forget to consult with qualified therapists and/or medical
professionals if necessary for support along the way.
5. Join a local meditation or reflection group
Sharing and working with others over tea or coffee will enable
you to discover greater insights and feel connected to the
2 1 1
s e v e n m o r e s t e p s …
world. If you cannot find a local group, ask for an invitation to
my Facebook group, “Educating Heart & Soul”, where you can
contact other readers and develop spiritual relationships and
soul-companions in your own area.
6. Never stop learning
Growth and transformation come from continually learning
more about yourself and the world around you. Read books,
watch positive, informative videos, study new ideas and
share your experiences. If you’d like to gain a greater depth
of understanding about the Seven Steps I teach, enrol on my
home study programme, Educating Heart & Soul (there’s a
special discounted offer online just for reading this book!).
7. Explore your life purpose
Each of us is called to serve, sometimes just by “Be-ing”
our true self. Your calling may be to your family and local
community. Or you may be called to a greater purpose.
Whatever level it may be, find your passion and follow it, for
when you are passionate about helping others, you really are
stepping up towards a personal state of higher purpose.
Join our community of seekers to receive wisdom, to learn
and to share our spiritual journeys together. Just sign up for
free at, or follow me on
2 1 2
conclus i o n
living in the light
“Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It
does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether
you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not thereby
Michael Strassfeld
I spend much of my time travelling around the UK and other
parts of the world, running workshops and retreats. And
among all this lovable work I enjoy a wonderful involvement as
much as possible with my friends, family and grandchildren,
and I have lots of fun too.
Why am I telling you this?
Because I often feel over-stretched, but I know that whenever
my senses are dulled by fatigue the energy of the angels
replenishes and fills me with a renewed sense of purpose and
drive. Angels know that this passion for life and the spreading
of encouragement to others fulfils my purpose and they help
me all the time. I shall be on a mission to be the best that I can
be, and to serve others and the planet as well as I am able, just
like many of you.
2 1 3
c o n c l u s i o n
The Divine needs a body. There is no coincidence that YOU
are here now, doing your bit to change the world.
What will you do to bring Light into your own world? How
will you shine your Light in service to others, to help to
illuminate the bigger picture? I know that however “small”
you consider yourself, or no matter how little you feel you are
able to contribute, whatever you do it will be great. Even your
loving smile brings lightness to the day. Know that you are SO
loved by the Divine and the angelic realms.
Let us all shine from our hearts like beautiful stars, feeling
happy, contented and fulfilled by the journey we are on. May
the light of love glow on you and through you, and bless all
those who come into contact with you.
2 1 4
r e f e r e n ce s
Step into Divine Light – Within and Without
1. The Essenes were the third largest religious sect during
the time of Christ. It is believed that they lived in simple
communities and practised the seventh day Sabbath,
believed in reincarnation, non-violence to all living creatures
and the sharing of all material possessions. Some were
activists against Roman rule, but others were uninvolved
in the politics of the Sadducees and Pharisees, and shunned
town life by heading to the hillsides around Palestine, along
the banks of the Dead Sea and the River Jordan. Within
the Essenes were a group of ascetics who lived together in
the mountains. Many were healers, and Jesus (Jeshua Ben
Joseph) is believed to have been the one described as the
“Teacher of Righteousness”, referred to in the Dead Sea
communicates-and-made-light; accessed 21 March
3. McTaggart, L. The Field (Element, 2003).
4. Theosophy means “God Wisdom”, and is the study of
any theological and philosophical ideas based on a direct
experience of connection with the Divine. The term is
used to describe any developed system of mystical thought
and practice, such as the Kabbalah and Jakob Böhme.
2 1 5
r e f e r e n c e s
Nowadays it is usually associated with the principles of the
Theosophical Society, founded in 1875 by Madame Helena
Petrovna Blavatsky and Henry Steel Olcott in New York,
then in India and London. The Theosophical Society aimed
to further the cause of world harmony by investigating the
spiritual element of humanity and studying comparative
religions, especially those in India. When Madame Blavatsky
died, the work continued through Victorian reformist and
suffragette Annie Besant. It became a catalyst in spreading
ideas from the East to the West, particularly teachings from
Buddhism and Hindu. Theosophical belief is that meditation
is important, and Masters, first believed to come from Tibet,
can guide that individual spiritual development. And that
we will reincarnate many times, according to our deeds, and
that the real aim of life is that we should achieve our real
self (God self) aligning with the Divine will of the universal
spirit. The Universe has seven planes, and we have seven
bodies, each evolving towards a spiritual destiny. Although
the society was heavily criticized for being “elitist”, and
Blavatsky was accused of being a fraud, Theosophical ideas
have been a great influence on other religious movements,
and in particular the New Age. One important member of
the Theosophical Society – in terms of my work with angels –
was Geoffrey Hodson, who was able to channel information
about the angelic realms and record it in his beautiful book
The Brotherhood of Angels and Men. He was guided and
encouraged by an angelic being called Bethelda and his 1927
book is one of the earliest modern angel books available.
5. In Numerology, the study of the hidden significance of
numbers, seven is sacred and holds the energy of the
“ancient mystics”. Someone whose personal birth or soul
number is seven would be said to enjoy the mysterious side
of life. A “seven” person is described as a seeker of truth and
a thinker, who is likely to dedicate their lives to the search
for deeper meaning. My own birth number is seven, which
might help to explain why I am so intrigued by the magic and
mystery of all things spiritual. So much so that I was called
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 1 6
to study world religions to degree level and spent many years
understanding the Golden Thread of truth interweaving
them all. (You can find your own birth number by adding all
the numbers of your birthdate together: so, for example, if
you were born, say, on 19 April 1964, the maths would be
1+9+4+1+9+6+4 = 34, 3+4 = 7.)
Tools for Your Journey:
How to Get the Best from This Book
1. Karma as an expression is entrenched within Hindu and
Buddhist beliefs where all life is part of a constant wheel
of birth–death–rebirth. Your deeds will follow through to
the next lifetime. The word karma actually means “action”
in Sanskrit. We have to take great care of our actions, as
they will always have consequences. Nowadays it has come
to mean “cause and effect” and we tend to use phrases such
as “what goes around comes around” to describe someone’s
evil-doing in the hope that they will get their just desserts.
In essence, the Law of Karma dictates that we pay the price
of our actions. Whether good or bad, all our actions reflect
back upon us, either in this life or in subsequent ones. Some
cultures, in parts of Japan and Thailand for example, believe
in “meritous” behaviour being stored up for future lifetimes,
or for use of their future generations. I’m experiencing and
noticing more “instant karma” in my life currently, where a
good turn is instantly repaid.
mindfulness.aspx; accessed 21 March 2017.
3.; accessed 21
March 2017.
4. Working with angels is different from the spirit guides
drawn towards us in mediumship, or shamanism. The spirit
guides, who may be of a very high vibration and may initiate
channellings through you, if you have chosen to develop
psychic abilities, have all been human beings and so have a
different energy and vibration to that of angels. Nature spirits
2 1 7
r e f e r e n c e s
and elemental energies which we may connect with through
nature, or ritual, are a vital part of creation and may also have
a strong connection with the angelic realms, but there are
others who have more expertise in shamanic practices than I,
so I have not included them here. Similarly, Ascended Masters
may be mentioned as each of these seven Archangels works
alongside a Mastered Being, but I don’t intend to elaborate on
the Ascended Masters here either. I will only be focusing on
the angelic realms in this particular book.
5. This principle of manifestation, often referred to as the
“Universal Law of Attraction”, is now familiar to many of
us. No one, of course, can say for certain how it works, but
most of us would agree that we often see powerful evidence
of this positive/negative energy exchange at work in our
lives. Like light, sound too is a powerful energy form. In
fact, every sound, whether it is an ocean wave, a dog bark
or the human voice, carries its own vibration. When we
utter our personal “sound”, it is usually because we want to
voice a thought, a need or an emotion. This in turn creates
an energy force that manifests in our reality. So if the sound
carries a positive charge, it gives a burst of brilliant energy
to whatever we are intending to achieve and this is what we
create. Similarly, if our thoughts contain a negative charge,
which may also contain a strong negative emotion – such as
resentment, bitterness, anger, etc. – this is “put out there”
when expressed in aggressive language, giving power to that
particular negative energy force. In other words, we can
make things happen. It’s what the ancients called “magic”
and we now refer to as “intention”.
6. A pure awareness and cosmic consciousness, also known as
Step 1: Awaken to Your Soul Purpose
1. The space behind the forehead between the eyebrows is known
as the “third eye” (also the brow or third eye chakra), and some
Eastern cultures believe this is where the soul resides.
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 1 8
Step 2: Seek Your Inner Wisdom and Creativity
1. Archangel Jophiel is also known as Iofiel, Zophiel or Jofiel
and means “Beauty of God”.
2. This exercise was inspired by a learning exercise introduced
to me by Mike King when I attended Surrey University.
3. This devotional practice is a fundamental part of all of the
main religions where there is a belief in an actual personal
God. The name we give to this comes from Hindu devotional
practices and is called Bhakti. If you love God, these Divine
beings and the angels, and use prayers, hymns or chanting
in which you thank them, you have a sense of immense
humility and gratitude.
accessed 13 May 2017.
6. Jung, C. Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal (Princeton
University Press; Revised Edition, 1998).
Step 3: Practise Protection and Discernment
1. Archangel Michael’s name means “He who is like God” in
2. An aura is a vibrating energy made up of our thoughts and
patterns and is sometimes known as the etheric body. This
energy body of light is as important as the physical light of
our cells if we want optimum physical and mental health.
A healthy aura contains strong colours and what can be
described as an outer permeable “Light-body”, and can be
measured sometimes up to about 1.5m (5ft) around the body.
Step 4: Become Whole
htm; accessed 13 May 2017.
2 1 9
r e f e r e n c e s
disorder; accessed 13 May 2017.
3. www.psycholog
it; accessed 13 May 2017.
Step 5: Learn to Love
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of-strong-relationships; accessed 13 May 2017.
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Step 6: Transformation
effects-of-uv; accessed 13 May 2017.
2 2 0
a p p e n d i x
table of the chakras
2 2 1
a p p e n d i x
1. Root (or base) chakra – Muladhara
The root chakra carries all the qualities of our ancestors, and
builds our support system. It sustains our stability, stamina and
resilience, and our primary survival instinct. Opening the root
chakra helps to ground us and trust in the goodness of life.
Location At the base of the spine, coccyx, and in the
Development Conception to 7 years
Colour Red
Crystals Ruby, Carnelian, Bloodstone, Hematite
Archangels Michael and Uriel
Connected to the cortex of the adrenal gland
(on the outer edge of the kidneys), which is
responsible for secretion of corticosteroids,
cortisol and cortisone – steroid hormones.
These trigger “fight or flight” reactions,
which stimulate adrenaline to flow into our
bloodstream so that we defend ourselves if
we feel threatened.
Physical body Feet, legs, hips, skeleton, kidneys, blood.
Fatigue, arthritis, kidney stones,
osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases and
bone deficiencies. Low energy and life force,
disempowerment, dependency on others,
Life lessons To learn trust, self-sufficiency, perseverance,
patience, structure and the ability to notice
the perfection and beauty in nature, feel
secure and manifest your dreams.
Affirmation “I trust that I am creating a secure,
supportive structure in my life that is
wholesome and good.”
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 2 2
2. Sacral chakra – Swvatistana
The sacral chakra supports our sense of wellbeing and capacity
to enjoy life and all its physical pleasures. Connected to our
feelings it governs our emotions, sensuality and sexuality and
its function depends on how much we feel we are deserving of
the good things in life, receiving pleasure, joy, abundance and
good health.
Location Centre of the pelvis, lower abdomen,
between the pubic bone and the navel
Development 7–14 years
Colour Orange
Crystals Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian
Archangels Gabriel and Jophiel
Ovaries in women, testes in men,
which control sexual development and
Physical body Sex organs, bladder, uterus in women,
prostate in men.
Creates all sensuality issues, eating disorders
and gynaecological problems in women
such as menstrual cramps, endometriosis,
inability to conceive, fibroids and cystitis.
In men it can cause infertility, sexual
dysfunction, sciatica and prostate problems.
Life lessons This energy helps us to develop sexual health
and fulfilment, ease with change, fluidity,
creativity, grace, balanced emotions and
healthy boundaries and a healthy acceptance
of the physical world and its abundant
Affirmation “I love and respect myself, honouring my
body, affirming my worth as the beauty and
joy of life resonates with my soul.”
2 2 3
a p p e n d i x
3. Solar plexus chakra – Manipura
The solar plexus chakra helps us to process what we take in and
is vital for the digestion of both food and ideas. It is directly
related to the ego, and the quality of our relationships with
others and the wider world. It is also involved with our sense
of self-value, personal power and passion for life. It encourages
leadership whilst appreciating solitude.
Location Under the sternum, over the stomach
Development 14–21 years
Colour Yellow
Crystals Citrine, Amber, Topaz
Archangels Michael and Jophiel
Pancreas, which processes sugars and
controls the digestion of food, releasing
energy into the system.
Physical body Stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, small
intestine, muscles.
Diabetes, indigestion, constipation, stomach
ulcers, hyper-acidity, gallstones, pancreatitis,
and hepatitis.
Life lessons Developing a strong and balanced ego,
personal power, will, effectiveness, personal
Affirmation “I am confident in my choices, accepting the
power of my Light and love, knowing that I
am a powerful force for good.”
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 2 4
4. Heart chakra – Anahata
The heart energy seeks love in every situation and blossoms
when the energy of pure love is allowed to expand. The qualities
of the heart chakra are peace, purity, love, joy and unity.
Location Centre of the body, in the middle of the chest
Development 21–28 years
Colour Green and pink
Crystals Rose quartz, Peridot, Emerald, Diamond
Archangels Raphael and Chamuel
Thymus gland
Physical body Heart, lungs, pericardium and circulation.
Heart and lung disease, such as angina,
arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction (heart
attack) and arrhythmia. Lung diseases
include breathing disorders, tuberculosis,
bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and minor
chest infections.
Life lessons Ability to feel compassion, learn to love
deeply without conditions; forgiveness,
develop healthy intimate relationships, and
acceptance and love of self.
Affirmation “My core is pure and I anchor my heart in
warmth, truth, love and the Divine’s grace as
I radiate joy in the world.”
2 2 5
a p p e n d i x
5. Throat chakra – Visuddha
The throat chakra is known as the gateway to the higher spiritual
planes. At the base of the brain, the medulla oblongata is said
to be the area where higher spiritual energy is channelled into
the body. To keep this energy centre healthy we must develop a
strong sense of truth and personal integrity. It is our centre of
communication and will. Suppressed emotions and unexpressed
ideas will block this chakra.
Location External and internal throat and neck,
mouth and jaw
Development 28–35 years
Colour Sky blue/turquoise
Crystals Turquoise, Aquamarine, Blue Agate, Blue
Archangel Gabriel
Thyroid gland controls metabolism and
assists growth and affects development both
physically and mentally.
Physical body Heart, lungs, pericardium and circulation.
Laryngitis and sore throat, deafness,
teeth decay, gum disease and cervical neck
Life lessons Learning about truthful relationships. The
right to speak. Learning to express yourself
and your beliefs (truthful expression).
Ability to trust. Loyalty. Organization and
planning. Clear communication. Develop
the ability to express one’s self, manifest
personal essence in the world, and a rich
creative life.
Affirmation “I keep my word, live in my integrity and
communicate my truth clearly at all times.”
s e v e n s t e p s i n t o a n g e l l i g h t
2 2 6
6. Brow (third eye) chakra – Anja
Known as the “control” centre, the brow chakra focuses on
cultivating a strong and intelligent mind. Brown chakra energy
stimulates both sides of the brain, enables us to develop clear
and concise thoughts, ideas, wisdom and discernment, intuition
and spiritual understanding.
Location In the middle of the forehead just above the
brow line
Development 35–42 years
Colour Indigo
Crystals Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Tanzanite
Archangels Michael and Jophiel
Pituitary gland is the controlling gland
for other hormones including growth and
those produced during childbirth and also
influences our metabolism.
Physical body Eyes, sinuses, base of skull and temporal
Intelligence or learning problems, migraine,
cataracts, glaucoma and blindness, strokes
and brain tumours.
Life lessons Developing intuition or the right to “see”.
Trusting your intuition and insights.
Developing psychic abilities. Self-realization.
Releasing hidden and repressed negative
Affirmation “As I tap into my inner wisdom I am open to
the Light in my world.”
2 2 7
a p p e n d i x
7. Crown chakra– Sahasrara
The crown chakra connects us to the cosmos, to our divinity,
and is the source of heightened spiritual development, of Christ
consciousness. It is the centre where, when open, we experience
a relationship with the Divine.
Location Top of and above the head
Development 42 years onwards
Colour Violet
Crystal Amethyst
Archangels Zadkiel
Pineal gland, which regulates our body clock
by producing melatonin.
Physical body Top of the skull, brain (cerebral cortex) and
Problems with learning, perception,
comprehension and spiritual development
as well as colour blindness, neurosis,
depression, anxiety, alcoholism, insomnia
and epilepsy.
Life lessons Knowingness and the right to aspire.
Dedication to the Divine and universal
consciousness; trusting the Universe.
Learning about our spirituality: our
connection to the concept of “God”, the
Divine or a higher intelligence. Integrating
your consciousness and sub-consciousness
into the “one-ness” with understanding.
Affirmation “I live in gratitude and joy, accepting who I
am and the Divine spirit within me.”
2 2 8
a b o u t t h e a u t h o r
Chrissie Astell is one of the UK’s best-loved spiritual
educators and angel experts. Having worked as a registered
nurse specialising in the care of the elderly and dying, Chrissie
has had direct experience of the profound effect of the loving
and healing energy of angels. Her 1997 vision of “an angel
carrying a heart” led her to dedicate her life to helping people
to connect with their own guardian angels.
Chrissie’s intuitive gifts are supported by extensive
academic study. She holds a BA Hons in Comparative Religion
(SOAS), along with postgraduate certificates in Development
and Facilitation, and Adult Education. Her teachings have
brought thousands of people into closer relationship with
angelic guardians, healing energies and universal love.
As well as the workshops she offers throughout the
UK, Chrissie runs courses in Spiritual Development and
Facilitation, including a Diploma programme for people who
wish to develop skills to teach and facilitate spiritual growth
in others. She has also created a unique and comprehensive
home-study course, Educating Heart and Soul. She has written
a number of books, including Gifts from Angels, Discovering
Angels, Advice from Angels and The Guardian Angel Oracle, a
deck of 52 illustrated oracle cards with accompanying guide.
Chrissie regularly features as an angel expert on the radio
and television, and has written features for a range of press,
including Kindred Spirit, Watkins Review and The Telegraph.
For further information, check out and

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